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Armed man threatened Checker’s clerk over hamburger order September 19, 2014

A man was arrested Tuesday after he threatened to shoot a Checkers drive-thru clerk if he didn’t give him a hamburger, according to a report.

sfl-flduh-shoot-checkers-clerk-hamburger-20140-001West Palm Beach police said Dechazo Harris, 27, pulled up just after 1:30 a.m. on March 29 to a Checkers drive-thru, 1209 N. Dixie Highway. He ordered a meal at the speaker, pulled around to the window and wanted to submit another order, according to an arrest report.

But the clerk told him he would have to drive around to get a second order. Harris then pulled out his gun, according to police, and told the clerk to get him his second meal.

“Give me a hamburger or I’ll shoot you,” he said as he got out of the car, according to the report.

The two passengers in his car persuaded him not to shoot the clerk, so he got back in his car, got his meal and left, according to the report.

Officers were able to get Harris’ license tag number off of his car from security footage. They arrested him on Tuesday, and he is being held at the Palm Beach County Jail on $5,000 bail.

He faces aggravated assault charges.


Woman threatened stepson after drinking his booze — for 9 hours

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A Flagler County woman is accused of drinking for nine hours and threatening her stepson with his pellet gun when he tried to prevent her from polishing off his liquor.

sfl-flduh-stepson-booze-9-hours-20140918-001Laurie Ann Marlow, 55, was arrested at 7:15 p.m. Wednesday and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after deputies were called to her home on County Road 3006 in western Flagler County to investigate a disturbance, a sheriff’s report states.

A deputy reported Marlow appeared to be under the influence, the report states. She said she had been arguing with her 21-year-old stepson, Taylor Marlow, and that he and his brother, William, 25, left the house with two rifles, including one that they had fought over.

“He advised that Laurie had found liquor that he had hidden in his room and that she had consumed a large amount of it,” the report states.

The brothers then “heard a loud banging noise coming from within the house” so Taylor Marlow ran to the backyard and entered through a rear entrance that leads directly to his bedroom, according to the report.

“As Taylor opened the door he observed that Laurie had broken down the locked door and was grabbing his pellet gun,” the deputy reported. “Laurie proceeded to turn around and point the gun into Taylor’s face.”

He told the deputy the barrel of the gun was about a foot away from his face and he believed she would shoot him, the report states.

Taylor Marlow’s brother, William Marlow told the deputy he did not see what happened from outside the home but heard his brother say, “Are you kidding me right now? Are you seriously pulling a gun on me?”

William Marlow said he then heard the two wrestling over the gun.

Taylor Marlow got the gun away from his stepmother and his brother took it from him and hid it in the car, the report states.

Taylor Marlow told the deputy it’s not the first time a situation like this has occurred.

“He advised that Laurie had pulled a real firearm on their father, and she hits their father on a regular basis,” the deputy reported.

Laurie Marlow was booked into the Flagler County Detention Facility where she remained Thursday on $2,000 bail.


No fear of flying: Man tried to get a free ride to NYC — inside jet’s wheel well

Buying a pricey plane ticket and standing in the slow-moving airport security line may not be the most glamorous travel accommodations. But ex-convict Demetrice Hall learned that there are worse ways to try to get to New York City.

sfl-flduh-greasy-barefoot-jetliner-wheel-well--001Hall, 32, of Orlando, was arrested Thursday after he burrowed his way under a fence into a restricted area of the Orlando International Airport then climbed into the wheel well of an airliner hoping for a free ride to the Big Apple.

Orlando police say Hall walked about eight miles from Oak Ridge Road to the airport then spent hours inside the wheel well before he finally got out and was spotted standing on the tarmac by a JetBlue Airline employee.

Hall was shirtless, greasy and barefoot standing near a light pole.

He told the JetBlue employee that he was an airline mechanic and that his identification badge had been stolen. When police arrived, he admitted his plans to stow away.

After hours of questioning by Orlando police and FBI agents, Hall finally agreed to show officials how he got onto airport property. As he retraced his steps, investigators found the hole Hall dug to get to the tarmac.

Investigators also found Hall’s abandoned black T-shirt near the plane and pulled his dirty white socks and a lighter out of the wheel well, his arrest report said.

The report did not say if Hall’s shoes were ever found. Hall was arrested on charges of trespassing, burglary and loitering.

He was booked into the Orange County Jail on $1,200 bail.

Hall was released from prison in July after he was sentenced to nearly two years for aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.

It’s not clear why Hall was so intent on making it to New York but with only a driver’s license that expired in 2009 and a pending court case, he will likely have to put the trip on hold.


Desmond Brownlee Accused Of Choking Wife During Argument Over Fried Chicken September 18, 2014

A 45-year-old man from Volusia County was arrested Monday after he choked his wife during an argument over friend chicken leftovers, deputies said.

Desmond-BrownleeDesmond Leon Brownlee, of Deltona, was arrested and charged with domestic battery by strangulation and tampering with a witness.

It started when deputies arrived to a home on Fayetteville Avenue around 3 a.m. Monday. A deputy reported to hear a female voice screaming from inside the residence, stating: “Please, 911, please.”

The deputy also reported to hear a male voice coming from inside the same window, stating: “Shhh, what do you want, us both to go to jail?”

The deputy then met Shey Alamo and Brownlee at the front door of the residence.

Alamo stated that she got into a verbal argument with Brownlee over not having enough fried chicken leftovers and the care of her mother.

Alamo stated the argument escalated, and Brownlee started to push her toward their bedroom. Alamo said Brownlee then “shoved” her onto the bed, according to the report.

