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Vacation Time !!!!! YEA!!!!! September 14, 2013

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My friends ….. it’s vacation time! I’ll be taking the next 2 weeks off while I visit Germany. It’s been a wish of mine to go to Oktoberfest in Munich and try every type of beer available.  So, that’s what I’m going to do! I’m sure that when I come back I’ll be, at least, 100 lbs heavier than I am today …. but it’ll be worth it.



I’ll see you all in 2 weeks!!!



Hey all you Americans remember ………………… July 23, 2013

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How to Deter Shoplifters

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Down and dirty: Woman allegedly caught having sex in club bathroom May 6, 2013

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sfl-flduh-sex-in-club-bathroom-20130505-001FORT WALTON BEACH – The smell of dirty, public bathrooms must be a powerful aphrodisiac for some folks.

A woman who was caught having sex in the bathroom at a local nightspot tangled with Fort Walton Beach Police officers and now faces multiple charges.

According to an arrest report, 26-year-old Alicia Fawn Chessher was escorted outside the Block nightclub on Eglin Parkway after she was caught having sexual intercourse in the bathroom. As she was being escorted out by security, she allegedly struck one of the staff members and began swinging her fists at other staff members.

When police arrived she tried to start another fight with security employees, the officer wrote in the report. He noted she appeared to be highly intoxicated, with slurred speech, bloodshot and glassy eyes, dilated pupils, a red face, and a “staggered stance.” When an officer tried to intervene she struck him in the chest.

She was restrained on the ground but continued to kick and pull away from officers. She refused to enter a patrol car and resisted being put inside, and had to be physically put inside. Once there she tried to escape and had to be pepper-sprayed, the report indicated.

She was charged with disorderly intoxication, battery on a law enforcement officer, resisting arrest with violence, and resisting arrest without violence.


Mars rovers enter teen years, begin drawing penises on everything (with pics) April 24, 2013

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Ah, kids. They’re born, they do some cute stuff and then they become obnoxious teenagers.

So goes for NASA technology, it appears. The twin Mars Exploration Rovers were launched nine years ago (they grow up so fast when they’re left to fend for themselves on a maybe desolate planet) for the purpose of learning more about the red planet. Like your average angsty teens, they have taken to drawing giant penises all over everything.


Florida victims’ rights pamphlet gives number to sex hotline March 28, 2013

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LAKE COUNTY, Fla. -  Deputies in Lake County say a phone number written on a pamphlet given to domestic violence and sexual assault victims actually went to a sex hotline instead.


The victims’ rights pamphlet handed out by deputies offers an 800 number that connects callers to a recorded message that says, “Welcome to America’s hottest talk line. Ladies, to talk to interesting and exciting guys free, press 1 now. Guys, hot ladies are waiting to talk to you.”

“We’re giving out wrong information and I sure don’t want my victims calling a sex line,” said Kelly Smallridge, the Executive Director for the Haven, a victim’s advocacy group whose number was supposed to appear on the fliers.

Smallridge fears victims never reached the services they needed.

“I have a huge concern about it,” said Smallridge. “The sheriff’s office is passing this out. It’s on the Internet. That’s not our number, obviously, and I can’t figure out where it came from, so I definitely need to figure out how many police agencies around here have that number. Are all the brochures wrong?”

Lake County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Jim Vachon said they print the numbers that they’re given and the same number has been printed on the fliers for years without any correction by Haven.

Nobody knew where it led victims, until Tuesday.

“We got a call from a victim we had given a pamphlet to and said that number was not going to the Haven,” said Vachon.

It’s unclear how the mix-up happened. The sheriff’s office called it a clerical error, but Smallridge said the Haven never had an 800 number.

“I can’t imagine anybody missed a resource that they needed,” said Vachon, who said the sheriff’s office has told deputies to stop handing out the fliers until it can print new ones with the proper information.

Vachon also said that a victim advocate at the sheriff’s office makes contact with every victim of violent crimes.

The correct 24-hour hotline to the Haven of Lake and Sumter Counties is 352-753-5800 for domestic violence, or 352-787-1379 for sexual assault.


Spring Break in Florida …… March 14, 2013

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Car with lots of appeal sighted in Florida: Check out this Banana-mobile March 6, 2013

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Doggie star search: Opera company seeking good pooch that can tolerate sustained loud notes February 6, 2013

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Wanted: One good herding dog, medium to large size, preferably old, ragged and slow. Must be able to sit, stay and tolerate loud music.


And so they came Wednesday — straining at their leashes or waddling nonchalantly — to the Sarasota Opera House courtyard, with aspirations of being selected to star in the upcoming March production of “Of Mice and Men.”

At least one owner brought a glossy picture portfolio. A few looked more nervous than their charges. Most brought treats as a reward for the good behavior they hoped for.

It was the first animal audition the opera had ever held. And for all but one of the canine thespians — a veteran of an Asolo Repertory Theatre play — it was a first (and perhaps last) shot at stage time and stardom.

As with any audition, there were only a few minutes to make a winning impression. Each dog was led by their owner into a nearby rehearsal hall and made to sit between three singers, who proceeded to burst into the loudest section of the 20-minute scene in which the chosen dog will appear. Then a singer did the leading instead, generally with much less success.

Though the dog in the opera is shot, no simulated death throes were required. That part would happen off stage.

The adjudicators — Artistic Administrator Greg Truppiano and his assistant, Rob Holland — took notes while a cameraman filmed a video that would be sent to Michael Unger, the stage director of the production, in New York. The final selection is not expected for two weeks.

Thirteen-year-old Pede, a border collie mix, took it all in stride, barely perking his ears at the magnificent volume. Wrigley, a 3-year-old Australian Shepard, began to bark wildly in collaboration.

Ben, a giant St. Bernard/Standard poodle mix, cocked his furry head quizzically side to side and raised an eyebrow before standing up and politely walking out.

Four legs or two, not everyone is cut out for show biz.


“Emma”: German Shepard, 4, owned by Diane Coles of Bradenton. “Does she sing? Sometimes, if she hears an ambulance.”

“Pede”: Border collie mix, 13, owned by Jean Smith of Arcadia. “He’s done herding, he’s been a 4-H dog, he’s been shown, he’s a therapy dog. He’s been around a lot. He’s used to a ruckus.”

“Cocoa”: Boouvier de Flandres, owned by Fonda Giacoia of Sarasota. “Our biggest problem is going to be getting her to look like she’s ready to die. She only does that when she’s sleeping.”

“Roscoe”: Chow/Shepard mix, 9, owned by Jim Gillespie. (Roscoe appeared in the Asolo’s production of ‘Two Gentlemen of Verona two years ago). “Yes, he has a resume. He beat out 45 other dogs for that part. He likes this environment.”

“Wrigley”: Miniature Australian shepard, 3, owned by Lauren Lee. “Is he calm? In all honesty, no. Not at all.”

“Ben”: St. Berdoodle (St. Bernard/Standard Poodle mix), 13 months, owned by Jeanine Brawn. “I know he’s not a herding dog, but people mistake him for an Old English Sheepdog, which is a herding dog.”

“Scot”: Border collie, 9, owned by Kathy Allen. “He actually is a sheep herding dog. He hasn’t been around singers, but he’s been around a whole lot of dogs, sheep and ducks.”


Flatulence, free thinking celebrated in Jensen Beach? December 24, 2012

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What’s that smell? This Ford pick-up truck with its strategic message/license plate combo got my attention. It was parked December 12 at the Hoke Library in Jensen Beach.




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