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Man pretended to be a deputy ….. why? …. well, for a parking spot August 20, 2014

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Orange County deputies arrested a man they say was claiming to be a cop conducting an investigation so he could get a parking spot.

Jose-OrtizJose Ortiz, 49, was arrested on Sunday afternoon and charged with impersonating an officer.

Deputies said Ortiz told the clerk at the Lakeview Inn on South Orange Blossom Trail he was investigating corrupt deputies and security personnel at Club Q-Rico and needed to park at the inn.

According to the report, Ortiz told another man he was a cop and if the man tried to tow his car, he would arrest him.

When deputies found and arrested Ortiz, he had a Taser, pepper-spray and handcuffs on his utility belt. He also had an Orange County Sheriff’s Office sticker on his car, according to the report.

He was booked into Orange County jail.


Couple splurges $10,000 in fraud at Four Seasons Hotel on Palm Beach August 18, 2014

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A Hialeah couple reportedly spent over $10,000 fraudulently when they used fake names and spent a luxurious night at the Four Seasons Resort Palm Beach.


Javier Roura, 25, and Joanna Sanchez, 28, walked into the Four Seasons Resort on July 3 without reservations or luggage. The couple insisted they were tired from traveling, so the receptionist expedited the check-in process, obtaining a minimal amount of personal information, according the Palm Beach Police Department.

They used the name Mr. and Mrs. Sebastian Spinel and gave a fake phone number and email. During the night, the couple ordered a movie, in-room dining and an $800 bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label Whiskey. They tried to order two more bottles of Johnnie Walker but they were never delivered.

The couple also spent more than $8,000 at the hotel’s boutique, Swell, where they indulged in clothing and accessories such as a bathing suit, a woven purse, a knit dress and jelly sandals, the report said.

Their stay clocked in at $10,353, the police report said.

A surveillance camera captured Roura and Sanchez as they left the hotel in a Dodge Charger. Police found the same car parked outside of their Hialeah residence, according to the report.

Former probation officers for both Roura and Sanchez helped identify the suspects in surveillance videos showing the couple in the lobby and shopping at the boutique. The offenses for which the suspects were on probation were not immediately known.

The credit card that Roura used was later determined to be have been issued by a French bank, La Banque Postale, in Paris.

Roura and Sanchez were arrested and booked into the Palm Beach County Jail on Wednesday and face charges of forgery, illegal use of credit cards, grand theft and impersonation. They were released Thursday after posting bail — $12,000 for Roura and $8,000 for Sanchez.


Onelio Castro nearly blew-up an entire city block yesterday August 17, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-08-16 at 9.53.20 AMOnelio Castro was in the act of stealing gas yesterday at a service station in Miami at 71st Avenue and Flagler Street when something went terribly wrong. Suddenly, the van he was pumping the gas into exploded in a fireball, sending smoke into the air that could be seen for miles.

Luckily, no innocent bystanders were killed. There’s no telling what might have happened had the fire from the explosion made it into the station’s underground tanks.

Castro fled the scene, but police caught up with him a few blocks away Screen Shot 2014-08-16 at 1.41.27 PMand arrested him.

But what no one has mentioned, so far, is that yesterday’s near-tragedy might have been averted had Castro been locked up after trying the very same thing in Miami in January 2013, or in Boca Raton in 2012 … or in June 2010 when police in Medley arrested Castro for “possession of an illegal gasoline storage tank and loitering.”


Here’s a risky way to raise some beer money … and a lot of hell August 15, 2014

sfl-flduh-couple-favor-bar-20140814-001A Crestview man who robbed a couple at knifepoint Tuesday night is now charged with armed robbery and violating his probation.

The victims said they were giving 46-year-old William John Beatty a ride, according to a media release from Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office.

When they arrived, Beatty pulled a knife out of his pocket, demanded money and threatened one of the victims. The couple gave Beatty the money they had on them, the release said.

Beatty approached the couple while they were speaking with a deputy. They identified him as the robber, the release said.

Beatty said he’d been at a local bar drinking beer.

He was arrested for armed robbery and violation of probation for an original charge of possession of a controlled substance.


