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A chainsaw is probably not the easiest thing to hide under your shirt October 31, 2014

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Anthony-Brian-Ballard_1414694959261_9390951_ver1.0_640_480A Port St. Lucie man is under arrest after police say he attempted to steal a chainsaw by placing it under his shirt and walking out of a local lawn equipment store.

According to Port St. Lucie Police, Anthony Brian Ballard is facing a charge of grand theft.

Police said he went into Treasure Coast Lawn and asked for change for a dollar, then tried to conceal a chainsaw under his shirt and leave without paying for the merchandise.

Investigators then said Ballard got onto a stolen bicycle and fled from the area of 1802 SW Bayshore Drive.

A store employee tracked down Ballard and witnessed him drop the chainsaw in a vacant lot.  Ballard was eventually caught by a store employee who held him in custody until police arrived.

Ballard was arrested and taken to the St. Lucie County Jail.


Woman allegedly asked passenger: “Would you like to die today?”

A Palm Coast woman is accused of deliberately veering off Interstate 95 in Flagler County and crashing her car because she was angry with the passenger, her friend.

sfl-flduh-passenger-die-today-20141030-001Loretta Glica, 50, was arrested Wednesday in a nearby hotel parking lot on Old Kings Road.

Deputies said she ran from the vehicle that ended up in some woods, east of the interstate.

The passenger told deputies she and Glica were arguing as Glica drove north and that Glica said, “would you like to die today,” before driving off the highway, into some woods.

Deputies noted in the report that both women had been drinking.

Glica is charged with aggravated assault and was issued citations for reckless driving and leaving the scene of an accident.


Mom jailed driving 100-mph with kid in car October 30, 2014

An Alachua woman was arrested early this morning on charges of child neglect and reckless driving after she was clocked traveling through High Springs at 100 mph, according to a booking report.

sfl-flduh-mom-100-mph-kid-20141029-001On Tuesday at about 11 p.m., a High Springs police officer spotted a vehicle traveling on U.S. 441 at about 100 mph. The officer caught up with the vehicle more than a half-mile down the highway and identified its driver as 40-year-old Alachua resident Kimberly Ann Lucier, according to the booking report.

Lucier told the officer she was speeding because she was about to run out of gas, and her 15-year-old daughter, a passenger, needed to use the bathroom.

“Driving that fast could have resulted in physical injury to the child,” the report stated.

The teen was released to a friend, and the officer noted he would contact the Florida Department of Children and Families.

Lucier was booked into the Alachua County jail on charges of reckless driving and child abuse, the report stated.


Neighbors say they’re fed up with excess mothballs October 29, 2014

Neighbors in a Mandarin community say they’re fed up with an annoying and smelly situation on Spurline Drive South. Hundreds of mothballs line one woman’s driveway. She says it’s to repel animals from her yard, her neighbors argue it’s a ridiculous move that they believe is a health hazard.

“It started off with just a few and now it’s got over 400 or more,” said Dana Nicol.

635500488159246805-mothballsHundreds of mothballs, some bagged, others loose and a good amount of them are crushed into the pavement of Nicol’s neighbors driveway.

“She drives back and forth and crushes them up with her car to make them stink even more,” said Nicol.

Besides the smell Nicol who is 5 months pregnant is concerned about possible health hazards.

According to the National Pesticide Information Center, mothballs are not intended to be used outdoors. Its ingredients can contaminate plants, water supplies, harm wildlife and contribute to air pollution.

Kim Bristol filed a complaint with the City of Jacksonville, urging them to do something about her neighbors excessive use of mothballs.

“I’ve talked to nearby neighbors and we’re suffering symptoms from the mothballs,” said Bristol. “Respiratory, coughing, headaches and it’s not just adults. It’s also affecting the children. My own children included.”

We visited the home at the center of the dispute. The woman inside told FCN the mothballs are to stop her neighbor’s dogs from defecating in her yard. She went on to say she has no intentions of cleaning up and doesn’t believe the mothballs scattered about her driveway is making anyone sick.

“We care about our children, we care about the lives in our community,” said Bristol. “I’m just trying to be heard, trying to get help.”

The city has not given the homeowner a citation, they visited the property on October 23 and the investigation is ongoing.


