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Food fighting man wants FBI, not lawyer September 23, 2014

A cheese flap at the jail lead to criminal charges and a request to speak with the FBI, according to recently released arrest affidavits.

Dowling_Adam_mug-219x300Jerald Rogers, a 36-year-old inmate at the St. Lucie County jail, told sheriff’s investigators Sept. 9 that fellow inmate Adam Dowling, 31, asked him if he wanted a piece of cheese.

Lucie County jail, told sheriff’s investigators Sept. 9 that fellow inmate Adam Dowling, 31, asked him if he wanted a piece of cheese.

Rogers said he did want the cheese, but didn’t want Dowling to touch it.

This evidently cheesed off Dowling because Rogers said Dowling threw the cheese on Rogers’ tray.

Rogers_Jerald_mug-232x300“Rogers then picked up the cheese and threw it back on Dowling’s tray and tried to grab another piece,” an affidavit states.

Rogers said Dowling tossed his food tray on Rogers, who slapped Dowling in the face.

Meanwhile, Dowling said “he plea(d)s the fifth until he can talk, not (to) a lawyer but to the FBI.”

It’s unclear whether the FBI investigates cheese throwing incidents.

Dowling then said Rogers swiped his food. Dowling also said he threw the cheese, the variety of which was not specified, at Rogers.

Dowling finally said he threw a tray of food at Rogers after Rogers kept yelling at him.

Rogers, who has prior battery convictions, was arrested on two felony charges, while Dowling was arrested on a single felony charge and a single misdemeanor charge.


Hot-blooded: Woman smeared red paint on herself, called 911

A Flagler County woman is accused of threatening her boyfriend with a knife and then putting fake blood on herself to get him arrested, according to investigators.

sfl-flduh-assaulted-fake-blood-20140922-001Deputies said Emily Johne, 24, held a knife to the victim’s cheek and threatened to stab him in his sleep at the home on Brunswick Lane in Palm Coast Thursday.

Johne called 911 and said the victim was drunk and had beaten her, but when deputies arrived they determined the victim had not been drinking or hurt Johne.

Deputies said Johne had smeared red paint on her ear and chest and told them it was blood. She was not injured.

Investigators said Johne became violent after her boyfriend confronted her about naked pictures she had sent to another man and said she was “incapable of love.”


This dude obviously had an ax to grind with a money machine

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A local man is accused of mangling an ATM machine with a hatchet in Volusia County, according to the South Daytona Police Department.


Police said Phillip Moore, 30, was captured on surveillance video smashing and ripping open the ATM machine at the SunTrust Bank on South Ridgewood Avenue just before 2 a.m. Sunday.

No injuries were reported and no money was stolen out of the ATM, but there was over $1,000 worth of damages to the machine.

Moore was identified by investigators and arrested just after 12 a.m. Monday. He is charged with one count of burglary with a structure or dwelling, and one count of criminal mischief with damage to property.


Couple jailed after woman spots them in her stolen car September 22, 2014

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sfl-flduh-driving-stolen-car-20140919-001A woman whose car was stolen from her Tuesday got it back after she spotted two suspects driving it Friday morning, according to the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office.

The 21-year-old victim saw her truck driving near Lockwood Ridge and State Road 70 at 11:40 a.m. Friday and called 911, according to a release.

Deputies arrived on scene and the truck was located leaving the Barrington Ridge Subdivision, where a patrol car gave chase for 14 blocks until the two suspects pulled into a yard in the 4000 block of 45th Street east and tried to flee on foot, deputies said.

The juvenile female suspect was located when she tried to flag down an undercover deputy to ask for a ride. He “gladly did so,” then arrested her, the release said.

Abdelrahman Kader Kayyal, 43, was located in a wooded area by police dogs and tried to fight deputies, but was subdued, deputies said.

Both suspects were arrested and the victim got her truck back.


911: Have food, no fridge, man repeatedly tells dispatches September 16, 2014

A 60-year-old Fort Walton Beach man is charged with calling 911 eight times in two hours to complain that he had food but no refrigerator.

sfl-flduh-911-fridge-20140915-001Fort Walton Beach Police officers were called to the Chestnut Avenue residence on Sept. 5, according to the arrest report. Richard Wild had called 911 because he was “upset because he has food and not fridge.”

He told the county operator that his phone only dialed 911, so he was going to keep calling, the report said. When the officers got to Wild’s apartment, he said he called 911 because he was upset that the property manager for his apartment had not installed a refrigerator in his unit.

He said he was aware it was not an emergency but “defiantly” said he didn’t care, according to the report. He said he would keep calling 911 until he “received satisfaction” with his complaint about the landlord.

He admitted that he knew it was a civil matter and the police couldn’t do anything, the report said. His call log showed that he had called 911 eight separate times between 12:45 p.m. and 2:20 p.m.

He admitted that none of the calls were emergencies, according to the report.

Wild is charged with misuse of 911.


This old guy had nothing to do so … he stalked and masturbated near Walmart shopper September 12, 2014

A North Port retiree was jailed Wednesday after he masturbated near a woman outside of a North Port Walmart, the city’s police reported.

sfl-flduh-stalked-shopper-masturbated-20140911-001It was at about 12:50 p.m. when officers responded to a call from the 45-year-old female shopper. She said Raymond Douglas Hunt, 62, had followed her throughout the store, waited for her as she checked out and followed her to her car.

As the woman placed her groceries inside her car, Hunt stood nearby with his hands in his pants, staring at her. She told officer she believed Hunt was masturbating.

Hunt drove off before police arrived, but was found a short while later and confessed to the crimes alleged against him, police said. He was charged with simple stalking and lewd and lascivious exhibition by an adult.

He is being held in Sarasota County Jail, without bond for the stalking charge.


He may be called ‘Slender’ but he’s poses a big fat risk for violence to gullible teens September 11, 2014

The ​fictional character Slender Man is reportedly the inspiration of yet another violent crime.

1Authorities say a 14-year-old girl set her Port Richey, Florida, home on fire while her mother and young brother were sleeping inside in an effort to please Slender Man.

The incident reportedly took place after the girl had an argument with her mother. Her mother woke up in time to get her son out of the home and said she later received text messages from her daughter admitting to setting the fire.

The girl told authorities she was motivated by a Slender Man website and was also inspired by the two Wisconsin girls who allegedly attempted to stab their friend to death.

What is it about this fiction figure that’s prompting so much violence?

The Slender Man websites and social media pages depict the character as mythical and villain-like. Those pages include some pretty creepy language that encourages violence.

However, after these recent child crimes, a lot of those same sites are including disclaimers saying that it is all fictional and that the site is meant for adults.

Most experts agree that viewing violent websites is not good for childhood development.

And a study published in Pediatrics shows young people who are exposed to violent forms of media are much more likely to exhibit violent behavior themselves.

Here are some websites that WFTS warned parents contain violent Slender Man information:

“First, the Slender Man wiki gathers urban legends describing the character and gathers Internet users who want to talk about him. Also, an entire page on the site Creepypasta rounds up eerie photographs and myths about Slender Man. Finally, you may see Slender Man tied to the viral online book ‘Soul Eater.'”

The Florida girl has been charged with arson and two counts of attempted murder. Local authorities have not said whether she’ll be charged as an adult.



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