Boy, 12, already accused of stealing two school buses, steals truck August 11, 2014

Local police said a 12 year old Springfield boy is at it again.

Michael Propst, who is accused of stealing two different school busses, is now charged with another count of grand theft auto. When talking with Springfield Police, they think Propst’s home life is making him lash out by stealing these vehicles.

“Juvenile Justice called and told me ‘In case you’re not aware, he’s on the loose again.” That’s what Springfield Police Chief Philip Thorne said he faced first thing Thursday morning.

Michael Propst, who’s previously been charged with stealing two school buses, was now accused of stealing a 1990 Chevy truck from a neighbor.

Thorne added, “I talked to DJJ for a few minutes and then I checked. Said ‘Not again,” and then I saw our reports and had a chance to get with the Assistant Chief who had been briefed and was able to find out what all had transpired.”

Authorities first arrested Propst in June for allegedly stealing a school bus from a home in Parker and driving it to Panama City Beach.

He served 21 days in Juvenile Detention.

The day after his release, police say Propst stole his mother’s car, then another school bus from Parker Elementary School. They found him driving that bus in Eastpoint in Franklin County.

Propst completed another 21 day detention period on Tuesday.

Wednesday night, investigators said he cut off his ankle monitor and then tried to steal his mother’s car again. When that failed, he walked to a neighbor’s house, tried to steal a go-cart, then succeeded in stealing a truck.

kid+steals+busesThrough Facebook, authorities determined Propst was on his way to Dothan to meet a friend. Chief Thorne added, “So we alerted Jackson County and Alabama authorities to assist us and early this morning we got a call.”

Jackson County Sheriff’s Deputies arrested Propst in Campbellton. They said he’d just left a friend’s house and was heading toward the state line.

Thorne said, “He has been interviewed and he has admitted to attempting to steal his mother’s car. He’s admitted to, at the house where the truck was stolen, prior to stealing the truck, he actually went into the garage, committed a burglary going into the garage an attempted to steal a go-cart.”

Police think there are personal issues that are causing this behavior.

Thorne added, “We’ve got a young man that apparently has, not only some emotional problems of his own, but apparently has some home issues and this is the only way he lash out is to. When he’s facing something he doesn’t like, he lashes out by running and stealing things. We’ve tried asking him to see if there’s something, and I would hope and assume that somebody at DJJ, while he’s been incarcerated, would have tried to counsel him, but apparently he’s not ready to open up to whatever his issues are and seek help or seek change.”

Propst is due before a judge tomorrow, who will most likely order him held for another 21 days.


Steal away: Woman stole cell mate’s debit card info

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A Naples woman – who’s already in jail – is facing new charges after admitting to deputies she stole her cell mate’s debit card number.

sfl-flduh-cell-mates-debit-card-20140810-00125-year-old Crystal Stephens told deputies she stole a piece of paper belonging to her cell mate. On that piece of paper was her cell mate’s debit card number and expiration date.

Stephens then used that information to call a bail bondsman and bailed herself out of jail.

According to the report, Stephens also used the card number to buy a plane ticket. In all, she charged more than $1,700 to the card.

Her cell mate later noticed those charges after she was released from jail. Stephens is now charged with grand theft and fraud.


Here’s one woman’s grapes of wrath — raisins August 6, 2014

A woman accused of absconding with Raisinets later told investigators she was a “god” and could do as she wished.

sfl-flduh-raisin-candy-20140805-001But Martin County Sheriff’s officials evidently disagreed, taking her to the slammer on a disorderly conduct charge, according to recently released records.

A manager said Mullis swiped a bag of Raisinets, valued at $2.99, and that they wanted to prosecute. Mullis also said she took the Raisinets — chocolate covered raisins popular with movie-goers.The case against Nancy Mullis, 52 at the time, began shortly after 5 a.m. July 17 as a deputy went to a Cumberland Farms store in the 2900 block of Southeast Dixie Highway.

The manager said Mullis caused a ruckus in the store. He said she grabbed the Raisinets when she left and while outside “flaunted the stolen property at the store clerk.”

Mullis was given a trespass warning from the store and a notice to appear in court on a theft charge, while the Raisinets were returned.

