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Boy, 13, stopped on I-75 driving a front end loader October 21, 2014

A 13-year-old boy was stopped Sunday on Interstate 75 while driving a front-end loader, reportedly in an attempt to travel to Fort Lauderdale.

sfl-flduh-front-end-loader-20141020-001According to a Marion County Sheriff’s Office report, the boy said he ran away from home Sunday morning and was looking for a vehicle he could take to South Florida so he could meet with a friend.

He came upon Magnum Construction at 4202 NW 27th Ave., Ocala, and saw a Mack truck, but could not find the keys. After searching the office, the boy got on one of the front-end loaders parked on the lot and started the vehicle. He drove through the locked front gate and headed down U.S. 27 until he got to the north entrance of I-75, according to the report.

The boy made it about three miles on the busy highway before he was stopped by a Florida Highway Patrol trooper.

The front-end loader was recovered by the owner. The piece of equipment was not damaged and no one was injured.

The boy was charged with commercial burglary, grand theft and criminal mischief. He was taken to the juvenile detention area at the Sheriff’s Office.


Man swiped toilet parts from fast food restaurants October 20, 2014

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Police have arrested a man they say destroyed toilets in fast-food restaurants across the city as part of a metal recycling scheme.

sfl-flduh-toilet-parts-fast-food-20141017-001Brian Rinda, 28, allegedly stole flushing handles and pipes, then traded the brass parts for between $36 and $40 at the county recycling center. Sometimes he would cause as much as $1,000 in damage when he broke the toilets, according to St. Petersburg police reports.

Authorities suspect Rinda in thefts from numerous locations in St. Petersburg, including Wendy’s, McDonald’s, Burger King, Publix, Subway, Cracker Barrel and Bob Evans restaurants and Albert Whitted Park.

Detectives used records from the recycling center and surveillance video from the restaurants to identify Rinda, police said. He faces nine counts of theft.


Meet market? Man accused of stuffing sausage down his pants October 16, 2014

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A 42-year-old Fort Walton Beach man is accused of hiding a pack of sausages in his pants.

sfl-flduh-stuffing-sausage-pants-20141015-001Fort Walton Beach Police officers were called for the theft on Oct. 7, according to the arrest report. Two managers at Publix Supermarket reported seeing James Michael Patterson take a pack of sausages from the shelf, walk to another aisle and “shove the package down his pants.”

Patterson had previously been trespassed from Publix on Oct. 3, the report said. One of the managers recognized him and called police before the theft for the trespassing.

The managers said that after Patterson concealed the sausages, he continued walking through the store, according to the report. When officers located Patterson, he was carrying a case of soda.

He was detained and officers located the sausages package in his pants, the report said. Patterson said “he was just hungry and wanted food.”

He is charged with shoplifting and trespassing.


What would thieves do with 18 tons of Crisco? October 13, 2014

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St. Petersburg police are dealing with that question as they search for the people responsible for stealing a tractor-trailer loaded with about 36,000 pounds of the vegetable shortening.

DIY-Crisco-Candle-1The rig was reported stolen Sunday morning from Coastal Towing, 2390 118th Ave. N., police said.

In additon, another tractor-trailer filled with boxes from Amazon’s Ruskin distribution center had been burglarized, police said. A number of boxes were opened and the contents taken.

The Crisco sticks were to be delivered to the Publix distribution center in Lakeland, police said.

The stolen cab was a 2005 red Volvo with “NS Express LLC, Bowling Green, KY 42104” written on both sides, with Florida tag 52393P. The trailer was a white Hyundai with Florida tag 4450PP.

Police don’t know yet what items were taken from the Amazon boxes.

Anyone with information should call St. Petersburg police.


“Misunderstood” man accused of armed robbery of beachgoers

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To avoid any misunderstanding, Jonathan Warrenfeltz broadcast his status in life with big tattooed letters emblazoned across his forehead: “Misunderstood.”

sfl-flduh-misunderstood-robbery-20141010-001And the word was there in all its glory when, police said, Warrenfeltz and a companion robbed five beachgoers at gunpoint in Dania Beach. In fact, the tattoo was how the victims readily identifed the ex-convict as their assailant.

The suspects also made a wrong turn during their getaway, and left a trail of stolen items behind. They were in custody within 30 minutes.

Warrenfeltz, 24, Fort Lauderdale, and Joshua Zeaya, 23, no known address, were held without bond Wednesday on five counts each of robbery with a firearm. Zeaya was also charged with aggravated battery and battery causing bodily harm, records show.

