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Cocaine? In my vagina? It’s more likely than you think October 30, 2014

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A Hollywood woman was arrested on a cocaine trafficking charge after she admitted during a security search at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport that she was holding cocaine in her vagina, according to an arrest affidavit.

fl-jet-blue-cocaine-arrest-20141028-001KathyAnn Ferguson, 26, flew in on a JetBlue flight from Montego Bay, Jamaica, around 4:30 p.m. Sunday, the Broward Sheriff’s Office affidavit stated.

During a secondary search, authorities said, Ferguson admitted to a Customs and Border Protection officer that she had a package inside her vagina.

Once in custody, Ferguson voluntarily removed the package, which tested positive for cocaine, the affidavit said. The cocaine totaled 175 grams, or about six ounces.

In a bond court appearance on Monday, Judge John “Jay” Hurley said the allegations against Ferguson make it appear as if she was working as a “drug mule, for lack of a better term.”

So-called drug mules are employed by drug traffickers to transport narcotics.

Ferguson was taken to a hospital for further medical attention before she was booked into the Broward Main Jail.

She was released on a $15,000 bond, jail records show.


Man bares more than his soul in a ‘spiritual calling’ October 29, 2014

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A naked man spotted at a Port St. Lucie intersection told police he felt a “spiritual calling” to be outside in his birthday suit and that he saw “strange things in the sky.”
sfl-flduh-naked-man-genital-ring-20141028-001What could be called the case of the nude dude with accessorized private parts began about 10:48 p.m. at Southwest Halcomb Street and Southwest Paar Drive where police noticed Berfield in the buff.When Port St. Lucie police encountered Keith Berfield, 56, on Oct. 17, the only thing he had on was “a large metal ring around his testicles,” according to recently released records.

Asked why he was outside naked, Berfield said he felt a “spiritual calling.”

He said he’d been “called” to his back porch and further “moved” or “called” outside where he noticed “strange things in the sky.”

“The defendant (Berfield) could not describe what he meant by strange things but stated that he has been seeing this for the past several days and that standing in the driveway naked with officers was deja vu,” a report states.

He started rambling about a “spiritual initiation,” and investigators suspected he may be under the influence of drugs.

He told police he had “meth and weed” in his home, which is nearby. Police and Berfield went in his residence, and Berfield threw on a pair of underwear.

paraphernalia-table-e1413980457996Investigators found a variety of drugs, including suspected LSD, methamphetamine and marijuana.

Berfield was taken to the hospital, and police asked him again why he was outside naked. He said he’d been on drugs and wasn’t really sure why.

Berfield, of the 3900 block of Southwest Halcomb Street in Port St. Lucie, was arrested on seven felony and two misdemeanor drug-related charges.


Woman pulls cocaine out of bra because deputy was ‘going to find it anyway’ October 17, 2014

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A 29-year-old woman is facing drug charges after allegedly pulling a small amount of cocaine in a cellophane wrapper out of her bra, saying the deputy was “going to find it anyway.”

nicole-kathleen-franklinNicole Kathleen Franklin was a passenger in a vehicle that was stopped for speeding on Oct. 7, according to the arrest report. When Okaloosa County Sheriff’s deputies checked her record, they found that she was on probation for 2013 drug charges.

Deputies asked for permission to search her purse, and she agreed, the report said. They found rolling papers in her purse, which she admitted she used to smoke marijuana occasionally.

The driver granted deputies permission to search the vehicle, according to the report. They found a gram of marijuana and two partially smoked marijuana cigarettes in a cigarette package and glass smoking device hidden in a tampon box.

Franklin admitted that the weed and pipe were hers and said she’d forgotten they were in the console, the report said. Before she was arrested, she reached into her bra and handed deputies the cocaine.

She is charged with possession of cocaine, possession of not more than 20 grams of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.


Does your drug suspect have any distinguishing features? Uh … yeah, this tattoo October 13, 2014

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Exactly one month ago, a St. Petersburg police officer came upon Victor Thompson downtown. He had just bought “spice” — synthetic marijuana — in Williams Park.

01WEB_HelmetTattoo101114_14017641_8colNot especially remarkable.

His head, though, now that was something different.

Thompson, 46, sitting in the Pinellas County Jail, has NFL star Tom Brady’s helmet tattooed on his skull … or something like that. Just see his mug shot.