About 4:30 p.m. the same day, deputies again encountered Mullis. This time it was after a reported disturbance at a store identified as Discount Family Dollar in the 3200 block of Southeast Dixie Highway.

“Mullis was waving her arms wildly and cursing,” an affidavit states. “Mullis was stating that she was a god and could do what she wanted.”

The owner showed the deputy where Mullis is said to have thrown stuff from the shelves onto the ground and flipped over a newspaper stand and cigarette receptacle.

Mullis, of Stuart, was arrested on a disorderly conducted charge and taken to jail. She also was given a trespass warning from Discount Family Dollar.


Just advice; if you steal a credit card and wallet … don’t pose for pictures August 5, 2014

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sfl-flduh-posed-stolen-credit-card-20140804-001Ocala police are searching on Monday for the woman they say posed while using a stolen credit card at a beauty supply store.

Police said the woman used the credit card at Looking Good Beauty Supply on West Silver Springs Boulevard and the clerk took a photo because of the large transaction she was attempting.

The photo of the woman was released and police say she is posing while holding the stolen credit card and the stolen wallet.

If you have any information on the woman, contact Detective Mark Proco at 352-369-7105.


‘Wurst’ decision? Man stuffed smoked sausages down his pants

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A man was arrested on multiple charges Sunday, according to the Palmetto Police Department.

sfl-flduh-smoked-sausages-pants-20140804-001Charles Brent McNeal, 53, was arrested at 11:31 a.m. Sunday.

According to a report, McNeal went into a Family Dollar at 1170 Eighth Avenue West in Palmetto, earlier that day and hid two smoked sausages in his pants before leaving. The complainant tried chasing McNeal, who dropped the merchandise valued at $7 total as he ran away.

A search was launched to find McNeal and, according to police, he ran into someone’s apartment along 11th Street Drive West in Palmetto to hide from officers. The victim did not want McNeal in her home and yelled outside to deputies, who ran towards the apartment.

According to a report, there were a few people in the home who told McNeal to leave. Police officers found him sitting on the couch and arrested him. They later found two clear glass pipes on him with burnt brillo inside them, according to a report. The contents inside the pipes tested positive for cocaine, deputies said.

McNeal faces charges of theft, burglary of a dwelling and possession of drug paraphernalia. He is being held on bonds totaling $8,120, according to the sheriff’s website.


Man robbed same pharmacist twice in same snazzy car, same hat August 3, 2014

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A 56-year-old man is facing robbery charges after deputies say he held up the same pharmacist at a Lakeland drugstore on two separate occasions.

sfl-flduh-pharmacist-same-car-20140731-001Johnny Early Couch, of 1034 Helena Lane in Lakeland, told deputies he needed to rob the pharmacies because his doctors don’t prescribe strong enough prescriptions, a Polk Sheriff’s Office arrest report states.

He is being held in the Polk County Jail until his first court appearance.

During the first robbery at about 3:25 a.m. July 4, a man wearing a brown hoodie and a boonie-style hat passed a note to the pharmacist at the CVS Pharmacy at 5010 S. Florida Ave., deputies said.

The note told the pharmacist that “this is a robbery” and then listed four medications, including Hydrocodone, Dia­zepam and Alprazolam, with the dosage and quantity amounts, the arrest report states. “I have a gun” was written at the end of the note, deputies said.

The pharmacist told deputies she feared the man ac­tually had a gun and filled the prescriptions, totaling more than 2,000 pills valued at about $10,000, deputies said.

The man then drove away in a black convertible Porsche.

On Wednesday about 3 a.m., a man with the same description passed a similar note with a list of prescription drugs to the pharmacist, the Sheriff’s Office said. The note also read, “I don’t want to hurt anyone but I will,” the arrest report states.

The pharmacist put pills in a bag and handed them to the man, who left the store and drove away in a black convertible Porsche, deputies said.

During their investigation, deputies learned there are only five owners of black convertible Porsche cars in that area, one of which is Couch, the report states.

Inside Couch’s house, deputies found the pills and a revolver he said he was carrying during the first robbery.

Couch was arrested Wednesday afternoon. He is facing one count of robbery with a firearm and one count of robbery without a firearm.



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