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Husband leaves his naked wife on sandbar because ‘she caught him in a sex act with another man’ July 17, 2014

A Florida wife was rescued from a remote sandbar wearing nothing but a lifejacket on Sunday after her husband dumped her there following a blazing drunken row on their jet ski.

article-2695135-1FB06B3300000578-739_306x423The violent argument was sparked by Pamela Doster, 45, accusing her husband of two-years, David Doster, 49, of engaging in a sex act with another man.

Pulled from the Passage Key sands – a famous offshore nudist beach popular with swingers – by boat, Pamela Doster’s testimony led to the arrest of her husband for domestic battery.

According to the Manatee County Sheriff’s report, Doster and his wife Pamela were on a Sea-Doo jet ski near to the Passage Key sandbar when they began fighting.

According to the report, Pamela told her husband that she had seen him and another man performing oral sex on one another.

The report does not specify when and where this occurred, but the arresting officer said that Pamela claimed it involved the men ‘giving each other a blow job’.

The report seen by Smoking Gun states that Doster, who was riding the Sea-Doo, threw his wife off the jet ski four times and ‘During the last time she was pulled off she hit her head against the side of the jet ski.

She refused to get back on the ski with him and stayed on the sandbar which rests under knee deep water.

Her husband tried to get her back on the jet ski but she flat out refused and eventually Mike Doster rode away, leaving her there.

When he reached shore he did call 911 and informed rescue services she was out at sea and when they pulled her back in, emergency workers noticed she had a ‘bruise/bump’ on her head, a bruise on her biceps, and a ‘large swollen area to her left hip area.’

She was transported to a local hospital for treatment.

The beach at Passage Key plays host to many nude swimmers in the warm waters of the Gulf all through the year.

It is not known if Mike Doster was piloting the jet ski in the nude at the time of the altercation.

He was released from a Florida jail on Tuesday after posting $5000 bond on a misdemeanor count.


Cracker Barrel management brings down the hammer on 73-year-old employee who gave away free muffin to a needy person June 26, 2014

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53ab2a96c01b9.preview-300A 73-year old veteran says he was fired from the Cracker Barrel restaurant in Venice for giving someone who looked in a need a few condiment packets and a corn muffin.

Was it against the restaurant’s rules, or is it the right thing to do? It’s a debate that is already catching fire online.

For the past three plus years, Joe Koblenzer has put on his brown and yellow Cracker Barrel apron and greeted those who come in to the Venice location. “It’s a fun job; a job really suited to me.”

He says that two weeks ago, a man who looked like he might be homeless came through the doors. “He looked a little needy. He asked if I had any mayonnaise and some tarter sauc. He said he was going to cook a fish.”

The man whose job it is to be friendly obliged. “I got it for him. As I walked out I put a corn muffin in.”

That gesture apparently cost Joe his job. “The General Manager called me in and said he had some bad news for me. Joe we are going to have to let you go.”

He admits he’s been written up before; two years ago for getting a fountain drink on the job and a second time for giving a cup of coffee to woman. He claims she actually paid for it.

But rules are rules. “It’s a rule. They legally can do this because I did break the rule. I completely forgot about it. I am a host at Cracker Barrel with a little above minimum wage job.”

Now the Vietnam vet who was trying to supplement his Social Security is the one looking for work.

“Hurt me? Oh yeah it has.”

The debate over the seriousness of the event and the subsequent firing has started a firestorm online. In recent days the story has gotten out on Facebook, on pages like the Venice Scoop and even the restaurant’s own page.

While some are saying it’s the company’s right, the establishments reviews have plummeted with more than 30 negative comments about the firing.

“I feel badly. It shines a bad light on the company. I would not want that on any company, but it happened,” says Joe.

He says he’s sad over the situation and misses the regulars and employees he’s gotten to know; earning the maximum amount of stars on his apron for performance achievement and responsibility. “You know what? At 73, I was really proud of doing this. I was really proud of getting those stars.”

He says yes it was against the rules and yes they have a right to let him go, but morally it still feels like it was the right thing to do. “I don’t think I will be working for a corporation again, so I don’t know if that will ever come up (laughs).”

Joe says he is looking for a new job but not quite sure yet what he will do.

