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Student, 15, Arrested For Squirting Hand Sanitizer In Teacher’s Diet Coke March 21, 2014

nicholaslucariA Florida student, 15, was arrested this week for putting hand sanitizer in a teacher’s Diet Coke can, police report.

Nicholas Lucari is facing a felony charge for allegedly squirting “Germ-X” into Dale Dawson Yount’s drink. The South Walton High School teacher, 69, subsequently “became physically ill” and she sought treatment at a local hospital, according to a Walton County Sheriff’s Office report.

daleyountInvestigators allege that Lucari, pictured above, “did willfully, intentionally, and with the intent to injure” add the hand sanitizer to Yount’s beverage. As a result, the teen was busted on a poisoning rap.

Lucari, cops noted, has been “suspended from school pending an expulsion hearing.” The student has been described as a “prankster” who did not intend to harm Yount, who is seen at left.

Like many hand sanitizers, the active ingredient in “Germ-X” is ethyl alcohol.


Man beat dad, 87, with sledgehammer in fight over vacuum March 20, 2014

allen-croskey-marion-031914A Marion County man has been arrested after Ocala police say he attacked his elderly father with a sledgehammer over a vacuum cleaner.

Detectives said Allen Croskey, 55, got in a fight Wednesday with his 87-year-old father because of a ruined vacuum.

Police said Croskey told detectives he had come home from eating at a soup kitchen Wednesday morning to find his father in the carport. His father yelled at him about breaking the vacuum cleaner and, while holding a sledgehammer in his hands, told Croskey to leave.

Detectives said Croskey then went to a neighbor’s house, took a piece of pipe from a chain-link fence, and struck his father in the head with the pipe.

Once his father was on the ground and knocked out, police said Croskey picked up the sledgehammer and hit him in the face with it twice.

Police said Croskey, believing his father to be dead, got rid of the pipe and sledgehammer, dragged his father’s body into some bushes and covered it with blankets.

The father remains in critical condition, police said.

As police took Croskey into custody, he told us his dad was a paranoid schizophrenic who, in his words, “went berserk.”

Croskey also said his father “deserves a couple years in the hospital” over the vacuum cleaner issue.

We asked Croskey what led up to the attack, but police closed the doors to their patrol car and drove him to the Marion County Jail before he could answer us.


Teenage girl hosted a wild alcohol-fueled party that saw 5 teens taken to the hospital while dad slept! March 17, 2014

article-2582126-1C5876E900000578-586_306x423Five teenagers were rushed to hospital from an alcohol fueled party thrown by a teenage girl – while her father claimed he slept through it all.

Two of the teens are said to be in a critical condition with reports they had mixed alcohol with the anti-anxiety drug Xanax.

Neighbors saw the teens being wheeled away on gurneys into waiting ambulances while dozens of others teens fled when police arrived.

Steve Miller, whose teen daughter hosted the party and was among those rushed to hospital, told local TV he was asleep while as many as 100 people crammed into his home.

Miller, a father of six, claimed he had no idea there would be alcohol at the party – but did not say if he had checked.

He insisted he slept through all the noise as 100 teens flocked to his home in Winter Garden, Florida.

‘If my daughter told me they were going to have alcohol I wouldn’t have permitted it,’Miller said.

‘I didn’t see any drugs.’

Police said the teenagers taken to hospital had passed out from drink but fear they may have also taken drugs.

‘We found five teenagers who appeared to have overdosed on alcohol and we are not sure of what type of drug right now,’said Lt. Paul Hopkins from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Investigators said they spotted numerous underage kids partying at the home.

They said one was unconscious and five were sickened, apparently from drinking too much alcohol.

The victims were boys and girls between the ages of 15 and 17.

Neighbors were stunned by the scenes in their road on Friday night and said they were kept awake by the noise.

‘I’ve been living here 30 years, and I’ve never really seen anything going on over there. It just surprises me. I’m like, ‘Wow.’ Hopefully, the kids  are going to be OK,’ a neighbor said.

Deputies said the conditions of the teens had improved over the weekend and they said the parents apparently didn’t know someone had brought alcohol  into the home.

Doreen Blume said Miller’s daughter was one of the hospitalized teens.

Blume said Miller did the right thing.

‘He confiscated all kinds of alcohol, big bottles,’ Blume said.

Other neighbors said deputies have been to the home before.

The Department of Children and Families has launched an investigation because of concerns about alcohol and supervision.


