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Deputies caught having affair while on duty May 15, 2014

Two Seminole County deputies are accused of frequently abandoning their jobs to have an extramarital affair.

Investigators were tipped off about the affair by Deputy Joseph Fetchick’s wife, who found thousands of explicit text messages on her iPad. The device was linked to the deputy’s phone.

Sgt-Valencia-LaRue-0515According to the investigation, Fetchick and Sgt. Valencia LaRue sent each other 7,000 text messages between Sept. 30, 2013 and Dec. 5, 2013.

Those text messages detail an extramarital affair between the two and several sexual liaisons while one or both were on duty. Investigators said one encounter happened while Fetchick was on duty as a school resource officer at Milwee Middle in Longwood in October.

According to an email exchange, Getchick left the school three hours earlier without telling anyone. Around 1 p.m. Fetchick texted LaRue, “Yes I’ll get there in 15 and take care of business.” LaRue responded, “Ok baby.”

Two days later, a text message exchange shows the two met in a park for a sexual encounter while LaRue was on duty. Fetchick text her, “Meet me by the park boo.” LaRue responded, “Ok love.”

Those text messages are among the more tame messages. Thousands more are too explicit to replicate. But, investigators said the text messages show a pattern of both Fetchick and LaRue abandoning their duty to have sex several times over that two-month period.

Sheriff’s investigators found Fetchick and LaRue were guilty of abandoning their posts, conduct unbecoming of an officer and violating department ethics.

Fetchick was fired. LaRue resigned before she could be terminated.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement will soon decide whether to strip their certifications so they cannot be law enforcement officers in the state.


Runs Whorehouse Out Of His Apartment, His Wife Also Worked There May 12, 2014

The man accused of running a brothel out of a unit at the San Tropez Apartments charged the prostitutes who worked for him a $140-weekly rate and took a $20 cut from each client’s payment, according to a police report.

sfl-sergio-manuel-arroyo-photo-20140509_zpsf9cf0c9fSergio Manuel Arroyo, 41, told police he advertised on Backpage.com, supplied the women with cellphones and would collect his cut from a “cookie jar” the women put their earnings into, the report said.

“The defendant stated that he knew his actions were illegal and was regretful,” the report said.

Arroyo posted $5,300 bond and was released from the Broward Main Jail at 10:46 a.m. Friday.

He faces five counts of living off the earnings of a prostitute and one count of maintaining a place of prostitution, according to the report.

Arroyo was arrested late Thursday morning after a Crime Stoppers tipster alerted police to the prostitution enterprise operating out of Unit 205 in the 7800 block of Northwest Third Street.

When police arrived, Arroyo, his wife, five prostitutes and a “John” were present. Arroyo was the only one arrested.

The prostitutes, identified by initials only, are listed as victims on the police report.

“There’s a possibility that additional charges may be pending in this case, but there’s much work to be done and we’re not ready to release any additional information right now,” Capt. Al Xiques, a spokesman for the Pembroke Pines Police Department, said Friday.

Xiques declined to comment on whether the women might face charges. All five were adults, one was an unauthorized immigrant, and this did not appear to be a human-trafficking case, he said.

The “John” told police he had been a repeat client, visiting six times within the last six months and that he had just had sex with one of the women, the report said.

When police searched the apartment they found cash, money ledgers, condoms and the cookie jar, according to the report.

Arroyo lived in Unit 105 downstairs, and there police found a short-barreled shotgun, two money ledgers itemizing the Backpage.com postings and a financial breakdown by month and day, the report said.

One of the women told police that Arroyo’s wife also prostituted out of the apartment, the report said.

Arroyo told police he and his wife “began to escort for money in 2012″ and that they initially worked out of hotels, which is where he met some of the prostitutes who now worked for him, the report said.

When detectives pulled over an alleged “John” when he drove away from the apartment on May 1, the man admitted to having paid a woman $180 for sex, according to the report.

Elizabeth Crooks, a downstairs neighbor, said she had not tuned into the goings on in Unit 205 but recently had noted a lack of parking.

“I just noticed that there was more cars than usual and it was always different cars,” Crooks said. “We always had plenty of parking, but lately there has been none and we have had to park way in the back.”


Man tries to have sex with beer can, ends up in hospital. May 9, 2014

A man from Florida has been taken to hospital with severe cuts to his genitalia.


