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Joy McCall Gets 10 Years In Prison For Having Sex With 12-Year-Old Boy July 16, 2014

Joy L. McCall was arrested earlier this week after the 35-year-old was charged with having sex with a 12-year-old son of a family friend.

Joy-McCall1The victim’s mother called the Ocala Police Department to report she believed her son was in a sexual relationship with one of her friends. Her son supposedly told a friend at church about having a sexual  relationship with McCall, and that boy cock-blocked told his mother, who then contacted the victim’s mother to relay what she’d been told.

After learning of the possible relationship, the victim’s mother conducted her own investigation and found some disturbing text messages between McCall and her son that seemed to confirm the two had sex on multiple occasions. “She was able to see through the different text messaging that had occurred between McCall and the juvenile. And determine the dates that the incidents had occurred,’ said Sergeant Angy Scroble.

When police interviewed the boy, he confirmed his mother’s suspicions and told them he’d had sex with “Ms. Joy” on three occasions. The first was in January after he began receiving Facebook messages from McCall that “continued getting more heated.” After sending him pictures of herself in her underwear, she texted him to meet her at the Paddock Mall.

He did, and the two had sex in the backseat of McCall’s car. Five days later, she picked him up while he was riding his bicycle and the two had sex in some secluded woods. They met again in February and had sex in the same wooded area.

McCall, who has children the same age as the victim, was interviewed by police and admitted she’d had sex with the boy. Joy L. McCall was arrested and charged with three counts of lewd and lascivious battery. On Tuesday, Judge Jim McCune set McCall’s bond at $45,000.

McCall is currently on suicide watch at the Marion County Jail.


No happy hunting ground for woman yielding knife, in search of sex, deputies say July 2, 2014

It could be said that Elizabeth Highley doesn’t handle rejection well.

A 25-year-old man told St. Lucie County Sheriff’s investigators he was hanging out with Highley, 56, at her Jensen Beach home on June 16, according to a recently released report. They were drinking wine.


The man said Highley wanted to have sex with him, but that he rebuffed her amorous advances. He said she got angry and lost control, grabbing a cane and a hunting knife and chasing him around.

The man flagged down a deputy in the parking lot of a nearby convenience store and said a woman was chasing him with a knife and was going to kill him.

The deputy saw Highley run into the parking lot with a knife in one hand and what appeared to be a broken walking cane in the other. The deputy told her to drop the weapons and get on the ground, which she did.

The man said he’s friends with Highley.

He said they were hanging out drinking wine at Highley’s home in the 10800 block of South Ocean Drive when Highley wanted to have sex with him.

He said she started pursuing him with the knife and cane after he rejected her lovemaking proposition.

Highley was arrested on a felony aggravated assault charge.

Highley smelled of booze and didn’t appear to care that she was going to jail, the report states.


Bar brouhaha erupts after revelations of amorous encounters June 29, 2014

The tiff that landed a 28-year-old Port St. Lucie woman behind bars involved reports of sex with a former boyfriend, a stomped cell phone and threats to “everyone around,” according to a recently released arrest affidavit.

giovinazzo_janineAt the drinking establishment, Charles Tyrrell, the ex-boyfriend of Janine Giovinazzo, told police he was there with friends when Giovinazzo started problems with him.The case began around midnight June 1 as Port St. Lucie police went to a bar in the 900 block of Southwest Gatlin Boulevard.

Tyrrell said Giovinazzo, 28, got angry because he told her current boyfriend that they still “occasionally” have sex.

“Janine then went outside and was very upset, yelling and screaming that she will fight anybody out there,” the affidavit states.

Tyrrell went outside to try to calm her and tell her to leave, but she didn’t. Tyrrell said Giovinazzo eventually grabbed him, and that her cell phone dropped during the process.

Giovinazzo said Tyrrell stomped on her fingers and cell phone.

Giovinazzo called 911.

Meanwhile, an independent witness said she was outside the bar on her phone when Giovinazzo approached “yelling that she will fight anybody for her man.”