Seven witnesses identified Warrenfeltz from several facial tattoos, including “Misunderstood” in cursive script. He apparently got the tattoo after his release from prison Feb. 1, records showed.

According to arrest reports, Warrenfeltz, Zeaya and two women drove in a 2002 Toyota Camry to the Dania Beach Pier near 300 N. Beach Rd. about 6 a.m. Wednesday.

Zeaya and Warrenfeltz approached four women and a man sitting on the beach. Zeaya demanded their valuables while holding a gun partially concealed under his T-shirt, according to Detective Marcos Toledo.

“It was a long gun, whether a rifle or shotgun I don’t know,” Toledo said Thursday during a first appearance hearing. “They stole over $1,500 in property from the five individuals.”

Jonathan Warrenfeltz, 24, is accused of robbing five beach-goers at gun point in Dania Beach (Broward Sheriff’s Office, courtesy)
Zeaya threatened to hurt anyone who failed to cooperate. They handed over their property to Warrenfeltz, but Zeaya still hit one of the women in the head with the gun and kicked her hip. He also kicked the man in the chest, reports said.

“After they stole the property from the victims they jumped into a vehicle and fled the scene into a Motel 6,” Toledo said.

But the suspects left a trail of evidence between the crime scene and the motel, Toledo said.

“After the [suspects] took off they started throwing property out of the vehicle until they reached Motel 6,” he said. “We did find in the vehicle credit cards, ID cards and wallets as well as a backpack belonging to the victims.”

No gun was found. “We’re still searching,” Toledo said.

The suspects made a wrong turn, Toledo said, and drove all the way to the end of John U. Lloyd State Park before turning around and heading for the motel at 825 E. Dania Beach Blvd.

Assistant Public Defender Dale Miller argued that the lack of a firearm should result in reduced charges. “If there’s no rifle, there’s no proof evident and presumption great that there was a rifle involved in this case,” he said.


Woman defrauds Victoria’s Secret out of more than $53,000 by stealing and returning underwear for cash October 5, 2014

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After nearly a year of eluding police, a woman wanted for defrauding Victoria Secret of thousands of dollars is now in custody.

nathilia-hooksNathilia Hooks, 39, turned herself in to police Friday morning. She’s been charged with retail theft, organized fraud and money laundering/unlawful proceeds.

Investigators said Hooks would steal from the lingerie stores, return the items and pocket the refund. She reportedly came to the attention of the loss prevention fraud investigators at Victoria Secret last January after multiple returns to her debit card were found.

Total loss – about $53,000.00.

Aventura Police say they first started looking for her after she was captured on surveillance tape shoplifting at a Sunglass Hut store at the Aventura Mall. They circulated flyers with her images and they heard from a number of police agencies.

Aventura Police Det. Olga Burns told CBS4’s Peter D’Oench, “It feels great to have her in custody. We have been working on cases involving her since last November.”

Authorities say Hooks victimized Victoria Secret stores in Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach counties, and in some cases, as far north as Orlando.

Police said she had been pulling the scam since last year. Police agencies in Bal Harbour and Palm Beach will have shoplifting charges against her.

Surveillance tape from one Victoria Secret store reportedly showed Hooks using a screwdriver to remove anti-theft sensors from clothing that police said she would steal and then turn in for a credit on her debit card.

Hooks turned herself in after learning there was a warrant out for her arrest. During her bond court hearing, Hooks did not speak but the prosecutor told the judge she pulled her fraudulent return scam at least 255 times over 18 months at 37 stores.

“We have a strong case against her and we have surveillance tape of her from some 30 stores,” said Shireen Brueggeman, an Assistant Statewide Prosecutor.

Brueggeman also told the Judge in bond court that Hooks had a history of arrests for petit and grand theft and larceny from 1993 and 1994. She said Hooks was also arrested in 1996 for carrying a concealed weapon.

In court, Hooks was represented by Assistant Public Defender. He said Hooks had lived in Miami for some time and had ties to the community.

But the judge refused to lower Hooks’s bond of $260,000.


Man hauling mower with bike at 1:00 a.m. catches cop’s attention October 2, 2014

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sfl-flduh-hauling-mower-20141001-001A cop put a spoke in this man’s wheels.

A Panhandle man, Steven Bernard Guidry, apparently piqued the interest of a cop who allegedly saw him hauling a lawn mower with his bike in the wee hours of the morning in a business district, reports the Northwest Florida Daily News in Fort Walton Beach.,

Guidry, who was stopped twice by cops earlier, told the cops he was on his way to a friend’s home and planned to cut his grass later, records show.

But the cop didn’t like the direction his story was heading.



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