Late Wednesday, a Cracker Barrel spokesperson released the following statement:

“Mr. Koblenzer has worked as a host at Cracker Barrel’s Sarrasota store since April 2011. During the time he was employed, he violated the Company’s policies regarding consuming food without paying or giving away free food, on five separate occasions. Mr. Koblenzer received multiple counselings and written warnings reminding him about the company’s polices and the consequences associated with violating them. On the fifth occasion, again per Company policy, Mr. Koblenzer was terminated.

Cracker Barrel is grateful for and honors Mr. Koblenzer’s service to our country as we honor all service men and women and their families.”


How embarrassing will it be to think that you’re going to be known in prison as the guy who tried to kill someone with grits? June 21, 2014

thGrits are known as a Southern comfort food. But it can be a white-hot weapon in the wrong hands.

That’s what Darryl Blacknell, 29, of Orlando learned Wednesday when a petty argument ended in hospitalization for second- and third-degree burns.

Edward Holley, 59, now faces attempted-murder charges after he admitted to throwing a pot of scalding grits at Blacknell.

“Blacknell stated that the pain was horrible and he began screaming and running away from the house,” an arrest report said.

He was burned over 30 percent of his body, police said. The men are neighbors who fight regularly, with their latest disagreement Tuesday night.

Police did not say what started the argument but a witness said it was over an insignificant issue.

The argument ended in a pushing match outside Holley’s home on King Cole Boulevard in southwest Orlando.

Holley warned Blacknell to stay away from his home. The next day, Blacknell was back.

At some point, Holley attacked Blacknell with hot grits he just pulled off the stove, a report said.


Marriage fraud charges dropped after Federal agents find couple sleeping in bed together June 14, 2014

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Federal prosecutors called it immigration and marriage fraud, but the two South Florida couples they charged — and the man who brought them together — say it was something more like modern love.

sfl-heather-bennett-likic-and-branko-likic-20140613Just days before the five suspects were scheduled to go to trial in Fort Lauderdale, prosecutors on Wednesday made the rare decision to drop all the charges against them.

“The federal government should stay out of our bedrooms,” said David O. Markus, one of the defense lawyers. “Not getting a perfect score on ‘The Newlywed Game’ shouldn’t be a federal crime.”

When law enforcement showed up to arrest Heather Bennett Likic and her husband Branko Likic earlier this year, investigators should have figured out that the Fort Lauderdale couple are genuinely in love, Markus said.

“Three years after they were married, they were arrested in the marital bed,” Markus said. “Most marriages after three years have ended in divorce, or the husband is sleeping on the couch. Calling this marriage a sham is just wrong.”

Accused of immigration and marriage fraud conspiracy and related charges were: Srdjan Jovcic, 51, of Hollywooand Wallington, N.J.; Goran Bjelovic, 44, of Aventura; Ljiljana Aleksic, 54, of Orlando; Branko Likic, 35, and Heather Bennett Likic, 31, both of Fort Lauderdale.

Prosecutors alleged that Jovcic, who became a U.S. citizen after moving here from Serbia, was an illegal marriage broker who set up marriages of convenience to help himself and two other Serbian men try to get work permits, permanent resident status and U.S. citizenship.

The case started out in 2009 as an undercover criminal investigation of allegations that Jovcic, who runs a U.S. company that sells vehicles overseas, was involved in the illegal sale of drugs and money laundering.

Federal agents used confidential informants and wiretapped Jovcic’s phone, but found no evidence to support their allegation that Jovcic was a drug dealer or money launderer so they tried to pursue the immigration fraud case, said his lawyer, Paul Petruzzi.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office declined to comment on the case, or the reasons for dismissing the charges.

In court records, prosecutors wrote that agents intercepted phone calls during which Jovcic talked about finding women who were willing to marry Bjelovic and Likic, both of whom had overstayed their U.S. visitor visas, but wanted to work here and avoid being deported.

The women included Bennett, who was born in the U.S., and Aleksic, who was in the process of becoming a U.S. citizen after she came here as a refugee from Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2004.

Prosecutors accused Bennett and Likic, who married in Broward County in 2010, of lying to immigration officials about several matters — including that their sex life was “amazing,” that Likic said Bennett “reminded him of his mother a little bit” and that they met at a Broward County bar in 2009.