“Are you the (female dog) in the bar with my man?” Giovinazzo is quoted as saying. “Do you wanna get your (buttocks) beat?”

The witness said she told Giovinazzo she was ridiculous, and that a man identified as Tyrrell asked Giovinazzo to leave.

Giovinazzo grabbed Tyrrell and started shaking him, dropping her phone in the process. Tyrrell kicked the phone as she bent down to grab it.

“Janine was still threatening everyone around,” the affidavit states.

Giovinazzo, of Port St. Lucie, was arrested on a misdemeanor battery charge and taken to the St. Lucie County jail, while Tyrrell was issued a notice to appear in court on the same charge.


You can ask a prostitute to toss your salad, but you can’t pay with one June 11, 2014

Police conducted a reverse prostitution operation that resulted in the arrest of 10 men, including one who thought he could pay for sexual services with a salad and another who is a former local basketball star, Daytona Beach police said.

The operation started shortly before 11 a.m. Monday and lasted into the afternoon along areas on South Ridgewood Avenue that are known for problems with prostitution, according to Daytona Beach police charging affidavits. All 10 men are charged with soliciting a prostitute.


Alonzo Liverman, 29, of Daytona Beach, told the undercover police officer he did not have any money, but he did have a salad, according to an affidavit.

Police also picked up former Mainland basketball player Tim Pickett, 33, of Daytona Beach, who went on to star at Florida State University and was then drafted during the second round of the NBA draft in 2004.

Records show police also arrested the following men during the operation: Christian Alfaro-Guerra, 30, Daytona Beach; Justin Bowman, 35, Daytona Beach; Ricardo Gomes, 65, Port Orange; Steven Hardock, 86, Edgewater; Matthew Campbell, 43, DeLeon Springs; Michael Jackson, 27, South Daytona; John Regan, 72, Daytona Beach; and Christopher Paxton, 28, Ormond Beach.



Woman, 68, And Male Partner Busted For Public Sex At Florida Retirement Community June 9, 2014

klemmA 68-year-old woman and her younger paramour were arrested last week for having sex in a town square at a Florida retirement community, police report.

Responding to calls about the 10:30 PM public tryst, sheriff’s deputies discovered Margaret Ann Klemm and David Bobilya, 49, fully engaged in a pavillion at The Villages, a sprawling 55-and-older community in central Florida’s Sumter County.

According to investigators, when deputies arrived at Lake Sumter Landing–one of The Villages’s three squares–Klemm (seen at right) waspantsless and had her shirt pulled down. Bobilya’s pants and underwear were at his ankles.

After Klemm and Bobilya–who appeared intoxicated–complied with police orders to put their clothes back on, they were arrested on indecent exposure and disorderly conduct charges for their June 2 romp.

bobilyaKlemm, a resident at The Villages, and Bobilya, who lives in nearby Summerfield, were briefly booked into the county jail on the misdemeanor counts (both were later released on $1500 bail). They are scheduled for arraignment on July 2, according to court records. Bobilya is pictured below.

Klemm’s arrest came four days after she settled a prior criminal case. Busted for DUI, she pleaded guilty to a reduced reckless driving count and was sentenced to a year’s probation. Klemm was driving a golf cart when she was busted in early-April.

The Villages, which describes itself as “Florida’s Friendliest Retirement Hometown,” has more than 50,000 residents. The community’s three old-fashioned town squares offer a variety of shopping, dining, and theater options. Additionally, free nightly entertainment–which ends at 9 PM–is offered in the squares, where the official performers are clothed.


Nude neighbor caught pumping his hose in front yard June 4, 2014

A nude dude spotted masturbating in his front yard got pinched by Port St. Lucie police, according to a recently released affidavit.

sfl-flduh-nude-neighbor-hose-20140603-001The father walked outside and spied Marriott “completely nude and masturbating in the front yard of his home” in the 300 block of Southwest Cherry Hill Road.Police learned of the naked man – 52-year-old Jeffery Marriott – after a neighbor on May 8 said he was in his house when his young daughter approached him.  “The man across the street is naked again,” the daughter is quoted as telling her father.

