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Man swiped hit-and-run souvenir, cops say August 27, 2014

An 18-year-old man was arrested Saturday after police say he crashed into another car and nearly ran over two people.

sfl-flduh-hit-run-souvenir-20140825-001Briar-Jo Coty Mellen sped through the parking lot of Cabana Beach Apartments, at 1601 SW 51st Terrace, where he lives, according to a police report.

Mellen crashed into an unoccupied vehicle at about 4:45 p.m. on Saturday, then spun the tires of his car and drove toward two people. The two bystanders were forced to move out of the way to avoid being struck, the report said.

Then Mellen drove onto a curb, where he left his vehicle parked, police said.

One witness told police that when Mellen left his vehicle, he removed the license plate from the vehicle that he hit and took it with him, the report said.

Mellen returned to the apartment with the tag and told his roommate that he had just hit a car and was planning to keep the license plate as a souvenir, police said.

Mellen was apprehended by police near the apartment complex. He was slurring his words, swaying when walking and emitting a strong odor of alcohol, the report said.

Police saw a large green marking on the damaged portion of the white vehicle, where paint had likely been transferred during a collision.

Mellen was booked in the Alachua County jail with charges of theft, failure to leave information to an unattended vehicle with property damage and reckless driving.


Smartphone, dumb selves? Selfies lead cops to theft suspects

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Ormond Beach police recovered a stolen phone after they said a couple stole it from a hostess at the Bonefish Restaurant Tuesday night.

sfl-flduh-selfies-smartphone-thieves-20140825-001Police said 27-year-old Bryce Dolph and his girlfriend walked in to pick up their food and walked out with the cellphone instead. However, it didn’t take long for police to track them down.

The couple allegedly took several pictures of themselves and posted them on Facebook. The pictures were also uploaded to the victim’s Google Plus account and she was able to turn them over to police. The social media site is a backup for storing pictures and videos that can be seen anytime a person logs into their Google account.

Police quickly tracked down Dolph and arrested him.

He is in the Volusia County jail on $23,500 bond. He’s charged with contribute to delinquency/dependency of a minor and two counts of grand theft.

The girl who police said was also involved is a juvenile and wasn’t arrested in this case.

Police said both admitted to stealing the phone to support their drug habits.


Man gets beatdown after refusing permission for marriage

Sheriff’s deputies say an Ocalan beat an older man Monday who refused to give him permission to get married.

James Kane, 40, faces a charge of felony domestic battery on a person over 65, according to a Marion County Sheriff’s Office report.

sfl-flduh-beatdown-marriage-20140826-001Kane told Deputy Doreen Casolo he asked the 72-year-old man for permission to marry a girlfriend and the older man said no. That made him angry, Kane said, and he punched the man repeatedly.

The victim had cuts on his face, including his cheek and the middle of his forehead. His face was also red and bruised.

The older man told deputies he had fallen down the stairs and did not want to press any charges because Kane has bipolar disorder and had not been taking his medications, according to the report. The man said Kane did take his medicine on the day of the incident.

Kane was arrested and taken to the Marion County Jail.

Deputies did not explain the relationship between the two men.


Women break-in, snatch purse ….. at a probation office August 25, 2014

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Police say two women who stole a purse from a probation and parole office and later attempted to use a credit card inside the purse have been arrested.


Shalanda Morgan, 28, and Rachelle Palys, 26, were arrested Thursday and taken to the Marion County Jail.

Police said the two also are accused in the snatching of a woman’s purse from a shopping cart a few days earlier and that nearly a dozen transactions, worth hundreds of dollars, were made at several locations using credit cards that were in that purse.

In Thursday’s case, officers went to the probation and parole office in the Cascades building at 1515 E. Silver Springs Blvd., Ocala, where surveillance video showed the two women — one of whom broke a window — entering the building and grabbing a purse. The two then ran away.

The purse was later found, but the contents, including credit cards, were missing.

While investigating the case, officers were alerted that one of the stolen cards had been used at a nearby gas station.

At the store, a clerk said a woman came in and offered the card to buy cigarettes and ice cream sandwiches. When the card was declined, the woman ran out and got into a vehicle that drove away.

Officers got a description of the vehicle and found it parked at the Vacation Host Inn at 3330 S. Pine Ave., Ocala.

An officer saw a woman, later identified as Morgan, walking on the property. When she saw the officer, she ran into a room and locked the door. Morgan later opened the door, and officers saw Palys inside, reports state.

Palys admitted they stole the purse from an office at the Cascades building and to taking the credit cards, according to the reports.

During interviews with detectives, the authorities linked the women to a purse grabbing in a Walgreens parking lot Tuesday. In that case, a woman said she was putting items in her vehicle when a woman grabbed her purse from the shopping cart and ran.

