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Heroin not working? Try a yoga striptease buzz July 11, 2014

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sfl-iflduh-heroin-yoga-20140710-001A 51-year-old woman was arrested Wednesday afternoon on heroin-possession and other charges after police say she was found doing yoga and taking off her clothes in the middle of an Ocala street.

Michele Rene Cernak was arrested on possession of a controlled substance without a prescription, possession of heroine and possession of drug paraphernalia, according to an Ocala Police Department report.

Officers got a call about an apparently intoxicated woman doing yoga in the 300 block of Southeast Sanchez Avenue. Then they learned that she appeared to be taking her clothes off.

Officers reported finding her with her jeans down to her ankles but still wearing her panties.

Her pickup was nearby, still running with a door open. Inside officers found the drugs and paraphernalia, according to the report.

An officer said she admitted buying four bindles of heroin and using two of them.


Inmate said she didn’t know heroin was in her bra July 9, 2014

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sfl-flduh-heroin-bra-20140708-001A 23-year-old woman told deputies she didn’t know that she had heroin in her sports bra when she was taken into custody.

Deputies were called on June 26 for a woman who had heroin in the detention facility, according to the report. An inmate told officers at the facility that Kasandra L. Burton had drugs in her cell.

When an officer went to search the cell, she saw Burton try to hide something in her hand before leaving the cell, the report said. When asked what she had, Burton told the officer she had heroin and gave it to the officer.

Burton said she’d had the drugs in her sports bra four days earlier, when she was taken into custody, according to the report. She said didn’t know she had it until that day “when she opened her sports bra.”

Burton is charged with possession of a controlled substance without a prescription and smuggling contraband into a detention facility.


“Ouch!’ cried woman who hid drugs in her private vault, deputies say

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Here’s something you don’t hear every day: “The foil is hurting the inside of my vagina.”

Crosby_mug_OTBIt was heard June 24 in Wabasso after Indian River County Sheriff’s Office investigators stopped a green Chrysler, which appeared to have a window tint violation, according to recently released arrest affidavits.

Investigators asked the driver, 47-year-old Robert William King, for his license, registration and

proof of insurance.

“I don’t have a license! I’m habitual!” King is quoted as saying.

King_OTB_mugKing’s license is revoked and he was listed as a habitual traffic violator in 2008, affidavits state.

Also in the vehicle was Jennifer Renee Crosby, 42, who looked nervous and was shaking.

She said there were no drugs in the car or on her person, though when an investigator requested a female deputy to come to the scene she said, “I have drugs up my vagina.”

Crosby agreed to pluck out the contraband and the deputy handed her a latex glove.

“Ouch,” Crosby is quoted as saying.

Asked if she was OK, Crosby said, “The foil is hurting the inside of my vagina.”

She eventually handed over a folded piece of foil with crack cocaine in it.

Crosby, of the 8200 block of 93rd Avenue in Vero Beach, was arrested on possession of cocaine and possession of drug paraphernalia charges.

King, of the same address, was arrested on a habitual traffic offender charge.


Man gets ‘cheeky’ with officers, makes some ‘dirty money’ July 1, 2014

A man arrested in a drug bust tried to hide his money in an unusual place: his rectum.

sfl-flduh-biohazard-manoy-20140627-001Tyrone Booker, 30, was arrested during a drug sting Laura Street. Booker was the suspect who was running from the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office when officer Kreshnik “Nick” Isaraj was struck by a car Wednesday.

According to JSO, Booker was placed in the backseat of a JSO cruiser. The JSO officer observed about $300 in the suspect’s wallet. The officer then walked away.

When the officer returned, the money was missing. Booker said an undercover officer took the money. Officers searched the vehicle but the money wasn’t found.

Once at the jail, the arresting officer then looked at the footage from the camera in the cruiser. The video showed Booker spitting on his hands to lubricate his fingers and repeatedly putting his hands in the back of his pants, according to JSO.

JSO then performed a strip search and found nothing.

The suspect finally revealed his hiding spot when he found out the next step was a trip to the Emergency Room.

The money was rolled up and wrapped in a rubber band inside his rectum.