The father tried to confront Marriott, who got in a Ford sport utility vehicle and left.

The father said he could see Marriott putting on clothes inside the vehicle. The father returned home and contacted authorities. The father said it’s the third time his daughter said she’s seen Marriott sans clothes in his front yard.

As police spoke with the father, a vehicle matching the description of Marriott’s drove past. Police stopped it.

Marriott said he was returning to his home from a CVS on Darwin Boulevard.

“I asked Jeffery why he would be driving in the direction away from his home if he was returning from the CVS on Darwin Boulevard, and he declined to respond,” an affidavit states.

He later said he was at home, though denied being naked and masturbating in his front yard, an area uncommon to find people naked and masturbating.

Marriott was arrested on a felony lewd lascivious behavior charge.


Here’s a story that just has too many facets to explain May 21, 2014

A Grand Bay teenager is charged with murder and armed robbery in Tallahasee, Florida.

amber-ward-18-soliciting-for-the-purpose-of-prostitution-297607b7af2abf23Police said 18-year-old Amber Ward shot and killed a man who responded to her escort ad on http://www.backpage.com.

According to court documents, Ward met up with the victim at a hotel in Tallahasee, where she provided her phone number and Grand Bay address when checking into room 213.

Investigators said Ward goes by the nickname “Chocolate Bunny” in her escort ads found on the website backpage.com.

Tallahasee Police said 29-year-old Isaac Grace responded to her advertisement, and the teen drove to Tallahasee to meet Grace at the EconoLodge Motel.

According to court records, Grace was found dead inside one of the rooms. Police believe Ward shot him several times and stole his cell phone.

“Ms. Ward is a known prostitute. She has had a previous arrest in Mobile for prostitution which stemmed from city of Mobile investigation. But we did find where she had advertised on backpage.com,” said Sgt. Joe Mahoney, Mobile County Sheriff’s Office spokesman. Mahoney said Ward was soliciting sex throughout the region.

“We’re finding ads from her from Montgomery all the way to Florida and Mississippi,” said Mahoney.

Detectives with the Sheriff’s Office helped Florida authorities track Ward down at her home on Jaimee Circle.

Court documents revealed that two spent 9 mm casings were found in her vehicle. The casings were consistent with the ones found at the murder scene.

“These backpage ads, there are several of them each day advertising sexual favors. But you never know. A lot of times these are women or even men posing as, setting up guys to show up at a remote location where they’re isolated and can be robbed,” said Mahoney.

A similar case in Mobile last year ended in the death of a U.S. Coast Guardsman.

Police said Robert Roberts was shot to death at the Baymont Inn and Suites last March after arranging a meeting with Shaniah Woods through backpage.com.


Night of cocaine, booze, feet smooching ends poorly May 17, 2014

It could be argued that nothing good comes after staying up all night snorting cocaine and drinking.

M_Douglas-thumb-150x182-15437These are the activities Megan Douglas, 24, disclosed to Fort Pierce police, who were called to a domestic disturbance at the apartment she shares with her 26-year-old boyfriend, Eli Strunk, according to a recently released report.

Investigators described the apartment’s interior as being “in shambles.” Busted beer bottles littered the floor, and the bedroom door was broken in half.

“Eli stated that he wanted to have sex with Megan and she agreed and then told him no. Eli stated that made him angry and that`s when he broke the E_Strunk-thumb-150x232-15440bedroom door in half and ripped it off the hinges,” the report states. “He stated that`s when he went to apologize to Megan, by kissing her feet, at which point he stated she bashed his head into the tile floor.”

Douglas told police Strunk got angry after being denied sex, an activity that many enjoy.

Further, she said they’d been up all night drinking and snorting cocaine.

Police determined both had injuries, and couldn’t determine a primary aggressor.

Strunk and Douglas, both of the 800 block of King Orange Drive in Fort Pierce, each got arrested on a battery-related charge.


Deputies caught having affair while on duty May 15, 2014

Two Seminole County deputies are accused of frequently abandoning their jobs to have an extramarital affair.

