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Man buys foreclosure, discovers why the old lady who owned the place suddenly stopped paying her bills November 7, 2014

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The Cape Coral house on SE 19th Lane had rusted iron gates on each window and every entrance. Four dead-bolts were chained at the front door.

635508597220320283-body-insideLongtime Cape Coral resident William Wilson acquired the worn light pink house at auction Tuesday for $96,000.

He arrived the next morning to evaluate his purchase, trim the hedges and mow the lawn. What he found inside was a body.

“The inside was a mess,” Wilson said. “It looked like (someone) was packing to move. There were a lot of boxes, some pictures of children on the fridge.”

Authorities told him the most recent piece of mail was from November of 2011 and unpaid taxes went back three years. The corpse was on the floor of the master bedroom next to the bed. Longtime neighbors say an older woman from Miami last lived at the home with her sister, but they hadn’t seen or heard from her for several years.

Some thought she moved, others said she just disappeared. Outside, the grass grew long and the community speculated. Inside, Wilson said all that remained were bones, skin and the smell of remains. In the living room was a bird cage and piles of feces.

“You couldn’t tell who it was,” Wilson said. “You couldn’t tell if it was a male or a female … it’s disappointing and a sad thing that nobody cared enough to check.”

The Cape Coral Police Department responded to the scene Wednesday afternoon to conduct a death investigation. Officers cordoned the property with yellow caution tape. At dusk, one officer remained parked out front.

“It’s sad about the whole thing,” said Bill Harrigan, who lives across the street. “Nobody ever checked on her.”

Wednesday night, residents stood outside their homes and watched law enforcement come and go along the two-lane road.

“I didn’t know them,” said Liz Palma, 55, of Cape Coral. “It’s very strange, all those bars on the house. I never smelled anything … that’s just freaky. I’m freaked out.”

Next-door neighbor Gary Oben Jr., 30, said he used to park his van in the driveway because no one was ever around. The woman was nice, but reclusive and didn’t speak much English. He saw her a handful of times in a decade. She got the mail and she watered the lawn and liked his dogs.

The house was built in 2007 and previously owned by Carmen Garcia-Viso.

“I had a hunch,” Oben said. “Either it was a grow house or there was a dead lady in there.”


Quadruple amputee named person of interest in parents’ slayings November 6, 2014

Investigators said they’re searching for 30-year-old Sean Petrozzino, a quadruple amputee whose parents were found dead in an east Orange County home Tuesday.

petrozzinoThe bodies of Nancy Petrozzino, 64, and Michael Petrozzino, 63, were found after deputies went to the house on Heming Way in the Andover Cay subdivision, south of Curry Ford Road, to do a well-being check when Nancy Petrozzino didn’t show up for work, authorities said.

Their deaths have been ruled homicides and their son, Sean Petrozzino, has been named a person of interest in the case.

“We do believe he has a firearm. He’s considered dangerous and they believe he is in the south Florida area,” said Jane Watrel, with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Sean Petrozzino lost his legs and hands due to meningitis. He has two prosthetic legs, according to investigators.

Investigators said he was last seen in a 2012 red Toyota Camry with Florida tag 112VZY. They said he could be in the Jupiter or Coral Springs area.

Michael Petrozzino worked at Disney World and his wife was a second-grade teacher at Andover Lakes Elementary School.

Parents and student at the school were grieving Wednesday.

“It’s just unbelievable, something you can’t comprehend,” said Richard Reeder, a grandparent who was at the school Wednesday.

Andover Lakes Elementary School Principal Angela Zambaux sent a message to parents that said, “I am very sad to report that we have lost second-grade teacher Mrs. Nancy Petrozzino today. She died in her home today.”

“I was shocked when I found out it was her. Literally, my kids cried for hours yesterday,” said neighbor Jennifer Satmaria. “My one daughter didn’t even go to school today. She woke up with a migraine because she cried so much yesterday. She was just an awesome lady.”

Neighbors told WFTV Sean Petrozzino had recently moved back to his parents’ home with his Great Dane. Richard Ellwood said he met Sean Petrozzino when he and the dog moved into the house, about a week and a half ago.

“You don’t want it to be anybody. You don’t want that event to have occurred,” said Ellwood. “Suddenly you open your door and there’s police tape at both ends of the street.”

Former neighbor Michael Vitale spoke highly of Sean Petrozzino and was surprised by the investigation.