The unnamed and rather embarrassed man from Barto reports to have been out in the town trying to find a lady friend to mate with, when he came home on his own, on Wednesday.

The Florida man said that he was “extremely horny”. That’s when he grabbed an empty beer can, and began to “try to make love to it”.

It was “about 2 pumps in” that he felt water dripping off of his private area, and he looked down to find that it was blood.

The injury occurred when the 23-year-old twisted the can, ever so slightly, and split the skin. Still humping whilst doing so.

The man’s penis was ‘cut to ribbons’ and will need surgery, the hospital expects he will have a full recovery within a few weeks.


Police say a man was distracted due to the presence of his half-naked wife gyrating on his lap while he was driving

Deputies say a Loxahatchee Groves man was half-naked and speeding while drunk and stoned with his half-naked wife on his lap when the car he was driving launched over a canal, crashing into the far side.

sfl-matthew-notebaert-20140508The impact caused serious injuries to Matthew P. Notebaert, 30, but it killed his 31-year-old wife, Amanda, on March 9.

Notebaert made his first appearance in court on a host of charges Thursday morning. With Notebaert appearing to wipe away tears, a judge set bond at $50,000. The Notebaerts have two children, a 9-year-old boy and 7-month-old daughter, his attorney told the judge.

The car was airborne for 30 feet, crashing into the far bank of the canal. Neither of the Notebaerts were wearing seatbelts and both were naked from the waist down, according to the affidavit. Amanda Notebaert’s head hit the dashboard and windshield, while Matthew Notebaert’s knees were crushed by the lower part of the dashboard. She died at the scene.

An investigator at the hospital reported that Notebaert smelled strongly of alcohol and was vomiting. The investigator overheard Notebaert telling someone on a phone call that he “was not paying attention and drove down the wrong road and they wound up in a canal and killed his wife.”

A search of the crashed vehicle turned up a flask with a whisky-like liquid inside. Toxicology results showed Notebaert had a blood-alcohol level of .135 to .163 percent. The legal limit is .08 percent. Results also returned a high level of active and metabolized THC, the intoxicating ingredient in marijuana.

Notebaert was jailed Wednesday on charges of DUI manslaughter, vehicular homicide and DUI property damage.


Every man dreams of threesomes with two babes …. then there’s this guy May 3, 2014

1399025497154A New Port Richey man is behind bars after deputies said he had sex with two underage girls several times.

Brian Silliman, 31, is facing two counts of lewd and lascivious behavior and one count of possession of drug paraphernalia.

According to the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office, the girls, who are 12 and 13 years old, took a taxi to his home on March 21. Once the girls were there, detectives said Silliman had sex with both girls.

Detectives said the girls admitted to having sex with Silliman, and they eventually learned the 12-year-old girl had sex with Silliman approximately 10 times over the past month.

The 12-year-old girl also said Silliman went as far as giving her a cell phone to communicate when and where they could meet, the report said. The phone contained text messages from Silliman that read, “I am so in love.”

Silliman was arrested on Wednesday. He remains in the Land O’ Lakes Detention Center in lieu of $20,150 bond.


Amour, Booze and Coke: ABC’s of domestic bliss? May 2, 2014

It could be argued that nothing good comes after staying up all night snorting cocaine and drinking.

These are the activities Megan Douglas, 24, disclosed around 9 a.m. April 13 to Fort Pierce police, who were called to a domestic disturbance at the apartment she shares with her 26-year-old boyfriend, Eli Strunk, according to a recently released report.


Investigators described the apartment’s interior as being “in shambles.” Busted beer bottles littered the floor, and the bedroom door was broken in half.

“Eli stated that he wanted to have sex with Megan and she agreed and then told him no. Eli stated that made him angry and that`s when he broke the bedroom door in half and ripped it off the hinges,” the report states. “He stated that`s when he went to apologize to Megan, by kissing her feet, at which point he stated she bashed his head into the tile floor.”

Douglas told police Strunk got angry after being denied sex, an activity that many enjoy.

Further, she said they’d been up all night drinking and snorting cocaine.

Police determined both had injuries, and couldn’t determine a primary aggressor.

Strunk and Douglas, both of the 800 block of King Orange Drive in Fort Pierce, each got arrested on a battery-related charge.


