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Woman can’t finalize divorce because her husband is in witness protection for fraud June 4, 2014

It’s not so easy to divorce your husband when he’s Scott Rothstein and he is locked up in the federal prison witness protection system.

sfl-kim-rothstein-as-child-photos-20131108-014Kim Rothstein, also known as federal inmate 00685-104, first filed for divorce from Scott Rothstein, federal inmate 91256-004, in November.

But the Rothstein vs. Rothstein case hit some delays because he is being held at a secret location in the U.S. Bureau of Prisons’ hush-hush witness protection system, court records show.

The program, known as WITSEC, is designed to ensure the safety of federal prisoners who may be in danger because they testified against other criminals involved in organized crime, drug-trafficking and terrorism.

WITSEC holds those prisoners in seven Protective Custody Units at undisclosed locations where they are kept completely separate from regular inmates, according to the U.S. Department of Justice.

Scott Rothstein, who turns 52 next week, is serving a 50-year prison term after admitting he ran a $1.4 billion Ponzi scheme. He is in witness protectie Morris filed records in Broward Circuit Court last week, detailing some of the hitches encountered in serving the divorce petition on Scott Rothstein. She filed the explanation and a request for more time — which will almost certainly be granted — after a judge scheduled a hearing to dismiss the case because Rothstein wasn’t served within the 120 days required by law.

It took a few months to sort out which federal official could even accept service of the divorce papers and pass them on to Rothstein, though it seems that he was served sometime between April 23 and May 9, Morris wrote.

But special security measures at the Bureau of Prisons’ Inmate Monitoring Section, which oversees the program, require that all airmail is “held for testing, including radiation testing for security purposes,” Morris wrote.

“We are working under a very unique set of circumstances,” Morris told the Sun Sentinel on Monday. “Since Mr. Rothstein is being held in an undisclosed location, we have encountered some difficulty.”


Every man dreams of threesomes with two babes …. then there’s this guy May 3, 2014

1399025497154A New Port Richey man is behind bars after deputies said he had sex with two underage girls several times.

Brian Silliman, 31, is facing two counts of lewd and lascivious behavior and one count of possession of drug paraphernalia.

According to the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office, the girls, who are 12 and 13 years old, took a taxi to his home on March 21. Once the girls were there, detectives said Silliman had sex with both girls.

Detectives said the girls admitted to having sex with Silliman, and they eventually learned the 12-year-old girl had sex with Silliman approximately 10 times over the past month.

The 12-year-old girl also said Silliman went as far as giving her a cell phone to communicate when and where they could meet, the report said. The phone contained text messages from Silliman that read, “I am so in love.”

Silliman was arrested on Wednesday. He remains in the Land O’ Lakes Detention Center in lieu of $20,150 bond.


Cars stolen from a dealership …. by a paraplegic …. using his cane to hold down the gas pedal January 30, 2014

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crimeratesiren---9645335A paraplegic man stole a vehicle from an Ocala dealership before leading officers on a brief chase, according to police.

He was arrested a short time later Wednesday when Alachua County Sheriff’s deputies spotted him at a gas station.

Police say the man went to Ford of Ocala to purchase a vehicle. A salesman showed him around and he decided on a white 2009 Pontiac G6.

Police say the salesman helped the man into the car so he could see how the car felt. But once inside, he locked the doors, turned on the vehicle, put the end of a folding cane on the gas pedal and drove away from the lot, police say.

The dealership notified police.

He faces a possible charge of grand theft auto.


Stupid People …. Getaway car returned to crime scene July 11, 2013

sfl-flduh-returned-to-the-crime-scene-20130710-001On July 7, 2013 at 2:07 a.m., the victim, Adrian Goldwire, 27, was walking in the 1300 block of Olive Street when he was approached by a black male suspect on foot armed with a handgun. The suspect had his face covered with the exception of his eyes which afforded the victim the opportunity to observe the suspects ethnicity. The suspect demanded the victim’s wallet, pants and cell phone and threatened to shoot the victim if he did not comply.

