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Woman, 39, got involved in physical all-girls fight November 19, 2014

A 39-year-old Fort Walton Beach woman is charged with participating in a fight between teenage girls in front of a drug store.

patria-delois-holmanOkaloosa County Sheriff’s deputies were called for a large crowd of juveniles fighting in the parking lot of CVS on Nov. 9, according to the arrest report.

One of the participants said she and her cousins were at McDonalds when another woman and her daughters pulled up at CVS.

An argument started in the parking lot, after which a fight broke out, the report said. One of the youths said she heard Patria Delois Holman screaming, “send her to the hospital,” encouraging one of the girls to continue striking another.

While one of the girls was “on the ground,” Holman “kicked (the victim) in the face and in the stomach,” according to the report. A witness reported seeing Holman kick the girl and yell encouragement at another girl.

Holman said she went to the Beal Parkway pharmacy to pick up medicine when a group of girls began taunting a relative, the report said. Holman told deputies that she was just “a mother” who didn’t want to see a child hurt and that the “situation is terrible.”

She denied striking anyone, according to the report. The girl had injuries to her face, arm and leg.

Holman is charged with child abuse without great bodily harm and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.


Man charged with fight over whether or not acquaintance was dead November 10, 2014

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A 62-year-old man is accused of getting into a physical fight after an argument about whether or not an acquaintance was dead.

henry-hill-shiver-jrOkaloosa County Sheriff’s deputies were called for a disturbance on Oct. 23, according to the arrest report. They found Henry Hill Shiver Jr., who reported that the victim told Shiver and another person that an acquaintance had died.

Shiver said the victim later said the acquaintance was not dead, the report said. Shiver and the other person began yelling at the victim, which escalated to a physical fight.

Shiver said “they hit the victim with a bucket” but later changed his story several times, according to the report. He eventually said it was “self defense” and the other person assisted him.

Shiver said he’d “jumped on the victim” and “began striking him in the face with his fists,” the report said. The victim had several injuries, including a cut on his head.

Deputies were unable to observe the injuries “due to the amount of blood on the victim,” according to the report. The victim was taken to Fort Walton Beach Medical Center for treatment.

Shiver was arrested and a baggie of marijuana was found in his pocket, the report said.

He is charged with battery as a second or subsequent offense and possession of less than 20 grams of marijuana.


Man headbutted parishioner at church November 7, 2014

sfl-flduh-headbutted-church-20141105-001A transient Melbourne man headbutted a parishioner and pushed another outside of Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Church after he became agitated during church services Sunday, Brevard County Sheriff’s Office records show.

Patrick Rimides, 33, was arrested and charged with two counts of battery shortly after the alleged attacks, which were reported shortly after noon.

Rimides had been asked to leave the church service after he had repeated outbursts with cursing and obscenities, an arrest report shows.

Monday, Brevard County Judge Stephen Koons barred Rimides from returning to the church or contacting either victim. Koons set his bond at $500 for each count, and Rimides was still listed as a Brevard County Jail Complex inmate Wednesday morning.


Stone age feud: Man hurls bricks at neighbor on mower

A 48-year-old man was on a riding lawn mower when the bricks started flying.

sfl-flduh-bricks-lawn-mower-20141106-001An officer on Oct. 24 saw a man later identified as Bryan Martin, 51, throwing bricks at the 48-year-old man, who was on a riding lawn mower in his driveway in the 200 block of Southwest Oakridge Drive.And Port St. Lucie police even saw him duck to avoid getting konked during what could be called a not-so-neighborly encounter, according to a recently released report.

Police saw the 48-year-old man duck to avoid the bricks, and heard two bricks hit the mower.

The typical brick is a rectangular block of hardened clay, usually joined by mortar or concrete in building structures, such as homes.

According to a photo provided by Port St. Lucie police, the bricks appear more akin to decorative lawn ornaments, despite being referred to as bricks. The photo portrays them to be at least as thick as a brick, which is not to be confused with the 1972 Jethro Tull album of the same name.

The 48-year-old man said he was cutting his grass when Martin “came out of his house upset and yelling about the bricks in his yard being broken,” a report states.
Martin told police he has “brain trauma” and damage to his shoulder and neck from two motorcycle accidents.The 48-year-old man said Martin damaged his mower by hitting it with the bricks.

