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This makes perfect sense! Woman with criminal history could get approval for day care grant. March 10, 2012

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ORLANDO, Fla. — A woman with a list of criminal charges could get taxpayer dollars to open a day care in Orlando.

Laranda Franklin has been charged with armed burglary, driving on a suspended license, aggravated battery, and driving children around without  seat belts.

Franklin has applied for more than $1,500 of grant money from the   city to open a day care called the Creative Thinking Academy.

She’s waiting for commissioners at city hall to approve her application. That is set to happen as soon as next week.
But a quick search of court records, and WFTV found Franklin has 14 years of run-ins with the law.
Franklin applied for and is set to get more than $1,500 of grant money from the city of Orlando to help open the day care.
“I don’t think it’s a good thing, and I wouldn’t trust her with my children either,” said taxpayer Charlie Campbell. “I think someone needs to do some investigating.”
The grant is designed to help businesses that open or expand in the city and create jobs.
But when choosing applicants, the city only evaluates the background of the business and not the individual.
When WFTV called Franklin, she wouldn’t answer questions about her past arrests and hung up.
Franklin was acquitted on her burglary and battery charges.
According to the Department of Children and Families, Franklin hasn’t applied and isn’t licensed to run the facility.

City commissioners are scheduled to vote on whether Franklin will receive the grant next week.


If the cops are hot on your trail, you just may want to consider sleeping with some clothing on. March 9, 2012

A Melbourne, Fla., fugitive was arrested in Kingsland after a police chase early Thursday morning.

Kingsland police said they located 21-year-old Matthew Ibarria, who was the subject of a be-on-the-lookout notice issued by the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office.

Police said Ibarria was wanted in numerous felony crimes, including aggravated battery on his grandparents.

Ibarria was reported to be driving a green, full-sized 1998 Ford Conversion van with Florida license plate No. 0957JR and was possibly staying in a hotel near Interstate 95 between Jacksonville and Savannah, police said.

At about midnight, Kingsland police said they found his van in the parking lot of the Fairfield Inn on East King Avenue near I-95. Police said they approached the van and found Ibarria sleeping inside naked.

When officers woke him up, he began to rummage around in the van and refused to open either the door or window, police said.

Ibarria indicated he was getting out of the van from the driver’s seat when he suddenly inserted the keys in the ignition, started the van and quickly tried to drive away, police said.

The van struck a parked Nissan and narrowly missed running over officers, then headed east on Georgia Highway 40 toward St. Marys, police said.

As officers pursued the van, police said, Ibarria first struck a marked patrol car and disabled it. Police said he then struck another marked patrol car, causing substantial damage to it.

Police said Ibarria swerved toward another officer’s marked patrol car, and that officer’s car, in avoiding the van, had a mechanical failure and was disabled.

Ibarria drove into St. Marys and turned down East Meeting Street, which dead ends at the St. Marys River public boat ramp, police said.

Just before the boat ramp while driving about 45 mph, Ibarria opened the driver’s door, jumped out and rolled along the pavement, police said. They said he got to his feet and ran to the river’s edge, then went north among some large stones. There he was apprehended by Kingsland and St. Marys officers.

Ibarria was taken to the Southeast Georgia Regional Medical Center, where he was treated and released. He was then booked into the Camden County Jail in Woodbine on charges of aggravated assault, fleeing and eluding law enforcement, reckless driving, failure to stop at accident scene and numerous traffic violations.


These guys are accused of attacking mom for using salsa and taco sauce! March 8, 2012

A Manatee County man and his girlfriend are accused of assaulting the man’s mother because of a dispute over taco sauce.

According to an arrest report obtained by The Smoking Gun, 23-year-old Christopher Phillips got into a fight with his mother Rebecca Monday night, when Rebecca used Phillips’ salsa and taco sauce on her dinner.

Phillips allegedly became enraged and attacked his mother, putting her in a headlock and breaking her glasses. Rebecca freed herself and her son then went into his bedroom with his girlfriend, 27-year-old Lisa Tyre.

The arrest report states Tyre exited the bedroom a few minutes later and began yelling and slapping Phillips’ mother.  She reportedly received cuts on her face from the attacks.

Rebecca Phillips was able to leave the home, and went to her husband’s workplace.

Police were called and Phillips and Tyre were both arrested and each charged with one count of simply battery.


Yo, dude, football season is over. BTW it’s just a game! March 7, 2012

A Fort Walton Beach man was arrested March 1 after arguing with another man  about a football team and then striking him with his car.

Tyler Mason Bass, who is 18, was charged with leaving the scene of a crash  with injuries, according to the Niceville Police Department arrest report. .