The suspect fled the scene on foot and was observed by the victim getting into the rear passenger seat of a gold colored Nissan vehicle with a black front quarter panel. The vehicle then fled south on South Central Avenue.

Uniformed patrol officers arrived on the scene and within 3 minutes the suspect vehicle drove back past the victim and he pointed the vehicle out to the officers. The vehicle was pulled over and there were three occupants. A handgun was found under the front passenger seat of the Nissan. The three occupants were released after being interviewed.

Further investigation by detectives revealed that a fourth subject had been in the vehicle named Xavier Lawrence O’Neal, 18, and that he had been dropped off at his residence just prior to the officers pulling the vehicle over. Detectives obtained enough probable cause to obtain an arrest warrant for O’Neal and on July 9, 2013, he was arrested without incident at his residence, 1141 Ruby Street, Lakeland, Florida.

Detectives are also investigating an unrelated drive-by shooting the same date, 20 minutes earlier at 1040 Jewell Avenue in which the victim, Gavin Forte, 21, was shot in the left inner thigh. His injuries are non-life threatening. Forte had been standing in the breezeway of the apartments located at 1040 Jewel Avenue when he heard gun fire. Forte started running away when he realized he had been shot in the thigh. Detectives are still investigating this incident and similarities between the two at this time.


Wife of Boca cop arrested in connection with prostitution ring January 24, 2013

sfl-bocahookersphoto2-20130123The wife of a Boca Raton police officer was one of two women arrested in connection with a local prostitution ring, authorities said Wednesday.

The officer, Samuel McCoy, is the husband of Denise McCoy, 34, who was charged along with Sara Marin, 42, in a prostitution and money-laundering scheme. Boca Police Chief Dan Alexander said Wednesday that Samuel McCoy has been put on paid administrative leave.

“It’s very early [in the investigation],” Alexander said.

Samuel McCoy, 31, was suspended twice in 2011. In April, he was suspended for 36 hours for taking pictures of his genital area while on duty. McCoy said he had a medical condition that he needed to document. He said he never sent the photos to anyone and they were deleted.

In July 2011, he was suspended for 84 hours for looking at pornography on his city-issued computer. He said he was looking for jujitsu videos online and clicked on other links that “piqued my interest.”

That investigation began after a city official found out that Samuel McCoy was part of an adult social networking site for swingers.

McCoy’s wife was arrested after a Brazilian woman helped police unearth the local prostitution ring.

According to Boca Raton Police, the woman told immigration agents that she had been forced into a life of prostitution for nine months. According to a probable cause affidavit, the woman said she met Marin, 42, of Boynton Beach, who offered her a job with her escort service and said no sex was involved.

The woman ultimately called Marin and her Brazilian partner, Denise McCoy, of Boca Raton, to start working. After several lunch and dinner dates where there was no sex expected, the woman told police Denise McCoy drove her to an apartment in Boca Raton to meet a date.

That date said he expected sex, so the woman refused and called Denise McCoy, who threatened to have the woman jailed as an illegal immigrant if she didn’t comply.

The woman told police Denise McCoy and Marin advertised several girls using Backpage.com, an online classified website where there are few restrictions on advertised services, and arranged for them to have sex with johns at apartments at 22312 Calibre Court and 22042 Boca Place Drive in two shifts from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and 5 p.m. to 1 a.m.

The prostitutes collected $200 per hour plus tips, and split the cash evenly with McCoy and Marin, according to the affidavit. The woman told police she worked six days per week, having sex with anywhere from 6 to 12 men per day.

Police later found Marin had registered her escort business with the state of Florida, based at one of the apartments under the name Sara’s Entertainment Service LLC.

Police set up surveillance at both apartments over several months and report seeing women entering the apartments for long periods, followed by a stream of men who spent 10 minutes to 1 hour each inside.

The women were seen handing something to Denise McCoy, who then drove to a Bank of America ATM, or to a Boynton Beach home where police say Marin lived. They stopped several johns who confirmed they paid for sex acts in the apartments.