Markus said he couldn’t imagine how prosecutors planned to prove that the more personal statements were lies. Markus said the couple is in love and Bennett’s son from a prior relationship, Logan, 4, calls Likic “Daddy.”

The other couple involved, Bjelovic and Aleksic, married in the Orlando area in 2010, but divorced in 2013. Prosecutors said they lied about their relationship and living together, and that Bjelovic married another woman, a permanent resident, the same day that his divorce was finalized.

The story of the Bjelovic-Aleksic marriage is nothing unusual in modern society either, said Bjelovic’s lawyer, Fred Haddad.

“It ended in divorce — that’s no different to half the marriages in this country,” Haddad said. “There was a full marriage, a ceremony — this is no different to the arranged marriages that still take place in a lot of communities.”

The case was scheduled to go to trial on June 23 and all five defense lawyers said they were ready to go, but prosecutors asked U.S. District Judge James Cohn to postpone the trial, saying they needed more time to prepare and that not all the phone calls and records had been translated to English.

“It’s Serbian, not Martian,” said Petruzzi. “How can you not be ready for trial after four years of investigating — unless the government had some other problems with proving their case?”

After the judge ruled that the case was going to trial as planned, prosecutors dropped the case.

The defense lawyers said it was the right call.

“The government did the right thing to dismiss this case. It has better ways to use its very scarce resources,” Markus said.

Petruzzi said his client, Jovcic, had his own reasons for making matches for his “friends from the old country” and was not doing it “solely for citizenship purposes.” All of the defense lawyers truly felt sorry for their clients and thought they were nice people who had been wrongly accused, Petruzzi and Markus said.

“People hook up for all kinds of reasons. Matchmakers and friends put people together because it makes them feel good,” Petruzzi said. “Some guys need help meeting women — think of all those poor guys in Iowa who marry Russian brides.”

Prosecutors could possibly file the same or similar charges again, but Markus is hopeful that they won’t. It would “look like an end run around the judge’s order if they did,” he said.


Man attacked his brother with marijuana plants June 9, 2014

Dude, take a hit of this.

sfl-flduh-brothers-pot-feud-20140609-001Polk County sheriff’s deputies say two brothers definitely were not sharing peaceful, mellow vibes as they got into an argument this weekend.

In response, deputies say, one brother grabbed several marijuana plants growing in the yard and began hitting his sibling.

According to the Polk County Sheriff’s office, the department received a domestic-disturbance call at about 6:20 p.m. Saturday. Deputies said Jackie Brown, 33, reported that he and his brother — Rodney J. Brown, 31 — had been involved in a verbal altercation which then turned physical.

Jackie Brown told deputies his brother hit him with plants “from the yard” of the residence where both brothers reside, according to the Sheriff’s Office report, which also stated that Rodney Brown uprooted several cannabis plants of various lengths to use in alleged assault.

Rodney Brown then used the hemp in a harsh manner by hitting his brother in the face, deputies said.

Deputies searched the home and found 10 marijuana plants, as well as drug paraphernalia.

Rodney Brown was arrested and charged with domestic battery, cultivation of marijuana, possession of marijuana over 20 grams and possession of drug paraphernalia.


Man mad over lost dog threatened couple, shot man June 5, 2014

A Walton County man angry about his missing dog threatened to “blow” a woman’s kneecaps off and then shot the man who was also in the house, according to authorities.

sfl-flduh-missing-dog-threatened-kill-20140604-001James Farrell Davis, 55, 10228 County Highway 3280, was charged on Tuesday with attempted murder, aggravated assault and armed burglary of an occupied dwelling.

According to a media release issued Tuesday by the Walton County Sheriff’s Office, authorities responded to a Seymore Drive residence on May 21 for a report of shots fired. Deputies discovered that Joseph Justice, 31, had been shot by Davis.

The release states that Davis walked onto the property and confronted Heather Sue Carden about his missing dog. Davis had a shotgun and threatened to “blow her knee caps off.”

Davis also stated “No, I’m not going to jail for you, I’m gonna kill you,” the report said.

According to the release, Justice heard the commotion and came out of the house, at which time Davis turned the shotgun toward him and stated, “and you too.” Davis fired the weapon at Justice, but missed the first time. Justice attempted to go back into the home to protect his three children. Davis pursued Justice and a struggle occurred.