“During a verbal altercation between the victim and Tyler Mason Bass, it was  learned neither liked the other’s choice of football teams,” the officer wrote  in the report.

The victim, Nicholas Wyble, was walking back to his car when Bass struck him  with his vehicle.

Bass then attempted to leave the scene, but was stopped by a Valparaiso  Police Department officer nearby. It was later learned that Bass had a blood  sugar of 440 the incident, the report said.

Wyble suffered minor injuries, according to the report.

Read more:  http://www.nwfdailynews.com/articles/bass-47961-report-football.html#ixzz1oRmCjXhU


There’s a sucker born every minute. Drugs hidden in lollipops.

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More than 3.2 kilograms of heroin was found disguised as candy inside a man’s luggage at Orlando International Airport on Friday.

Rafael Eduardo Quinonez Jimenez, 45, was arrested Friday at OIA shortly after he arrived on a TACA Airlines flight from San Salvador, El Salvador. The flight originated in Guatemala City, Guatemala.

Customs officials noticed Quinonez Jimenez appeared “very nervous and was sweating profusely” and referred him to a secondary check. That’s when officials discovered 172 lollipops packed inside a duffel bag.

Each “lollipop” containted18.8 grams of heroin, totaling 3.2 kilograms of the illegal drug, according to a criminal complaint filed in federal court.

Quinonez Jimenez told Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials he was given the duffel bag by a man at a gas station in Guatemala City earlier that morning, along with a plane ticket, hotel booking information and $500.

Quinonez Jimenez claimed he didn’t know who he was supposed to deliver the drugs to in Orlando because he was supposed to receive a phone call, according to the complaint.

He was booked into the Seminole County Jail, where he is being held without bail.


Transgender woman denied ladies night promotion. Hey you’re a dude not a woman! March 5, 2012

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ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (AP) – The owner of a St. Petersburg bar has apologized for refusing to serve free drinks to a transgender woman, who eventually left Bishop Tavern and Lounge after a heated dispute ensued.

The Tampa Bay Times (http://bit.ly/wCs7bG ) reports Alex Borrego and one of her friends – a drag queen – were invited by a bouncer to partake in the bar’s weekly “ladies night” promotion on Thursday. As they drank vodka and cranberry juice another bouncer told them they couldn’t participate because “you’re dudes.”

Borrego’s driver’s license lists her gender as female, but the bouncer was unrelenting.

Bar owner Dean Marshlack apologized to Borrego and her friend on Friday. He told the newspaper he plans to talk with his staff to ensure that transgender people will be treated with respect.


Here’s another tale from Heartbreak Hotel. March 3, 2012

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A onetime Elvis impersonator who police said kept them at bay for four hours Monday afternoon by threatening use of the deadly poison Ricin has blamed his behavior on diabetes.

About 100 people were evacuated from America’s Best Value Inn, near Interstate 95, after Michael James Conley, 64, refused to come out of Room 122 when police knocked on his door at 3:45 p.m. Monday to question him about a stolen car in the parking lot.

He became belligerent, officers said, blocking the door with a 300-pound television and yelled that he had Ricin, a few grains of which is strong enough to kill a person.

In 1990, Conley was convicted of murdering a Canadian tourist in a Fort Lauderdale motel room. His conviction was overturned in 1992 because a prosecutor told his jury irrelevant information that may have biased the jury against him, records show.

In Fort Pierce Monday, about 25 police officers converged on the motel along with emergency response officials from St Lucie and Martin counties, along with a representative of the FBI and a SWAT team.

“I apologize to the public. I was disoriented,” Conley said during an interview at theSt. Lucie County Jail on Tuesday. He is being held under a $115,000 bail on charges of charges of possession of a hoax weapon of mass destruction, resisting an officer without violence and conspiring to deal in stolen property.

On Tuesday another charge was added — contempt of court — after his initial court appearance. Details of that charge were not immediately available.

Also being held on a weapons hoax charge is his son, Michael Harootian-Hughes, 28, who was in the motel room during the standoff. Harootian-Hughes is being held in lieu of $20,000 bail.

Conley said he finally regained his composure after his son cooked him some oatmeal, helping rebalance his blood sugar. At 7:45 p.m. Monday, the son and father surrendered to police.

It was only then that police learned that there was no Ricin in the motel room, nor was there another alleged weapon: sticks of C-4 explosives.

“It (the alleged Ricin) was just salt,” Conley said of what was in a plastic container he waved at police earlier in the day as he yelled and stood in the window of his motel.