In one undercover operation, a Boca Raton Police investigator paid $200 and McCoy masturbated for 10 to 15 minutes. In another, a sergeant paid $150 for oral sex and intercourse with Marin, but created a “ruse” in order to leave. When Boca police subpoenaed bank records for Denise McCoy, they found 62 cash deposits totaling $29,640.38 between March and November 2012. Marin’s bank records for three accounts showed deposits totaling $40,779, $36,940, $35,885 and $11,723 between January and September 2012, with some of the money apparently moving between Marin’s accounts.

Denise McCoy and Marin were jailed Tuesday evening on pimping and money laundering charges, and remained in the Palm Beach County Jail without bail late Wednesday.


Injured man tells how online romance went awry on first date #OnlyInFlorida October 3, 2012

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She brought her 16-year-old son and a trash bag full of clothes on the first date.

Bobbie Jo Curtis, 40, told the suitor she met online she didn’t have a car. He’d have to pick her up at her motel room.

Joseph Bruno, 44, made the trip in his white utility van. They stopped for pizza on the way back to Bruno’s house, sat around the table and got to know each other.

She told him she was being evicted and asked if she could sleep on the couch that night. He never objected. She never left.

Bruno says he had a bad hunch about letting her stay. She was a stranger, but she looked like she was going through a hard time.

Bruno says he just wanted to help. He couldn’t have known he’d nearly be killed.

Moon Lake seemed nice, too.

Bruno owned a home restoration company in Virginia until he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis four years ago. He moved down to the peaceful, remote west Pasco neighborhood.

But quiet gave way to loneliness. He spent his days on his computer. An Internet pop-up promised a chance to meet “that special someone” for $7.49 a month on singlesnet.com.

He said he met a few nice women over the two years of online dating. None of them came over.

The first weekend in September, he came across the profile of a woman with dark brown hair and light blue eyes. They talked online for a few weeks before he picked up Curtis and her son at the Riverview Inn for a pizza dinner.

They stayed for a week. He said she never showered, never changed out of her red top and blue jeans, never ate his food, never slept in his bed, never kissed him. She was “like a gypsy,” he said.

As the week went on, Bruno said, the nice-seeming stranger grew cold. She stopped talking to him. He still can’t explain why he let her stay.

“Loneliness,” he said later, “will make you do crazy things.”

The first crack on the head was blinding.

Bruno had been watching the Yankees-Rays game on his computer Sept. 14 when he felt it. He reeled in his chair and met the pale blue eyes he’d first seen in the profile.

“What the hell?”

Curtis stood behind him clutching a 2 by 4, he said. “You’re lucky I ain’t kill you two days before,” she told him. The 2 by 4 came down mercilessly, he said.

The first hits didn’t put him under like they do in the movies. He watched the blood spill out of his head, so much that a cleaning crew would later have to pull up the dining room floorboards because of all the dried blood stuck between them.

He said she beat him 20 times before his world went dark.

Pasco sheriff’s reports that describe the attack also say she took Bruno’s van and brought back her friend Vanessa Musson. It was Musson’s 26th birthday.

Reports say they used a thick tow rope to bind him to his office chair while he drifted in and out of consciousness. They beat him several more times.

Reports don’t specify who did what, but a gun was pressed to Bruno’s head. He surrendered the combination to his safe.

They snatched comic books, rare baseball cards, two guitars, his wallet, his gun collection and his flat-screen television and loaded it into his van.

David Ragon, a 69-year-old neighbor, saw them loading the van and came over to check on Bruno. That’s when, he said, Curtis’ son, Bryan, came behind him with a hammer. The blow to the back of his head knocked him out. More hits broke his jaw.

Then the three left.

When Ragon came to, he crawled out of the yard to call deputies.

Bruno and Ragon were taken to the Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point, where doctors did a tracheotomy on Bruno’s throat. Eight staples closed the split in his head and seven stitches closed the gash over his right eye.

Curtis and her son were arrested the next day on charges including attempted murder, false imprisonment and grand theft. Tampa police and U.S. marshals caught up with Musson a week later at her attorney’s Tampa apartment. All three remain in custody.