Police identify man who drowned trying to grab remote-controlled speedboat

sfl-palm-beach-county-fire-rescue-divers-20140315A man who drowned on Saturday after diving into a pond to retrieve a remote-controlled speedboat has been identified as Robert Lester, 45.

Neighbors in Palm Beach Plantation, a mobile home park off Lantana Road, east of Hagen Ranch Road, told authorities they saw Lester dive into a pond in the community after his remote-controlled speedboat capsized.

Lester swam out about 10 yards near a fountain in the pond and began calling for help. Two neighbors dove in after him but he vanished before they could find him in the murky water. Divers retrieved the body at about 5:20 p.m. Saturday.

Authorities are investigating whether the fountain might have played a role in the accident, as a park worker told them that it creates a suction effect underwater.

Lester, who recently moved into the community, was often seen driving the gasoline-powered boat around the pond with a remote-control unit.


Bomber wanted ‘bigger boom’ for bigger bucks March 15, 2014

sfl-brian-henderson-arrest-photos-20140314After Brian Henderson’s threatening emails failed to reap the $5 million that he demanded from Publix, he figured he needed to deliver a “bigger boom.”

The Broward man told FBI agents that he planted a pipe bomb – made with fireworks, a model rocket igniter and an alarm clock – behind a big rack of propane tanks at the front of a Dania Beach Publix store, prosecutors wrote in court records filed Friday.

Henderson said he set the timer to explode in one hour and left, federal prosecutor Michael Walleisa said.

The bomb partly went off sometime after it was planted in late February 2013, but it failed to get the desired response, investigators said.

The explosive device, hidden between the propane tanks and the store’s wall, went unnoticed for three months until Broward Sheriff’s deputies were called May 26 to disable the remains at the Griffin Road store.

“Henderson did not believe that the pipe bomb functioned correctly because he never heard anything about it on the news,” prosecutors wrote.

After failing to get the attention of company officials, Henderson said he decided to take his extortion campaign closer to Publix’s Lakeland headquarters.

In early March 2013, he said he built another pipe bomb – using the remote control from a radio-controlled toy car, fireworks and a fireworks fuse that he estimated would take about three minutes to burn, according to the FBI.

Henderson, 49, of Hallandale Beach, rented a car and drove 440 miles roundtrip to a Publix store about 20 miles south of Lakeland in a town whose name he did not recall, investigators said.

Henderson told agents he placed a pipe bomb in a trash can in front of the store’s main entrance at closing time, used the remote control to detonate it and immediately drove off.

Agents said he later emailed Publix officials, saying he assumed “no one was hurt too bad” because he saw no newspaper reports. The email warned the “next incident will be during working hours” and reporters would be tipped off.

“You have one last chance to end this quietly. The price is now $10m[illion] and it must be in private numbered account in the Cayman Islands,” the email read. If the company did not pay up quickly, the email said “the price goes to $50m.”

Dressed in jail scrubs and using a wheelchair, Henderson appeared briefly Friday in federal court in Fort Lauderdale. He was shot and injured by deputies Dec. 13 when investigators said he tried to rob a Chase bank in Dania Beach.

He has been locked up without bond since December and is now facing more than a dozen federal charges linked to the attempted bank robbery, the Publix extortion attempt and a similar effort to extort money by threatening to poison products from a New Jersey company that has not been publicly identified.

Henderson told agents that he came up with the plan to extort Publix in January 2013 and started out using computer software to create a photo of a fake bomb he emailed to the company. When that got no reaction, he escalated the plan, agents said.

In December, Henderson told a judge he was an unemployed bar and restaurant manager and owed about $30,000 because of his failed wood sculpture import business.

“We took the threats very seriously for the safety of our associates and customers. We immediately contacted the FBI … and worked diligently with them,” Publix spokeswoman Maria Brous said in an email Friday. She declined further comment because of the continuing investigation.


KKK literature surfacing in Union County … oh, with candy March 14, 2014

1394652802000-KKK-FLIERKu Klux Klan flyers wrapped in plastic along with a few pieces of candy are surfacing in people’s front yards in a rural Union County community.

Union County Sheriff Brad Whitehead says the literature was tossed in the middle of the night. The Sheriff’s Office fielded a handful of complaints.

“It does surprise me…because I would not think something like that happens in a small town,” said Libby Parrish who works at Skips Deli.

The sheriff says the FBI has been notified about the flyers.