Martin, of the 200 block of Southwest Oakridge Drive, was taken into custody for aggravated assault, criminal mischief and violation of probation.


Dog fight lands woman in the Big Dog House November 5, 2014

A Bradenton woman was charged with battery on a pregnant person, according to the Bradenton Police Department.

aq37R.AuSt.69Chelse R. Potter, 18, was arrested at 12:15 p.m. Sunday in the 400 block of 4th Ave. E., Bradenton. According to a report, Potter’s dog ran into the victim’s front yard and began to attack the victim’s dog. The victim’s husband, who was outside, defended his dog from Potter’s dog. Police said Potter became upset when the victim’s husband hit her dog and she then began to fight both the victim and her husband.

According to a report, the victim’s husband and multiple witnesses yelled to Potter that the victim was pregnant. The victim and witnesses told police that Potter pushed the victim, causing her to fall on the concrete driveway and hit the back of her head. Police said the victim was taken to Manatee Memorial Hospital for precaution because she was pregnant.

According to the Manatee County Sheriff’s website, Potter was being held in Manatee County jail on $1,000 bond.


Potty mouth? Man attacked neighbor who allowed him to use toilet October 15, 2014

A man who let his locked-out neighbor use his bathroom was repaid by being threatened and attacked with a crowbar, according to a sheriff’s report.

sfl-flduh-neighbor-use-toilet-20141014-001Norman Newkirk was badly in need of a bathroom about 7 p.m. Friday, but found he had locked himself out of his Jungle Road apartment. The 50-year-old went to his neighbor who agreed to let Newkirk use his bathroom.

It is not clear what sparked what came next. Neighbor Howard Williams told Volusia County sheriff’s investigators that shortly after he allowed Newkirk to use the toilet, he heard Newkirk yelling from the bathroom that he would “smear (expletive)” all over Williams, the report states.

Newkirk came out into the living room, got into Williams’ face and punched him in the nose, deputies said. Newkirk then grabbed a crowbar and threatened to hit Williams. As Williams, 59, tried to grab a wooden club to defend himself, Newkirk struck him in the back with the crowbar, deputies said.

Williams, who could not be reached Monday, then hit Newkirk in the head several times with the wooden club, a report states.

A drunken Newkirk said he was upset that he had locked himself out of his apartment, the report said.

Along with the 12 stitches Newkirk needed to have his head patched, he was arrested and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and battery.

After being cleared from Bert Fish Medical Center, Newkirk was carted off to the Volusia County Branch Jail sporting a bandage on his head. He was being held Monday on $5,500 bail.


Man, 26, punches 80-year-old during foul language feud October 1, 2014

A man was arrested on Sunday after deputies say he punched an elderly man who asked him to stop using foul language inside a Port Orange Applebee’s.

sfl-flduh-foul-language-feud-20140930-001Police said Mikie Dominic Sawyer, 26, was talking obscenities at the bar at the Dunlawton Avenue Applebees just before 80-year-old Harry Sander approached him and asked him politely to stop using the “F” word, and to stop talking so (in expletives) and loudly about body parts.

Sanders told police Sawyer said he didn’t have to stop cursing if he didn’t want to before punching Sanders in the face and pushing him to the ground.

A witness to the disturbance told police he also heard Sawyer cursing loudly and reiterated to police how Sanders had described the incident.

The witness said after Sanders asked Sawyer to stop, Sawyer told him, “I don’t care where you are from, whether it be Russian or Dutch, take your (expletive) to the other side of the bar,” before punching him.

Police said several other witnesses described the incident similarly. However, one man said he thought Sanders may have also pushed Sawyer.

Sawyer left the restaurant before police arrived, but was later pulled over after police got a description of his vehicle.

Sawyer told police that Sander was the one who actually punched him, but a police report stated that while Sawyer had no bruising to his face, he did have discoloration and bruising to his knuckles and fingers.

Police arrested Sawyer and was charged with battery on a person over 65 years of age and disorderly conduct.

Sawyer was taken to the Volusia County Branch Jail, where he is being held on a $2,500 bond.



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