72-year-old hubby stabbed by wife ……….. 27 yrs old! July 10, 2012

A Deltona man confronted his wife about her cheating and was stabbed in the arm with a kitchen knife, investigating deputies said.

Maciej Nowicki, 72, suffered a 3/4-inch puncture in his left forearm. His wife, Brygida Sheffler, 27, of Poland, a waitress at the Deltona Inn, was arrested and charged with aggravated battery on a person older than 65.

Deputies arriving at the Old Titusville Road home in Deltona found Nowicki with a large amount of blood pouring out of the wound on his forearm.

Nowicki told deputies he learned Sheffler was cheating on him with another man for about a year and confronted her Saturday at 10:18 a.m. as they stood in the kitchen, the report states.

An argument broke out and Scheffler grabbed a 6-inch kitchen knife. She lunged at the elderly man. Nowicki raised his left arm to fend off the attack and got stuck with the knife. He had to grab a golf club to defend himself, investigating deputies said.

Scheffler told Nowicki that if he called the police, it would be the last thing he would do as her friends from the bar would come and “do him in,” according to sheriff’s deputies.

Blood was on the knife as well as a small amount of flesh was found on its tip, investigators said.

Reached by telephone Monday afternoon, Scheffler said she will not talk about what happened between her and Nowicki but said nothing is true.

“Everything that the man said and all the charges they put on me are false,” Scheffler said.

Nowicki declined to comment saying, “I don’t want to be famous.”


Couple tie the knot at their ‘big ol’ muddy redneck wedding’. Huh????? April 30, 2012

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Love and mud were in the air Saturday afternoon in Putnam County.

St. Johns County resident Kodie Umphenour, 24, and Interlachen native Carina Pasco, 31, were married just after 1 p.m. in the same Hog Waller Mud Bog & ATV mud pit where he proposed to her one year ago.

The county-crossed lovers met on a dating site a little more than a year ago, finding they shared a common passion: mud-bogging.

“He’ll do anything for anybody,” Umphenour’s best man, Stephan Doty, said before the wedding, with the groom’s sister, Autumn Umphenour, with him on a four-wheeler in the ceremony’s precession. “He doesn’t know a stranger.”

To the Umphenours and many among the more than 1,000 onlookers Saturday, the word “redneck” bears neither shame nor negativity.

“I loved it,” said the groom’s cousin, 14-year-old Micaila Smith, of the ceremony. “Our side of the family are all rednecks, so we’re right at home here.”

The new couple sent out invitations asking people to attend “Our Big Ol’ Muddy Redneck Wedding.”

Longtime friend of Kodie Umphenour, Gerald Drozdowski Jr. smiled as the groom scooped up his new bride for family photos.

“That’s a good kid right there,” Drozdowski said of Kodie. “He’s as redneck as they come, and he is a work horse. If it were my daughter he married, I’d be proud.”

Wedding guests and independent mud-boggers alike laughed and threw globs of wet dirt at one another before the nuptials. But the start of the wedding brought a near hush over the large crowd, some members of which folded their hands and smiled while watching the event.

As requested by a pre-wedding broadcast over the park’s loudspeaker, not one engine was revved during the ceremony.

But as applause broke and the bride descended a metal ladder in her camouflage print wedding gown, a symphony of motors cheered the union.

In a trailer about 40 yards away from the pit in which her son married minutes before, Lisa Umphenour showed off a pastoral-themed, triple-tiered wedding cake and two drinking glasses her new daughter-in-law designed.

She said the couple is far along the learning curve of parenthood.

“She has four kids and he has two, so we’re calling them the Brady Bunch,” Lisa Umphenour said.

The bride’s friend of 10 years and official wedding photographer, Candace Weaver, said Carina made a good choice marrying Kodie.

“I’ve seen a few of the guys she’s dated … much better,” she said of the groom. “They go so well together, and they both love it out here. I call them to come out to the beach. And they can’t because they’re always here; you can see they love each other.”

Drozdowski said he did his part in steering his friend toward a relationship with his new bride.