The release states that during the struggle, Davis fired another shot and hit Justice. Justice was able to get a hammer and struck Davis in the head until he was able to get the gun away from Davis.

Deputies took the weapon and the hammer, as well as a semi-automatic pistol found in Davis’ possession.

Both men were transported to Bay County Medical Center and have since been released. The children were not injured during the incident.


Man arrested after bumping other car in anger at McDonald’s drive-thru May 30, 2014

cars-line-up-in-a-drive-through-lane-at-a-mcdonalds-fast-food-restaurant-in-toronto-may-1-2014-reutersmark-blinchA Bradenton man was charged with aggravated assault with a motor vehicle Wednesday after he hit another car in front of him at a McDonald’s drive-thru after he said she cut him off, according to the Manatee County Sheriff’s office.

Patrick Alan Brown, 57, was arrested at 9:30 a.m. Wednesday at his home, a report states.

On April 1, 2014, the victim said she was turning into the center lane from the southbound lanes of 14th Street West to make a left hand turn into a McDonald’s restaurant, 4711 14th St. W, Bradenton. The woman said there was a white Ford pick-up in the turn lane as well, but further north, according to a report. She said she was unaware that the truck was turning into the McDonald’s and she turned, followed by the Ford, the driver of which was later identified as Brown.

According to a news release, Brown yelled at her and called her names as she ordered — and bumped his truck into her vehicle, which experienced minor damage. He hit her car one or two more times, then left.

The victim went to the sheriff’s office to add Brown’s license plate to the report, deputies say. When reached by a deputy, Brown said the victim’s blue vehicle cut him off, which made him angry. He admitted to bumping her car but later changed his story and said it was on accident as he was trying to exit the drive-thru line.

According to a report, Brown said he could tell the driver was calling 911 and did not want to get into trouble, so he left.

Brown was booked in jail and held without bond.



Bizarre incident features ‘feminine items,’ chocolate and two women May 29, 2014

The way Kristina Tetaz told it, the argument with Shelby Gestewitz at the gas station revolved around Tetaz not buying Gestewitz chocolate.

tetaz_mugTetaz explained to police May 11 that she asked the clerk at the BP station on South Oak Street in Fellsmere to call 911, according to recently released arrest affidavits.

“Tetaz informed me that Gestewitz was acting crazy in the parking lot and she informed her that they were not in the hood and she could not act that way at this store,” affidavits state.

In the end, both Tetaz, 29, and 24-year-old Gestewitz wound up behind bars.

When Fellsmere police arrived at the BP station, the officer saw “feminine items” scattered around the parking lot.

gestewitz_mugGestewitz was trying to gather the items, and said she was in a disturbance with a woman later identified as Tetaz, who was apprehended nearby.

Gestewitz said she and Tetaz rode to the store together and a verbal argument started in relation to disrespect and texting. She said the argument continued in the store, saying a physical confrontation happened outside.

Police reported catching Gestewitz being untruthful a number of times, noting her conduct was “very suspicious.”

Meanwhile, Tetaz said she “met Gestewitz and knew her as a new prostitute in town,” an affidavit states.

“According to Tetaz, Gestewitz asked her to show her around town so she could make money,” the affidavit states. “Tetaz later stated that Gestewitz slept with two men today thus far but she was not with her during those transactions.”

Tetaz said the brouhaha at BP related to her not purchasing chocolate for Gestewitz. Tetaz said she asked the clerk to call 911.

Two witnesses reported seeing a fight in the parking lot.

Tetaz and Gestewitz, both of Sebastian, each were arrested on a disorderly conduct on the premises of a licensed establishment charge. Tetaz also was arrested on a resisting officer without violence charge.


Argument over pornography doesn’t have happy ending May 27, 2014

A tiff involving pornography and domestic tidiness ended with a 32-year-old Port St. Lucie man getting sent to the slammer.

sfl-flduh-porn-watching-20140527-001The girlfriend of Geraldo Rodriguez told Port St. Lucie police May 8 that she and Rodriguez quarreled over Rodriguez’s “porn watching and the cleanliness of their home,” a recently released arrest affidavit states.

Rodriguez’s girlfriend said Rodriguez got upset and tossed a workboot at her, striking her thigh. She also accused Rodriguez of slapping her.