Alamo also told deputies that Brownlee struck her in the face multiple times and choked her.

Alamo was able to break free from Brownlee to call 911, the report states.

The couple has been married four years, deputies said. Their child was sleeping in her bedroom on the opposite side of the house during the incident, the report states.


Man robs store, returns cash after noting customers were armed — with phones

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sfl-flduh-robs-returns-cash-20140917-001The Panama City Police Department announces the arrest of 49 year old, Walter Lee Barnes of Panama City. On September 16, 2014 at 4:30 P.M. officers responded to the Cannon Oil station, located at 1520 Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard, in reference to a robbery.

The victim advised officers she was conducting a “cash drop” into the stores safe, Barnes jumped the counter and attempted to take her purse. The attendant dropped the money she was placing into the safe and attempted to get her purse back from Barnes. Barnes also grabbed some of the money she dropped and as he turned to leave, he noticed several customers in the store were calling the police.

Barnes returned the money and then fled the scene. Officers quickly located Barnes in the area and transported him to the Panama City Police Department for questioning.

After investigators completed the interview, Barnes was subsequently transported to the Bay County Jail, charged with robbery by sudden snatching.


Joy of yoga?? Man wanted for lewd act during yoga class September 17, 2014

A 42-year-old registered sex offender spotted twice on Sunday in Jacksonville is wanted in connection with performing an unnatural and lascivious act at a San Marco yoga facility.

sfl-flduh-lewd-act-yoga-20140916-001Jacksonville police said that at 9:30 a.m. Sunday, Joseph Jordan attended a yoga class in the Hendricks Avenue area and began masturbating during the class until he was confronted by the instructor and three male students.

Jordan was escorted out, police said. They said it was the first time he’s attended the yoga facility.

Police were able to identify it as Jordan because he used his real name when he signed up for the class.

“He filled out the form with a lot of his specific information,” said Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Melissa Bujeda. “Maybe couldn’t control himself once he was in there. … He wasn’t trying to hide, which causes us more concern.”

On Monday, the campus police at the University of North Florida sent out a warning about Jordan, who police said was found Sunday evening acting suspiciously outside the women’s bathroom at the Student Union, Building 58W.

A UNF spokeswoman said UNF police talked with Jordan, he answered all their questions and even waited around while JSO and the State Attorney’s Office responded, but since he didn’t commit any crime on campus, he was let go.

“I can tell you when we had him on our campus, he told our police officers that he was going to be leaving town, the state,” said UNF spokeswoman Sharon Ashton. “We really thought that was the last we’d see of him, but at that point we didn’t know about the incident at the yoga studio earlier that day.”

Ashton said the university has 17 different ways to communicate and emergency to students, faculty and staff, and officials base their method of delivery on the severity of the case. In the case of Jordan, an email was sent.

“He didn’t commit a crime on our campus, so we couldn’t do anything about it,” Ashton said. “But we felt the need to notify the campus community, as we typically do, to say, ‘Be aware. Be on the lookout for. If you feel uncomfortable, you can always call for an escort.’”

On Monday, police connected Jordan to the yoga incident and obtained an arrest warrant. They then posted Jordan’s mugshot and information online on the JSO Facebook page.

News4Jax crime and safety expert Gil Smith said Facebook and Twitter are proven tools in apprehending criminals.

“Not just with JSO, but throughout law enforcement, some have noticed a 50 percent increase in actually catching these suspects who are wanted by police, because people are watching these sites,” Smith said.

As for Jordan’s history, JSO said he was released from jail on Sept. 3 and was on probation for lewd and lascivious acts on a minor. The Florida sexual offender website shows Jordan registered his address as a home in Dayton, Ohio, the same day he was released.

Under Florida law, convicted sexual offenders are allowed on college campuses. The UNF alert reminded people on campus to lock their doors, don’t walk alone and to report any suspicious activity on one of the campus emergency phones.

Jordan was described as a black man, 6 feet 3 inches tall and 180 pounds. Police said Jordan should be considered dangerous.

“We’re very concerned. We want to let the community to know that this has occurred, we want them to see his picture, we want them to know what he looks like,” Bujeda said. “If anyone knows his whereabouts, we want them to call police right away.”


Woman bodybuilder dubbed “Little Monster” freaks out at party September 16, 2014

Dani Reardon screamed when police arrived.

sfl-flduh-bodybuilder-little-monster-20140915-001Then the award-winning female bodybuilder, described online as “jacked, vascular, & ripped,” cracked the windshield of her boyfriend’s pickup with a kick, police said.

Later, the 24-year-old slammed her head repeatedly into the cage of an Edgewood patrol vehicle as she was taken to the Orange County Jail, a report said.

Reardon — whose body reeked of alcohol — was charged with resisting arrest without violence and battery (domestic violence) early Sunday, police said.

The alleged victim was her live-in boyfriend of three years, Ian Schofield, who said he didn’t want to press charges.

Reardon, also known online as “Little Monstar” is a pro competitor for the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness, meaning she’s won at least one regional contest in a specific weight class.

That happened in November 2012, when she was declared a Class A Winner at the National Physique Committee competition in Atlanta.

“Danielle has very pretty lines,” the judges said, according to the NPC website. “She needs to improve her conditioning at the next level.”

On her website, Reardon expresses her love for posing and optimism for the future, saying she is on her way to the “big stage.” But she went to the big house after police got a disturbance call just before 2 a.m. Sunday in Edgewood, south of downtown Orlando, at a house on Oak Lynn Drive.



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