12 people still haven’t learned that there are no 14 year old girls on the internet who want to have sex with creepy old guys April 30, 2014

Twelve people, including two from Manatee County, have been charged as part of an online undercover sting targeting people trying to have sex with children, according to the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office.

In a news release, the sheriff’s office revealed some of what authorities uncovered during what was dubbed Operation Intercept III.

“Suspects ranging in age from 20-50 responded to Internet-based ads, online apps or social media sites and engaged in sexually explicit written and verbal conversations,” the release states.

“One of the suspects is an armed security guard who thought he was going to have sex with a mother and her 12-year-old daughter. Some of the men sent explicit photos and one brought drugs. A 44-year-old man agreed to get a 14-year-old girl pregnant. Ultimately they all traveled with the intent to have sex with a male or female child.”

Sarasota Sheriff Tom Knight said his department will continue to conduct such undercover operations.

“You would think the frequency of Internet predator operations here in Sarasota County and surrounding jurisdictions would reduce the number of criminals prowling online for the sole purpose of sexually exploiting children,” Knight said in the release. “Most adults probably aren’t aware of the sites kids are using, so law enforcement will continue to stand between children and these disturbed individuals, but parents need to pay attention to what your kids are doing online. Be a parent, it’s OK to check.”


Those arrested and charges are:

– Brian Hawley, 37, Fort Myers; use of a computer to solicit a child to commit sex act, travel to solicit a child to commit sex acts, attempted lewd & lascivious battery, and two counts of transmission of materials harmful to minors.

– Raymond Kidder, 50, Clearwater; use of a Computer to Solicit a Child to Commit Sex Act, Travel to Solicit a Child to Commit Sex Acts, Lewd & Lascivious Battery – Attempted.

– Blake Holliday, 24, Sarasota; Use of a Computer to Solicit a Child to Commit Sex Act, Travel to Solicit a Child to Commit Sex Acts, Lewd & Lascivious Battery – Attempted.

– Daniel Ferris, 24, Sarasota; Use of a Computer to Solicit a Child to Commit Sex Act, Travel to Solicit a Child to Commit Sex Acts, Lewd & Lascivious Battery – Attempted.

– Edgar Covarrubias-Garcia, 37, Sarasota; Use of a Computer to Solicit a Child to Commit Sex Act, Travel to Solicit a Child to Commit Sex Acts, Lewd & Lascivious Battery – Attempted.

– Michael Parent, 43, Sarasota; Use of a Computer to Solicit a Child to Commit Sex Act, Travel to Solicit a Child to Commit Sex Acts, Lewd & Lascivious Battery – Attempted, and Transmission of Materials Harmful to Minors.

– Harry Walters, 44, Sarasota, Use of a Computer to Solicit a Child to Commit Sex Act, Travel to Solicit a Child to Commit Sex Acts, Lewd & Lascivious Battery – Attempted.

– Daniel Abbey, 30, Ruskin; Use of a Computer to Solicit a Child to Commit Sex Act, Travel to Solicit a Child to Commit Sex Acts, Lewd & Lascivious Battery – Attempted, and Transmission of Materials Harmful to Minors.

– Dwight Meek, 43, Palmetto; Use of a Computer to Solicit a Child to Commit Sex Act, Travel to Solicit a Child to Commit Sex Acts, Lewd & Lascivious Battery – Attempted.

– Jameson Fahey, 20, Englewood; Use of a Computer to Solicit a Child to Commit Sex Act, Travel to Solicit a Child to Commit Sex Acts, Lewd & Lascivious Battery – Attempted.

– James Baker, 33, Tampa; Use of a Computer to Solicit a Child to Commit Sex Act, Travel to Solicit a Child to Commit Sex Acts, Lewd & Lascivious Battery – Attempted.

– Edmond Jones, 20, Bradenton; Use of a Computer to Solicit a Child to Commit Sex Act, Travel to Solicit a Child to Commit Sex Acts, Lewd & Lascivious Battery – Attempted, Possession of less than 20 Grams of Cannabis and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.

“Detectives seized two motorcycles during the operation,” the release states. “In addition, some of the information obtained during this initiative has resulted in additional investigations which are ongoing at this time.”

Agencies assisting in the sheriff’s office in the investigation were the Bradenton and Sarasota police departments, the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.


Couple had sex on the beach … not the drink April 11, 2014

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A quick kiss on the cheek between a couple is widely considered an acceptable public display of affection.