“There was nothing to have me doubt his integrity or honesty or anything that he might be a threat to anybody’s family here,” said Vitale.

On Wednesday, investigators released a photograph of Sean Petrozzino taken at an ATM at a Wells Fargo Bank in Orlando on Tuesday morning. Investigators said they wanted people to look at the physical characteristics of his hands so that someone might be able to identify him.

Sean Petrozzino’s high school principal described him as a nice kid who went through a very tough time as a high school kid, after he contracted bacterial meningitis.

Neighbors said he never talked about the rare form of bacterial meningitis that ate away at his limbs. Doctors were forced to amputate both his arms and legs when he was in high school.

His south Florida high school raised money to help pay medical bills for 13 surgeries. It was his rehab that brought his family to Orlando.

Sean Petrozzino bought his own home in 2006. Court records show the bank foreclosed on the home in 2012 because he stopped paying the $1,300 monthly mortgage.

When Channel 9 went to the house, we found a maintenance worker paid by a bank to clean up.

“It just seemed like he packed up one day and left,” said Taylor.

Bank records show Sean Petrozzino owed $200,000 on the east Orange County home, where the mortgage was $1,300 a month.

Anyone with information about his whereabouts is asked to call Crimeline.


Joshua Ortiz Charged In The Strangulation Death Of His Own Mother November 5, 2014

Seminole County deputies released the arrest warrant for the man accused of killing his mother, detailing how she died.

Joshua-OrtizJoshua Ortiz disappeared after his mother’s body was found inside of her Oviedo-area home. Investigators said he was found with his mother’s car in Maryland and has been charged with second-degree murder in her death.

According to the arrest warrant, Ortiz’s mother, Jacqueline, was strangled.

Deputies said Ortiz had gotten into a fight with one of his brothers earlier in the day because Ortiz had not eaten in three days. After another brother had broken up the fight, Ortiz was spotted hiding in the bushes by a family friend, according to the arrest warrant.

The two other brothers left to get a haircut and when they arrived back home, Ortiz was gone and they found their mother dead.

“My mother’s not breathing and she does not have a pulse,” the brothers told 911 dispatchers. “She’s just on the floor right next to the pantry, when we got back. She has bruises on her face that would indicate that she was (expletive) struck or something.”

The brothers also told the dispatcher that their mother was cold and her fingers were injured as well.


Woman learns that even if your kids are potty mouths, you can’t feed them toilet bowl cleaner November 3, 2014

WESH-Amelia-West---imgPort Orange police said they arrested a woman after she allegedly had her young children drink toilet bowl cleaner, and believe she also drank the liquid.

Police said they responded to a home on Timber Trail around 10:30 a.m. Saturday for a report of a suicide attempt. Officers said they found the woman and  her two children had consumed the chemical.

Authorities identified the mother as 29-year-old Amelia West.  Her two children are ages 3 months and 2 years old.

Police said the children were treated and released at a hospital.

West was booked into the Volusia County Branch Jail, charged with two counts of attempted murder and two counts of aggravated child abuse.

West was initially being held on a no-bond status.


Vet removes dog’s eye without owner’s consent October 30, 2014

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A dog owner got a call on Monday that shook her to the bone.

“I got hysterical,” said dog owner Kimberly Hayden. “I was like what are you (the veterinarian’s assistant) talking about? She was there for a follow up. And she goes, ‘no, we extracted her eye.’”

Hayden has owned 13-year-old Chloe her whole life.

“You weren’t authorized to do any of that what do you mean you have taken my dogs eye out. And she (the veterinarian’s assistant) is like hold on minute we have more than one Chloe here today maybe I have the wrong file.”

The Tyrone Banfield Animal Hospital had the right file – but performed the wrong procedure on Chloe. On Friday, Chloe’s left eye looked like it was tearing up and irritated. Kimberly took her to the hospital.

“They said she had an abrasion on her eye. And the first thing they said was bring her tomorrow (Saturday) morning and have her eye removed. I said no what are other options?”


She went with a medicine only option hoping to avoid removing the eye. So she went with eye drops and other medication for over the weekend, then brought Chloe back in Monday just for a “follow-up” so the vet could watch her eyes throughout the day to see how the dog was doing. Then after Hayden was done with work that day she would pick Chloe back up.

Hayden said she was happy to see the medicine looked like it was helping by Monday morning.