During the interview at the jail, Conley initially said he made up the word “Ricin.” However, he finally said he heard the name during a television broadcast about terrorists in the Mideast.

Want to know more?


This guy really is in need of counseling. My advice, stay away from matches.

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Early Thursday Morning, the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office, along with St. Johns County Fire Rescue responded to the Veteran’s Administration Local Office regarding a possible gas leak.

When deputies arrived on scene, they learned that a male subject went to the V.A. Clinic to seek counseling. During a conversation with a staff doctor, the suspect poured gasoline on himself, as well as the doctor and attempted to light a match.

A security guard, who is staffed full time at the offices, learned of the incident, immediately responded and deterred the suspect’s attempts to ignite himself and the physician. The security guard began to evacuate the building as a safety precaution. St. Johns County Fire-Rescue assisted with decontamination measures and hazardous material containment.

The suspect,

Gregorio Iglesias-Cruz, H/M, 02/03/1959, was transported to Flagler Hospital for medical clearance and has since been released. Iglesias-Cruz was subsequently arrested and charged with Aggravated Battery. He was transported to the St. Johns County Jail without incident. There was no reported injury to the physician or the security guard involved in this incident.


Man threatens to show naked pictures if woman didn’t have sex. March 2, 2012

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David Carrillo-Rodriguez, 33, was arrested Tuesday by Collier deputies at home.

The victim told deputies that while she was walking home she was approached by Carrillo-Rodriguez, who she stated she had a sexual relationship with in the past and ended it because she was married.

Carrillo-Rodriguez told her he wanted to talk but she refused, according to reports.

However, Carrillo-Rodriguez didn’t take no for an answer.

He then grabbed the woman and pulled her behind a house where he told her that he wanted to have sex with her and if she didn’t he would show her husband naked photos he had of her, deputies said.

The victim said she still refused and was able to kick him and get away.

Carrillo-Rodriguez faces a charge of domestic battery.


Running a boat tour? Here’s one way to sink the competition. March 1, 2012

Airboat rides are not for the faint of heart.

Especially when the tour ends with the captain steering a passenger-filled boat into another, lunging into a bloody fist fight with a competing captain.

Last week two airboat captains from competing businesses were accused of launching into a shirt-ripping brawl on the waters near Everglades City, as their passengers recorded the action, Collier County Sheriff deputies said.

On Tuesday, Javier Lescano, 46, was arrested on charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, battery, and reckless operation of a vessel.

Lescano, a captain at Captain Doug’s Everglades Tours, was heading back from a tour on the airboat trail when he passed within a couple of feet of another airboat operated by Henry Murphy, a captain at Everglades Island Airboat Tours. Rather that continuing to his dock, deputies say Lescano turned around and rammed into the back left end of Murphy’s boat.

Among the passengers on the boats were two children, deputies said.

In one of the three videos of the fight, Lescano is seen passing Murphy’s boat, but then turning around and striking it, according to reports. In that video, Murphy, attempting to get out of Lescano’s way, is seen heading for the mangroves, deputies said.

In another video, reports say the entire scene is captured and plays out like a scene from a movie:

Murphy’s airboat is in a little open water bay as Lescano’s airboat approaches. Lescano moves his airboat in front of the camera and starts to grab Murphy. He grabs Murphy’s shirt as Murphy tries to defend himself. Lescano loses his balance and drags Murphy into the water. Mud and water splatters onto the visibly-shaken passengers

Struggling to stand up in the muddy swamp water, both captains quickly returned to their boats, according to the report.

When reached for comment Wednesday, Murphy’s wife declined comment, saying she and her husband had retained an attorney.

“Never heard of anybody and captain out there acting like that,” Murphy told WINK News last week. “… He just snapped, I believe, and turned around and rammed my boat and endangered passengers on his boat and mine.”

Passengers described Lescano as “crazy” and said they “were in fear for their safety.”

Murphy told deputies Lescano had his airboat aimed at the middle, where the passengers were seated. After Murphy’s airboat  was hit, it filled with water and Murphy said he was concerned it could sink. Moving his boat off to the bay, Murphy said Lescano punched him in the head, according to the report.

He told deputies Lescano’s face was filled with “rage.”

Murphy woke up the next day with “swollen, puss-filled eyes, neck, shoulder and back pain,” according to reports.

Murphy’s wife, Diane, who also works at Everglades Island Boat Tours, said she saw her husband return from the tour with “blood coming down his left arm and his shirt was all torn up.”

Deputies said Lescano caused $2,000 worth of damage to Murphy’s boat. He was not available for comment Wednesday, as he remains behind bars in the Naples Jail Center.



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