“We are a very close knit community and we just won’t tolerate this kind of stuff in our community. We don’t like it, no one likes it,” said Whitehead.


Michael Jason Fields Accused Of Beating Girlfriend To Death With Cinder Block March 13, 2014

Release Number: 14-097

  • For Immediate Release:
  • Public Information Office of Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office
  • March 12, 2014
  • Contact Person:
  • Public Information Office : piooffice@hcso.tampa.fl.us
  • 813/247-8060


Victim’s boyfriend was arrested for her murder.
  • Tuesday
  • March 11, 2014
  • Time: 2:20 PM
  • 2709 St. Cloud Oaks Drive
  • Valrico



Michael Jason Fields 03/03/1982 2707 St. Clouds Oaks Drive Valrico, Florida


  • 2nd degree murder with a weapon


Christina Mahzamani (deceased) DOB: 06/22/1981 1608 Loriana Street Brandon, Florida


The following information has been summarized in part from the Criminal Arrest Affidavit charging Fields with 2nd Degree Murder.
On March 11, 2014 at approximately 2:20 pm, Michael Fields called 9-1-1 and advised that he found a deceased woman outside his residence at 2709 St Cloud Oaks Drive in Valrico.
When deputies arrived, Michael Fields pointed out a deceased female lying on the ground between his house at 2707 and 2709 St Cloud Oaks Drive. Fields identified the victim to be Christina Mahzamani. Homicide detectives later confirmed her identity as Christina Mahzamani.
Crime scene technicians and homicide detectives responded to the scene and during their investigation discovered drag marks on the grass and leaves leading from the back yard of 2707 St Cloud Oaks Drive towards the middle of the two houses. A cinder block with what was identified as blood was discovered directly behind 2707 St. Cloud Oaks Drive. Also an area of dirt with what appeared to be blood and a partial shoe print was found behind 2707 Cloud Oaks Drive. The shoe impression was consistent with the sole of the shoes that Fields was wearing.
A search of the Fields’ bedroom inside his residence revealed a pair of pajama pants with what appeared to blood on the front of the pants. Fields lived at this location with the owners of the residence.
Detectives interviewed Fields at the crime scene and he stated he was the boyfriend of Mahzamani. Fields stated that on March 09, 2014 at approximately 11 p.m. Mahzamani came to visit him at his house and stayed for a short time before she drove away in her vehicle. He stated he had no further contact with her.
On March 10, 2014, at approximately 2 p.m., deputies responded to a report of an abandoned vehicle blocking a driveway at 511 Briar Meadows Drive in Valrico. When deputies arrived, the vehicle was identified as a 2013 Buick Enclave registered to Christina Mahzamani. This location is approximately 1/2 mile from 2707 St Cloud Oaks Drive. A neighborhood survey revealed that the vehicle was not there as of midnight on March 10, but was later spotted between 2:30 and 3:30 a.m. abandoned in front of the house. Mahzamani’s car keys and other personal items were found inside the car.
On March 10, 2014 at approximately 8:45 p.m., deputies responded to 2013 Elk Springs Drive in Brandon and met with Vali Mahzamani to take a missing persons report. Vali Mahzamani stated he received a call earlier that day from his son, who was out of state and said his son told him that his children ages 13, 9 and 7 years old had called and said their mother Christina Mahzamani left them at home on the evening of March 09, 2014 at approximately 9 p.m. and never returned home. Vali picked the kids up and brought them back to his house.
Homicide detectives arrested Fields while still at the crime scene and took him to the Criminal Investigation Division for further questioning. He was later booked into the Hillsborough County Jail earlier this morning with no bond.
On the evening of March 11, 2014, the Hillsborough County Medical Examiner’s Office conducted an autopsy on Christina Mahzamani and listed the cause of death as bludgeoning of her head and the manner of death Homicide.


Elderly man killed in crash involving Sheriff’s Office car March 11, 2014

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An elderly man died in a crash involving an unmarked Marion County Sheriff’s Office vehicle in Silver Springs Shores on Monday.

bildeFlorida Highway Patrol troopers said the unmarked Sheriff’s Office vehicle with two sheriff’s deputies, was heading west in the left lane on Southeast Maricamp Road.

A 1993 Dodge Spirit, driven James Barzey, was on Pine Road, traveling south.

Troopers said it’s unknown if Barzey, 91, of Silver Springs Shores, was trying to cross the busy roadway of Southeast Maricamp Road or trying to turn onto Maricamp Road.