“Some of the girls he was with I told him to turn around and run,” he said. “And he turned around and ran, and now he found a good one.”

The bride’s sister and newly ordained minister Angie Pasco officiated the ceremony, asking Kodie and Carina to promise they would remain true to one another “through blown head gaskets, worn-out gears and through big mud holes.”

None of the vows worried the groom, who works with Carina for his parents Lisa Umphenour and Gene Riley at Specialty Auto Parts, the family’s salvage yard in St. Johns County.

One of Kodie Umphenour’s first tasks after Saturday’s Hog Waller reception — and a hopefully restful Sunday — is fixing his mother’s purple pickup truck, which got buried deep in the muck after the wedding when a part broke.

It was yanked out by a monster truck on scene.

“I’ve got to get back to work Monday,” he said. “This is our honeymoon.”

On the mud-caked, knocking and rattling truck carrying the family from the pit to the reception tent above, Austin Downing, 13, embraced the groom’s son, 6-year-old Kodie Umphenour Jr., who held his ears from the sound of revving engines.

Micaila, her arm around a younger cousin, diagnosed the truck’s problem as a broken axle. Outside the tent, the groom agreed, adding that depending on the angle of impact, the truck’s transmission and drive shaft might also need fixing.

“I go to work and work on cars, and I go home and do the same thing,” the groom said. “[Carina] gets mad at me sometimes, but this is what we enjoy. I’ve got seven four-wheelers and four mud trucks at home.”

Joe Pasco said that as a child, his daughter hated to get dirty.

“I asked her about it as we rode up,’ he said of the trip to the altar atop the monster truck. “I said ‘How did you go from that to getting married in a mud pit?’ She said, ‘Oh, Dad, I outgrew that.’”

Riley said his son chose a bride who is a perfect fit for the family.

“He couldn’t have picked a better girl,” Riley said. “And I’m proud they actually got married out there. A lot of people talk about doing it, but they did it.”


Woman gave hubby a lift …… on the hood of her car. April 17, 2012

Andre Xavier Rentz reportedly told officers he knew his wife was going to run into him with the red minivan. But instead of jumping out of the way, he jumped on the hood.

She decided to take him for a two-mile ride, according to a Gainesville Police Department report.

Earlicia Latricia Young-Rentz, 31, of Gainesville, was arrested on a charge of domestic aggravated assault around 5 a.m. Monday.

Young-Rentz drove her husband to his residence after the couple had been fighting about their soon-to-be finalized divorce, according to an arrest report. Young-Rentz and Rentz have been married since 2009.

He told officers that when she dropped him off she intentionally drove the minivan at him. To avoid getting hit, he jumped on the vehicle’s hood.

The husband said he repeatedly asked her to stop, but she refused. He said he didn’t jump off the hood because he was worried he would get hurt. He did not have any injuries.

He told officers his wife would only slow the car for stoplights and stop signs, but did not stop completely. The speed of the car is unknown, according to Cpl. Angelina Valuri.

Young-Rentz told officers she accidentally called 911, according to Valuri. When the dispatcher heard a man yelling to stop the car, they asked what the noise was. Young-Rentz told the dispatcher her husband was on the hood. She finally stopped, about two miles later, in a Publix parking lot.

Young-Rentz also was arrested on Jan. 4 on a charge of domestic battery. According to the report, she and her husband were splitting up and she wanted him to leave their home. When he didn’t go, she tried to push him out. He was left with scratches across his face.

The January case against her was dropped because, according to a notation in online court records, officials were unable to find the victim.


Man, 78, kills wife, 21, then himself October 7, 2011

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A 78-year-old man shot and killed his 21-year-old wife, then set their home on fire before turning a pistol on himself, according to Port St. Lucie police, and reported in The Orlando Sentinal.

Police received two 911 calls shortly after 1 a.m. Saturday and went to the home, said police spokesman Officer Tom Nichols. Officers arrived to find the front door ajar and, behind it, the dead man with burns on his body.

Officers found the woman dead in a back bedroom that had smoke damage from a fire set with gasoline, Nichols said.

Get the details from The Orlando Sentinal.



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