Investigators were tipped off about the affair by Deputy Joseph Fetchick’s wife, who found thousands of explicit text messages on her iPad. The device was linked to the deputy’s phone.

Sgt-Valencia-LaRue-0515According to the investigation, Fetchick and Sgt. Valencia LaRue sent each other 7,000 text messages between Sept. 30, 2013 and Dec. 5, 2013.

Those text messages detail an extramarital affair between the two and several sexual liaisons while one or both were on duty. Investigators said one encounter happened while Fetchick was on duty as a school resource officer at Milwee Middle in Longwood in October.

According to an email exchange, Getchick left the school three hours earlier without telling anyone. Around 1 p.m. Fetchick texted LaRue, “Yes I’ll get there in 15 and take care of business.” LaRue responded, “Ok baby.”

Two days later, a text message exchange shows the two met in a park for a sexual encounter while LaRue was on duty. Fetchick text her, “Meet me by the park boo.” LaRue responded, “Ok love.”

Those text messages are among the more tame messages. Thousands more are too explicit to replicate. But, investigators said the text messages show a pattern of both Fetchick and LaRue abandoning their duty to have sex several times over that two-month period.

Sheriff’s investigators found Fetchick and LaRue were guilty of abandoning their posts, conduct unbecoming of an officer and violating department ethics.

Fetchick was fired. LaRue resigned before she could be terminated.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement will soon decide whether to strip their certifications so they cannot be law enforcement officers in the state.


Runs Whorehouse Out Of His Apartment, His Wife Also Worked There May 12, 2014

The man accused of running a brothel out of a unit at the San Tropez Apartments charged the prostitutes who worked for him a $140-weekly rate and took a $20 cut from each client’s payment, according to a police report.

sfl-sergio-manuel-arroyo-photo-20140509_zpsf9cf0c9fSergio Manuel Arroyo, 41, told police he advertised on Backpage.com, supplied the women with cellphones and would collect his cut from a “cookie jar” the women put their earnings into, the report said.

“The defendant stated that he knew his actions were illegal and was regretful,” the report said.

Arroyo posted $5,300 bond and was released from the Broward Main Jail at 10:46 a.m. Friday.

He faces five counts of living off the earnings of a prostitute and one count of maintaining a place of prostitution, according to the report.

Arroyo was arrested late Thursday morning after a Crime Stoppers tipster alerted police to the prostitution enterprise operating out of Unit 205 in the 7800 block of Northwest Third Street.

When police arrived, Arroyo, his wife, five prostitutes and a “John” were present. Arroyo was the only one arrested.

The prostitutes, identified by initials only, are listed as victims on the police report.

“There’s a possibility that additional charges may be pending in this case, but there’s much work to be done and we’re not ready to release any additional information right now,” Capt. Al Xiques, a spokesman for the Pembroke Pines Police Department, said Friday.

Xiques declined to comment on whether the women might face charges. All five were adults, one was an unauthorized immigrant, and this did not appear to be a human-trafficking case, he said.

The “John” told police he had been a repeat client, visiting six times within the last six months and that he had just had sex with one of the women, the report said.

When police searched the apartment they found cash, money ledgers, condoms and the cookie jar, according to the report.

Arroyo lived in Unit 105 downstairs, and there police found a short-barreled shotgun, two money ledgers itemizing the Backpage.com postings and a financial breakdown by month and day, the report said.

One of the women told police that Arroyo’s wife also prostituted out of the apartment, the report said.

Arroyo told police he and his wife “began to escort for money in 2012″ and that they initially worked out of hotels, which is where he met some of the prostitutes who now worked for him, the report said.

When detectives pulled over an alleged “John” when he drove away from the apartment on May 1, the man admitted to having paid a woman $180 for sex, according to the report.

Elizabeth Crooks, a downstairs neighbor, said she had not tuned into the goings on in Unit 205 but recently had noted a lack of parking.

“I just noticed that there was more cars than usual and it was always different cars,” Crooks said. “We always had plenty of parking, but lately there has been none and we have had to park way in the back.”



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