Man bares more than his soul in a ‘spiritual calling’

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A naked man spotted at a Port St. Lucie intersection told police he felt a “spiritual calling” to be outside in his birthday suit and that he saw “strange things in the sky.”
sfl-flduh-naked-man-genital-ring-20141028-001What could be called the case of the nude dude with accessorized private parts began about 10:48 p.m. at Southwest Halcomb Street and Southwest Paar Drive where police noticed Berfield in the buff.When Port St. Lucie police encountered Keith Berfield, 56, on Oct. 17, the only thing he had on was “a large metal ring around his testicles,” according to recently released records.

Asked why he was outside naked, Berfield said he felt a “spiritual calling.”

He said he’d been “called” to his back porch and further “moved” or “called” outside where he noticed “strange things in the sky.”

“The defendant (Berfield) could not describe what he meant by strange things but stated that he has been seeing this for the past several days and that standing in the driveway naked with officers was deja vu,” a report states.

He started rambling about a “spiritual initiation,” and investigators suspected he may be under the influence of drugs.

He told police he had “meth and weed” in his home, which is nearby. Police and Berfield went in his residence, and Berfield threw on a pair of underwear.

paraphernalia-table-e1413980457996Investigators found a variety of drugs, including suspected LSD, methamphetamine and marijuana.

Berfield was taken to the hospital, and police asked him again why he was outside naked. He said he’d been on drugs and wasn’t really sure why.

Berfield, of the 3900 block of Southwest Halcomb Street in Port St. Lucie, was arrested on seven felony and two misdemeanor drug-related charges.


Second man accused of swiping political signs, deputies say October 28, 2014

A second man has been accused of stealing campaign signs in Hernando County, according to deputies.

sfl-flduh-swiping-political-signs-20141027-001Benjamin Moser, 52, faces petit theft charges after a school board candidate found him removing signs from in front of the Spring Hill Library and placing them into his car on Saturday, according to a release form the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office.

Moser was found with 37 political signs from nine candidates, deputies said. He told deputies he removed the signs because he thought it was illegal to put them on library property. The Hernando County School Board candidate told deputies he had permission to place the signs on library property and the signs belonged to the library.

On his Facebook page, Moser questioned whether candidates should be allowed to legally place signs on public property.

“Can it really be legal to place partisan political campaign signs on PUBLIC PROPERTY (in this case, a library) or as I have noted before, on the right of way?” Moser wrote on his site, where he changed his profile picture to his mug shot. “The plaintiff says that yes, it is permitted by the board of elections. This is news to me and if true … my question is why can this even be permitted? The only place candidate’s names should appear on public property is on the ballots (my opinion!)”

Last week, deputies investigated John Good, 50, of Spring Hill, after they found 244 political signs at his home. Good told deputies he was tired of looking at the signs and was cleaning up Hernando County. His case was turned over to the state attorney’s office, which was deciding whether to press charges.

Moser is a member of a Facebook group started by Good called “sign sign everywhere a sign,” where members post comments and pictures of signs they believe are placed illegally.


Voor money? Woman staged ‘sit-down’ in Target October 27, 2014

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A Lake Worth woman tried to file a claim against Target after taking a tumble. But after investigators watched her intentionally take a seat on the floor through surveillance video, she landed in jail, authorities said.

sfl-woman-staged-fall-target-20141026-001Margaret Dagniewska, 38, told a Target representative that she slipped on a “watery substance” and injured her neck, back, legs and shin at the store at 650 N. Congress Ave., according to a report from the Florida Department of Financial Services’ Fraud Division.

The supposed fall, which happened Oct. 22, 2013, led to Dagniewska’s arrest this week, records show.

An investigator representing Target who watched the surveillance video said, “It was apparent [Dagniewska] simply sat down.”

The day of the incident, a Target employee said she overheard Dagniewska speaking in Dutch on the phone, telling her mother that she sat down, the report said. What Dagniewska perhaps didn’t know is the employee also knew Dutch, the report said.

Paramedics responding to the store declined to take her to the hospital and made her take a private ambulance, causing Dagniewska to leave Target with her mother moments later, the employee told investigators.

An employee who checked the floor where the alleged fall happened said the floor wasn’t wet.

Dagniewska faces the charge of insurance fraud in the Target incident. She was held in Palm Beach County Jail in lieu of $6,000 bail.

Authorities said it wasn’t the first time Dagniewska has dealt with fraud allegations.
She also is accused of defrauding the state after not reporting $13,829.65 earned from a job she didn’t report while on welfare, records show. She faces the charge of public aid fraud in that recent case, which also is pending.



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