Due to the money being covered in biohazard, it was not counted and the JSO funds could not be verified.

Booker is facing charges of resisting officer without violence, introducing or smuggling contraband into a detention facility, tampering with evidence and selling marijuana within 1,000 feet of a convenience business.


Fleeing man makes fake 9-1-1 calls to throw off police

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A man who ran from a traffic stop made phony 9-1-1 calls to try and throw off pursuing deputies and police dogs, an arrest report shows.

sfl-flduh-false-911-calls-20140630-001Herbert Foster, 31, of Holly Hill, was charged with making false 9-1-1 calls. He was also charged with a drug offense after cocaine was found on him, resisting an officer without violence and driving with a suspended license. He was released from the Volusia County Branch Jail after posting $4,500 bail, court records show.

Investigators said Foster was stopped in the 1200 block of Ridgewood Avenue near Holly Hill at 11:16 p.m. Friday.

Foster ran from the traffic stop and two other people in the car said Foster was headed to his Espanola Avenue home. As deputies headed to the home, a caller reported Foster was hiding behind a sport utility vehicle. As officers got there, they saw Foster walking out but he then turned and took off running, the report states. Shortly after, dispatchers got a call from someone reporting Foster drove from the area in a Ford Mustang. In a second call, the same person reported Foster was in Hollyland Park, reports show.

But deputies, helped out by a police dog, kept searching the area they last saw Foster, finding him hiding. He ran again, but a helicopter followed until a deputy shot the suspect with a Taser, reports state.

After Foster was caught dispatchers provided deputies the telephone number from where the 9-1-1 calls were made and the telephone turned out to be Foster’s.


No jailhouse rock: Woman accused of smuggling coke into jail

sfl-flduh-smuggling-coke-jail-20140630-001A 25-year-old woman stopped for driving without a license was charged with trying to smuggle cocaine into the jail in a body cavity.

On June 23, an Okaloosa County Sheriff’s deputy was patrolling when he saw Kimberlee F. Mercer getting into the driver’s seat of a car. According to the arrest report, the deputy knew from prior encounters that Mercer did not have a driver’s license.

The deputy pulled Mercer over and she was arrested for driving without a license, the report said. A vehicle inventory search found a syringe, a spoon, a baggie with opiates and two films of Suboxone.

After Mercer was taken to jail, a search was done of Mercer, according to the report. A plastic baggie of cocaine was found in one of her body cavities.

Mercer is charged with driving without a license, possession of a controlled substance without a prescription, possession of drug paraphernalia and smuggling contraband into a detention facility.


What’s a day at the beach without cooking up a little meth while you’re there? June 27, 2014

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1402848996000-tappPinellas deputies say a St. Pete man’s day at the beach included cooking up some methamphetamine.

The Sheriff’s Office says deputies noticed a dark colored Chevy Silverado parked along the tree line of Gandy Beach on Saturday night. Investigators made contact with the suspect, 24-year-old Charles J. Tapp, and discovered several needles inside the truck. During their investigation, deputies saw items that indicated the truck was possibly being used to manufacture meth.

Narcotics detectives were called in, and Tapp was arrested for possession of methamphetamine and unlawful possession of the chemicals pseudoephedrine and hydrochloric gas.

Deputies say that during their interview with Tapp, he admitted he was cooking meth at the beach. He was taken to Pinellas County Jail without further incident.


Bar owner wants judge to toss the law in spiked drink case

os-robersonjeffery-jpg-20140626A video appears to show Jeffery Roberson, owner of the Shovelhead Lounge in Longwood, reaching into his pocket and pouring something into the drink of a 28-year-old woman as they were throwing back shots after hours.

He was arrested in August, accused of tampering with her drink, a felony that could send him to prison for 30 years.

Friday Roberson’s attorney will try to clear his client – not by challenging the evidence against him but by asking Circuit Judge Jessica Recksiedler to declare Florida’s food tampering statute unconstitutional.

“It’s an obscure, rarely-used criminal statute,” said defense attorney Scott Richardson.

It’s also vague, overly broad and unduly harsh, he argues in court paperwork.