Barzey’s car, however, pulled into the path of the deputy’s vehicle and was struck on the driver’s side.

FHP officials said that upon impact, the unmarked Sheriff’s Office vehicle crashed into a concrete telephone pole, while Barzey’s car twice circled the unmarked vehicle before hitting the driver’s side of a 2004 Acura, driven by Carlos Fuentes, 47. Fuentes, of Silver Springs Shores, was not injured, officials said.

Barzey was extricated from his car by Marion County Fire Rescue officials and was taken to Ocala Regional Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead. The deputies were transported to Munroe Regional Medical Center with non-life-threatening injuries.

Troopers said both deputies and Barzey were wearing seat belts. The deputies names were not released by officials.

Troopers said the unmarked sheriff’s vehicle, which was on duty, was not responding to any emergency at the time of the crash.

Barzey’s death is the second person over the age of 90 to have died in a traffic accident in Marion County since the beginning of the year.

Last month, 92-year-old Matthew Rossi, of Ocala, was killed when the car he was driving drove into the path of a pickup truck on State Road 200.


Mom lured into garage by 13-year-old daughter where girl’s teen boyfriend slit her throat

Yaquelin-Galvez-Don-125x188A woman had her throat slit early Sunday morning by her teenage daughter’s boyfriend, investigators say, after her daughter lured her into the garage of their Ocala home.

The attacker then went into the home, held the knife to the girl’s father’s throat and threatened to kill him, but instead was persuaded to take the bleeding woman to a hospital, according to the Marion County Sheriff’s Office.

The 15-year-old boyfriend dropped the woman at the emergency room at Munroe Regional Medical Center, where hospital officials called the Sheriff’s Office. The woman was then transported to Ocala Regional Medical Center, where she works as a physical therapist, and underwent life-saving surgery.

The father was uninjured, according to Marion sheriff’s spokesman Judge Cochran.

Cochran said the incident occurred at about 5 a.m. at a home on Northwest 55th Place. The juveniles were arrested hours later. The Star-Banner is withholding the names of all involved because the accused are juveniles.

An arrest affidavit states that at first the teen told detectives that he was walking by the house, heard the commotion and went to investigate.

The boy then later told detectives that he and the 13-year-old girl planned the attack last week, reports state. The boy then laid out the entire plan, from beginning to end, for detectives in a recorded interview. He said they first talked on the telephone and then on Facebook, working on details of where the “ambush” would take place. They both decided that the garage would be the best place.

The girl had him take off his shoes when he came into the house because they made noise. She helped him find a knife in the kitchen before hiding him in the garage, the teen told detectives.

The boyfriend told the mother, after she had been lured into the garage, that he and the girl wanted to be together and that he could take care of the 13-year-old. He also told her that she should not have hit him with a stick previously.

The teen then slashed the woman across the neck with the kitchen knife, the report states, before going into the house to confront the woman’s husband.

The teen drove the wounded woman to the hospital, making her promise along the way that he and her daughter could be together and that she would not sue him because of the incident.

Both teens were arrested on two counts each conspiracy to commit murder and one count each of attempted murder in the second degree. They were being held without bond at the Marion County Juvenile Detention Center.


News flash: Don’t expect to catch 40 winks at a 60-second red light

sfl-flduh-honk-wake-up-20140310-001A woman who showed up drunk to pick her children at a day care in Deltona was arrested, Volusia County deputies said.

A motorist called deputies to report that Lisa Vantunen, 45, was driving on the wrong side of Providence Boulevard and followed Vantunen to a day care at Faith Baptist Church. When deputies got to church at Providence Boulevard and Voyager Street, deputies found the vehicle with the door open and the engine running, a report shows.

Vantunen was seen exiting the day care with two small children and when deputies approached the vehicle, they found Vantunen pressing hard on the brakes trying to shift into gear, the report said.

When Vantunen stepped out of the vehicle, she stumbled and almost fell. Deputies also noticed that she had an abrasion on her knee and Vantunen told them she had fallen down when she got to the day care, deputies said.

Vantunen said she had been drinking all day Friday and smelled of alcohol, deputies said.

A day care worker was asked to care for the children until their grandmother, traveling from Port St. Lucie, could arrive, sheriff’s investigators said.

The motorist who reported Vantunen said she kept falling asleep at intersections and swerving all over the road, almost hitting pedestrians. At one time, motorists had to honk their horns to wake her up, the witness told investigators.



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