Meanwhile, Rodriguez said they argued about his viewing of pornography, or material that depicts graphic sex acts designed to elicit amorous excitement and/or appeal to those with prurient interests.

“Geraldo advised that (his girlfriend) called him gay for watching transgender porn and he became very angry,” the affidavit states.

That, Rodriguez said, is when he hurled the workboot. He denied slapping his girlfriend.

Rodriguez, of the 2400 block of Southwest Warwick Street in Port St. Lucie, was arrested on a misdemeanor battery charge.


Custody battles over a child are always emotional, brutal ordeals. It’s even worse when it’s over a child’s ashes May 23, 2014

The ashes of the young man killed in the high-profile car crash involving polo magnate John Goodman can’t be legally divided among his divorced, feuding parents, a state appeals court has ruled in a decision released Wednesday.

wilson-scott-jpg-20140521The remains of Scott Wilson are not “property” that can be halved into two equal parts, the three-judge panel at the Fourth District Court of Appeal said, a ruling in favor of Wilson’s mother, who opposed the division of her son’s ashes on religious grounds.

The decision cited debate about human remains dating back to the 1700s, prior cases in Florida, and the state’s existing legislation. But the court’s decision, quoting the words of a fellow judge from a similar case in 2005, couldn’t ignore the sheer emotion of the case.

“It is a sorrowful matter to have relatives disputing in court over the remains of the deceased,” Judge Martha Warner wrote. “In this case in particular, there is no solution that will bring peace to all parties.”

The court also said the “sensitive policy issue” — whether remains could be treated the same as a body, or considered property — would be best left to the Florida legislature to decide.

Scott Wilson, of Wellington, was 23 when he died on Feb. 12, 2010. That night, he was driving his Hyundai Sonata at the intersection of 120th Avenue and Lake Worth Road, when a Bentley driven by Goodman sped through a stop sign, striking the Sonata, according to trial evidence. Wilson’s car was pushed into a canal and he died.

And while the Goodman case has been winding its way through the courts, so too has the legal fight between Scott Wilson’s parents over their son’s remains.

The decision offers a general summary of the circumstances, explaining that William Wilson Jr., Scott’s father, and Lili Wilson, Scott’s mother, were divorced at the time of their son’s death.

While they had agreed to cremate Scott, they couldn’t agree on how to distribute Scott’s ashes, the court noted. The young man didn’t leave a will or any instructions on how to treat his remains. Meanwhile the ashes remained in an urn at a Royal Palm Beach funeral home.

Lili Wilson wanted to bury her son’s remains in West Palm Beach, where Scott had spent his entire life moving away to study engineering at the University of Central Florida in Orlando.

Scott’s father sought to bury his son’s ashes in a family plot in Blue Ridge, Ga., a place that Scott had visited many times in his youth.

In his efforts to have the remains legally divided, William Wilson Jr. asked a court to deem the ashes property so that they could then be partitioned under the probate code, the appeals court decision states. His ex-wife opposed such a move.

Ultimately, the lower court disagreed with William Wilson’s property argument and denied the petition. The court then issued an ultimatum: find a way to dispose of the remains in 30 days or the court would appoint somebody to do it instead. Wilson’s father then brought the case to the appeals court, which resulted in Wednesday’s decision.

It’s likely that the case will now go back to the lower court.

Lili Wilson’s attorney, Kristina Pett, declined to comment, citing her client’s wishes.

William Wilson’s lawyer, Joy Bartmon, said she was disappointed with the decision.

“This opinion does not guide the trial court in the determination to be made,” she said in an email. “Instead, what will occur when the decision as to the ashes goes back to the trial court, is what I wanted to avoid. The final resting place for this young man may be left to the discretion of an administrator who never knew him.”

As for Goodman, a jury convicted him of driving drunk and causing Wilson’s death in March 2012. Last year, however, Circuit Judge Jeffrey Colbath tossed Goodman’s conviction and 16-year prison sentence because of juror misconduct.

The 50-year old multimillionaire founder of International Polo Club Palm Beach is on house arrest on $4 million bail while his attorneys continue to challenge evidence in the case before the new trial.

William and Lili Wilson’s civil lawsuit against Goodman settled two years ago; the parents evenly split $46 million, before attorney fees, according to court records.



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