Officers got pictures of Morgan and Palys from store surveillance footage.

The two claimed that another woman had taken that purse, but did say they were present when the stolen credit cards were used at various locations.

The women each were charged with several offenses, including burglary and fraudulent use of a credit card.


This sucks! Burglar left DNA-rich lollipop at crime scene August 24, 2014

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After a burglar left his Lollipop stick at a home he robbed, detectives were able to track him down through DNA on it.

sfl-flduh-dna-lollipop-20140821-001Thomas Christopher Crews, 53, of North Naples, is in the Collier County jail following his arrest Thursday on burglary and grand theft charges.

The lollipop stick was discovered while Collier County Sheriff’s Office detectives were investigating a “Dinner Set” burglary at a residence in Pelican Bay in March.

Dinner Set burglars typically strike upscale homes while residents are out to dinner.

Detectives were investigating a report of a burglary that occurred March 6 at a residence on L’Ambiance Circle in Pelican Bay in North Naples.

The victim told detectives that she left the residence for dinner around 6 pm and when she returned at 10:30 pm she noticed the rear sliding glass door was ajar and that some of her jewelry was missing.

The victim also noticed a used lollipop stick that wasn’t hers that was on top of a bedroom dresser.

Detectives submitted the lollipop stick to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to be processed for DNA.

Forensic testing matched DNA evidence from the lollipop stick to Crews, detectives said. Crews’ DNA was already on file at a DNA data bank in Florida from a 2001 Sarasota case.

Detectives located Crews and he gave them permission to collect DNA in order for it to be submitted for comparison to the DNA discovered on the lollipop stick. On Monday, it came back as a match.

He was arrested at his home on Thursday.

Crews has served more than 20 years in prison. 


Upskirt suspect with shoe phone gets the boot August 21, 2014

A Wal-Mart shopper with a device hidden in his shoe snapped photos up a woman’s skirt in the toilet-paper aisle and in a checkout line at a Sanford store Tuesday, police said today.

sfl-flduh-upskirt-shoe-phone-20140820-001Paul Senzee, 40, of Apopka was charged with video voyeurism after he allegedly placed the device, described as iPhone or iPad, under the same woman’s skirt at the Wal-Mart at 3653 Orlando Drive.

“Senzee walked up behind the victim multiple times and extended his foot forward and under her skirt,” Shannon Cordingly, a Sanford police spokeswoman, said in a statement. “Once police are able to execute a search of Senzee’s cell phone they will be able to determine if there are additional victims.”

The alleged victim confronted Senzee after spotting his secret camera.

Police were called to the store just before 7 p.m. Tuesday after getting a call about a suspicious person.

A woman said a man later identified as Senzee “appeared to be attempting to sneak up behind her,” a report said.

When she turned to look, at the man, he quickly turned and walked away and attempted to appear to “focus on merchandise on the shelves,” according to the report.

She tried to walk away, but he followed. She spotted a hole in the top of one of his shoes but “didn’t think anything of it at the time,” the report noted.

The woman said she later noticed the same man was behind her in a checkout line but he didn’t have any merchandise to purchase.

She turned again, looked at the shoe with the hole, and the man immediately turned and walked away.

The woman said “she followed the man and stopped him with her grocery cart and asked the man to show her his shoes,” the report said.

He refused and continued to walk away.

She started yelling and an unidentified man approached Senzee and demanded he take the device out of the shoe, which he did.

Then police arrived.

“I observed Senzee wearing black in color dress shoes with a round hole cut out of the top of his right shoe,” an officer wrote in a report. “It should be noted that the tape around the camera lens of the ipod/iphone matched the color of Senzee’s shoes.”

The suspect declined to speak to the officer.

Store security found images of Senzee on surveillance video.

“I observed the recorded surveillance video which clearly showed Senzee walk up behind [the woman] while in a checkout line and extend his right foot forward and under [her] skirt multiple times,” the report said.

He was handcuffed, arrested for video voyeurism and taken to the John E. Polk Correctional Facility in Sanford.


Man pretended to be a deputy ….. why? …. well, for a parking spot August 20, 2014

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Orange County deputies arrested a man they say was claiming to be a cop conducting an investigation so he could get a parking spot.

Jose-OrtizJose Ortiz, 49, was arrested on Sunday afternoon and charged with impersonating an officer.

Deputies said Ortiz told the clerk at the Lakeview Inn on South Orange Blossom Trail he was investigating corrupt deputies and security personnel at Club Q-Rico and needed to park at the inn.

According to the report, Ortiz told another man he was a cop and if the man tried to tow his car, he would arrest him.

When deputies found and arrested Ortiz, he had a Taser, pepper-spray and handcuffs on his utility belt. He also had an Orange County Sheriff’s Office sticker on his car, according to the report.

He was booked into Orange County jail.



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