But more than 20 minutes of full blown sexual intercourse could be considered pushing things.


The latter is the situation Shanna Kelley, 35, and 37-year-old Sean Dempsey apparently found themselves in about 12:30 a.m. April 2 in the area of the Tiki Bar restaurant in Fort Pierce, according to recently released records.

FPPD_case-thumb-500x389-15385A Fort Pierce police officer dispatched to the scene saw a woman with her pants down to her ankles and a nude dude “engaging in sexual intercourse in plain view of the road and surrounding areas,” a report states.

The man, identified as Dempsey, quickly “broke contact from the female and began pulling his pants up, while laughing.”

The woman, identified as Kelley, told investigators that Dempsey is her boyfriend and was in town for a visit.

She said they didn’t see anyone around, so they started having sex on the park picnic table.

Dempsey, who smelled of booze, said he had “a bit” to drink, saying he was trying to “have fun.”

He grew angry and made statements such as, “Why can`t you be cool, if I wanted to I could be a real (rectum) and make this arrest hard for you.”

Meanwhile, a man told investigators that he and a friend were fishing and the couple copulated for more than 20 minutes.

Kelley, of the 300 block of North 11th Street in Fort Pierce, and Dempsey, of the 100 block of Serenata Court in Port St. Lucie, each were arrested on an indecent exposure charge, while Dempsey also was arrested on a disorderly intoxication charge.


Kansas man drove nearly non-stop to Florida for sex, used car as toilet April 10, 2014

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sfl-flduh-kansas-sex-bathroom-20140409-001A diminutive traveler from Kansas was in such a hurry to have sex with a teen girl in Longwood, he drove nearly non-stop across the country before his arrest Tuesday, bypassing bathroom breaks, police say.

Christopher Lanning, 40, arrived at a gas station in Longwood in a vehicle that reeked of human waste as part of his plan to have sex with a Seminole County high school student, said Officer Kevin Tuck, a spokesman for the Longwood Police Department.

Instead, the 4-foot, 10-inch Lanning, was arrested on a slew of charges in what the Longwood police department called a “To Catch a Predator” undercover sting.

A bottle of urine was found in Lanning’s vehicle.

“It was pretty bad,” Tuck said Wednesday.

The 90-pound unemployed suspect from Kansas City, Kansas faced a judge Wednesday afternoon during his first court appearance in Sanford.

Lanning asked the judge if he could return home — a request made before the judge had an opportunity to set his bond.

“May I ask a favor?” Lanning asked the court.

Lanning told the judge he is not a flight risk and hasn’t had major trouble with the law.

“I made a major mistake in judgment,” Lanning said.

A Seminole County judge set Lanning’s bond at $15,300. Lanning was ordered to not use the computer or the Internet.

He will be arraigned May 20.

Lanning faces charges ranging from traveling to meet a child for sex and transmitting obscene material to a minor.

Tuck said officers routinely go online to monitor such activity.

The investigation began in March.

“He contacted us,” Tuck said.

Lanning thought he was chatting with a 14-year-old girl. It was really an undercover officer.

He made arrangements to meet what he thought was a Lyman High School girl for sex, Tuck said.

Lanning was arrested after driving to a Shell station at 100 Dog Track Road at 4:30 p.m. Tuesday.

The gas station is next to Lyman High.


Christian High School Teacher Caught Half-Naked With 14-Year-Old Student April 8, 2014

Eric-Beasley-125x188A South Florida teacher was arrested Tuesday after he was caught having sex with a 14-year-old student, police said.

According to the Lighthouse Point police report, Eric Beasley, 24, was the ninth-grade student’s biology teacher at Zion Lutheran Christian School in Deerfield Beach.

An officer found Beasley and the teen having sex in a parked car behind a business, the report claimed.

While being questioned by detectives, Beasley admitted to engaging in inappropriate behavior with the girl at school, including kissing during her lunch breaks, the report stated.

“It’s absolutely appalling,” Rosalyn Smith, whose child attends the school, told Local 10.

Police said they also found pictures of Beasley’s penis on his phone that he sent to the girl.

“Not just my child, but I’m concerned about all of the children here at the school,” Smith said.

A student at the school said he thought Beasley was “a weird creep-o.”

School officials have not commented on the arrest.



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