“Then next thing I got was a call saying my dog was recovering well from surgery,” said Hayden.

The hospital sent us this statement admitting they failed to get permission for the surgery but say it was necessary.

Kimberly has posted her story on Facebook and reached out to media such as the Bone radio show with host Mike Calta. Calta talked with 10 News and provided us with Hayden’s name so we could reach out to her. Hayden said she was glad that he did that because she wants to warn everyone she knows about the Tyrone Banfield Animal Hospital inside the Petsmart.

She said she will never take Chloe back there again even after the manager’s apology.

Below is the statement the hospital provided:

“At Banfield Pet Hospital, we are committed to partnering with clients in all decisions regarding their pet’s care. In the instance of Chloe, although the care provided was medically necessary based on the severity of her condition and lack of response to therapy, we did fail to get surgical authorization from the client on the day of the procedure. However, we had previously discussed the need for surgery with the client—we also communicated that surgery was critical to alleviate Chloe’s pain and potential for infection. We apologize for the lack of clear communication and will continue to attempt to reach Ms. Hayden in an effort to further resolve her concerns. In the meantime, we wish Chloe a speedy recovery.”


Man tries to kill his wife with a stun gun. “I thought it would work” October 29, 2014

A Deerfield Beach couple had argued about money before a middle-of-the-night stun-gun attack led to an attempted murder charge against the husband, an investigator said.

“The couple had fought over finances before the alleged assault,” said Broward Sheriff’s Sgt. Aimee Russo.

The agency was called to the 5200 block of West Lakes Drive at 2:44 a.m. Saturday in response to a disturbance.

fl-deerfield-attempted-murder-20141027-001-thumbnailJohn Talbot, 65, had knelt next to Nadette, 62, his wife of 28 years, while she slept, deputies said.

He used a stun gun on her multiple times in an attempt to incapacitate her and pressed a white plastic bag against her face to try and suffocate her, according to Deputy Louis J. Bonhomme’s report.

“She told investigators that ‘”he looked weird, as if he was not himself,’” Russo said.

The weapon is called a drive stun Taser, meaning it didn’t have prongs attached to wires, like those used by police, said Russo, who works in the special victims unit.

Nadette Talbot said she was able to stop the attack by “‘Fighting like a b—–!’” Bonhomme wrote.

She was never unconscious and was not injured, according to Russo.

On Monday, Talbot appeared in Broward County court for the charge of attempted premeditated murder. When arrested Saturday night, Talbot had been charged with aggravated battery causing bodily harm.

Russo said the second charge, attempted murder, was added after investigators had a chance to talk further with Nadette Russo.

“We were still looking at more evidence that included her supplemental statement,” Russo said. “She was just better able to explain what happened in terms of the plastic bag and Taser.”

Assistant Public Defender Brian Reidy said Monday that he could not comment on behalf of John Talbot because they had not yet met. Reidy could not be reached Tuesday.

Talbot does not have a criminal record in Florida, according to state records.


Second man accused of swiping political signs, deputies say October 28, 2014

A second man has been accused of stealing campaign signs in Hernando County, according to deputies.

sfl-flduh-swiping-political-signs-20141027-001Benjamin Moser, 52, faces petit theft charges after a school board candidate found him removing signs from in front of the Spring Hill Library and placing them into his car on Saturday, according to a release form the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office.

Moser was found with 37 political signs from nine candidates, deputies said. He told deputies he removed the signs because he thought it was illegal to put them on library property. The Hernando County School Board candidate told deputies he had permission to place the signs on library property and the signs belonged to the library.

On his Facebook page, Moser questioned whether candidates should be allowed to legally place signs on public property.

“Can it really be legal to place partisan political campaign signs on PUBLIC PROPERTY (in this case, a library) or as I have noted before, on the right of way?” Moser wrote on his site, where he changed his profile picture to his mug shot. “The plaintiff says that yes, it is permitted by the board of elections. This is news to me and if true … my question is why can this even be permitted? The only place candidate’s names should appear on public property is on the ballots (my opinion!)”

Last week, deputies investigated John Good, 50, of Spring Hill, after they found 244 political signs at his home. Good told deputies he was tired of looking at the signs and was cleaning up Hernando County. His case was turned over to the state attorney’s office, which was deciding whether to press charges.

Moser is a member of a Facebook group started by Good called “sign sign everywhere a sign,” where members post comments and pictures of signs they believe are placed illegally.



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