In their report, St. Petersburg police were as clear as possible. Under the box for “scars, marks, tattoos or other distinguishing features,” an officer wrote: “Tattoo/Tattoo Head — Patriots Football Helmet.” Thompson, according to the report, was new to the area from New England.

He faces charges of possession of a hallucinogenic substance and trespassing. His mug shot, like many a Florida man before him, is on its way to Internet fame. Friday morning, it was shared on the viral website thesmokinggun.com.

Times reporters could not confirm when or where he got his tattoo, but it likely hurt. Wicked badly.


SWAK: Teen mom mailed drugs behind stamps in jail love letters October 2, 2014

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The love letters from 18-year-old Sarah Laurito to her inmate boyfriend in Ocala may have been sealed with a kiss.

sfl-flduh-drugs-stamps-jail-letters-20141001-001But the stamps didn’t stick properly.

The reason: thin strips of drugs were hidden behind the stamps on envelopes to her boyfriend, 25-year-old inmate Jeremy Weber, the Marion County Sheriff’s Office said today.

Laurito was charged with introducing contraband to the jail.

In one letter, officials say, she talked about their newborn and included a love poem to Weber.

Suboxone, the drug found behind the stamps, is produced as a film similar to breath-mint strips.

The drug is used to reduce withdrawal symptoms from opiate drugs.

The letter that tipped off authorities had two orange-colored films under the stamp, each one a 4 milligram dose.

Detective Meyer Carter said Weber dropped subtle hints during “phone calls to Laurito on how to get the drugs to him by using her love letters to him,” the Sheriff’s Office said in a report.

During the recorded calls, Weber told her several times to “go to the subway behind the food stamp office. Each time he said it, he would emphasize the words, ‘sub,’ ‘behind,’ and ‘stamp,'” her arrest report said.

“Sarah does not seem to understand what inmate Weber is saying and finally asks if it is something he wanted her to do,” the report added. “Inmate Weber replies ‘yes’ and that he really wanted a ‘sub’ behind the food stamp office ‘when you write me a letter.'”

At that point, Laurito said she understood and told Weber that ‘it took me a little while, but I got you,'” the report said. “Sarah confirms that she will do it and tells him that he will have to make the letter last until she gets more ‘stamps.'”

On a Sept. 26 jail visit, officials questioned her about the letters.

“She told the officer that she and Weber both had prescriptions for Suboxone and admitted to sending the drug to Weber three or four times,” the report said.

Laurito turned herself into the Marion County Jail on Sept. 29 and has since posted a $2,000 bond and has been released.

“Weber is still in jail and will also be facing a charge of introduction of contraband to the jail,” the report added.

He was previously booked into the jail on July 11 on a charge of violation of probation for possession of a controlled substance.


Woman reported car theft, got jailed on drug charges September 24, 2014

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A 22-year-old Holt woman was accused of having marijuana after calling police to report that the vehicle she’d been driving had been stolen.

sfl-flduh-car-theft-drug-charges-20140923-001Savannah Lee Matthews called Crestview Police officers on Sept. 1 to report the vehicle she was driving had been stolen while she was at Walmart, according to the arrest report. While officers were investigating, evidence of her “involvement in a retail theft at Walmart” was found and she was detained.

She granted police permission to look through her purse, the report said. Officers found a small pipe-like object with burnt marijuana residue on the end and a partially burnt marijuana cigarette in her purse.

Matthews told officers the marijuana belonged to her cousin, according to the report. She said she had smoked marijuana the previous day, but did not know the items were in her purse.

She is charged with possession of less than 20 grams of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.


This guy got himself arrested with pot on his face after false 911 call September 12, 2014

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Volusia County deputies tried to pull over a driver for more than 2 miles when dispatchers got a surprising phone call from that driver.

sfl-flduh-driver-pot-face-20140911-001Deputies have charged 26-year-old Benjamin Nutter with making a false call to 911, possession of marijuana, and fleeing and eluding early Tuesday morning.

“My hands are on the wheel, sir, I have not done anything wrong,” Nutter said to a 911 dispatcher as he was being stopped by deputies.

Deputies said he was driving with no tag light and after trying to initiate a traffic stop, he went into a shopping plaza near South Ridgewood Avenue. As he drove slowly in the parking lot, deputies said he stopped several times, reaching for a cup in his car and dumping something out.

Nutter then left the shopping plaza and continued driving. When deputies were able to stop him, they said marijuana was all over his face and his car as he tried to get rid of evidence.

He has since bonded out of the Volusia County Jail.



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