In this case, however, the evidence against Roberson is compelling.

Video from a bar surveillance camera shows Roberson pouring vodka shots for himself and bartender Jenna Silvestro, 28, after closing time Aug. 12.

It also appears to show Roberson reach into his pocket and add something to Silvestro’s drinks, according to his arrest report.

Silvestro felt sick, she told police.

At the hospital, medical tests showed that she had ingested amphetamine, a stimulant.

Her shots tasted odd, she told them, and she saw small “black dots” in her glass but thought they were dust or ash, according to police.

Richardson said his client had no romantic interest in Silvestro. Assistant State Attorney Martine McCarthy agrees.

It’s not clear what motive might be involved, both lawyers said.

“It’s somewhat of a mystery to everyone involved,” Richardson said, “because typically in a situation like this, the alleged drug is not amphetamine. It’s something that would put someone down rather than an amphetamine that would keep someone going.”

Roberson was not available for comment Thursday.


Woman slips out of handcuffs, eats pot evidence June 24, 2014

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Brevard-County-woman-who-ate-pot-mugshot-jpgTavish Smith might be the happiest and friendliest arrestee we’ve seen in a while — that is until a trooper caught her trying to eat a bag full of evidence.

Her last-ditch effort to get rid of evidence was all caught on a Florida Highway Patrol squad car camera after she was pulled over for suspicion of DUI along U.S. 1 in Cocoa. She crashed her truck, drove the wrong way on U.S. 1, then crashed again, said the arrest report.

The video shows officers searching her truck. Inside the truck, officers reportedly found a sandwich bag full of marijuana. She’s asked about the bag, denies it’s hers and then laughs repeatedly, even calling one of the officers “handsome.” She giggles and then wiggles out of her handcuffs. She then reaches into the front seat, grabs the sandwich bag the trooper found in her car and eats what’s in it.

“My car’s smelling like the stuff you had in your seat,” says the arresting trooper, who does not become suspicious until he sees her freely move her hand. “I hope that’s not why this marijuana bag was open over here.”

By this time, the woman’s not laughing.

At the moment she eats the evidence, her misdemeanor charges for minor hit-and-run, DUI and marijuana possession bump up to a felony.

“Bags of weed just don’t go missing inside a police car,” said the trooper. “And I’ve got it all on video.”

Smith denied everything and tried to hide what she was doing, but troopers said she had pot on her hands and face, and left crumbs everywhere. Troopers said there was enough evidence left in the bag to test it and prove it was marijuana.


Smith posted bond and was released from jail. She has been suspended from her job as an employee for a Brevard County judge.


Deputies crack case of dude with crack in place that rhymes with back June 21, 2014

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Who wants to handle – let alone smoke — something that’s been riding around in buttocks?

sfl-flduh-drugs-slipped-cracks-20140619-001That question may not have been at the forefront of a 37-year-old Vero Beach man’s mind during a June 1 traffic stop that involved plucking crack cocaine from his caboose.

A deputy stopped the man after suspecting the window tint on his Mercury was illegal. The driver identified himself as Kevin Holloway, but the deputy determined that was bogus. The man said he lied because his license was “no good.”The case of the dude with drugs in his derriere began about 2:50 p.m. in Vero Beach, according to a recently released Indian River County Sheriff’s Office report.

The deputy confirmed his true name was Henry Chambliss, who along with having a “no good” license had a warrant for violation of probation.

Chambliss’ situation didn’t improve when the deputy found crack rocks in the car and a modified soda can that appeared to be used for smoking crack.

Chambliss, 37, said the apparent crack pipe “was most likely his wife’s.”

“I explained to Mr. Chambliss that the jail would X ray him and if he had anything hidden on his person, they would find it,” the report states.

That’s when Chambliss reported there was “a baggie in his butt crack that contained drugs.”

A plastic bag with crack was extracted from Chambliss’ crack.

Most people store items in pants pockets, as opposed to buttocks cracks.

Chambliss was arrested on charges including violation of probation, possession of cocaine, possession of drug paraphernalia, giving false name while detained and driving while license habitually suspended.



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