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Newlywed man, 79, tries to kill bride July 9, 2014

fl-hallandale-married-attempted-murder-jpg-20140708They were married just eight months, but police say a 79-year-old man tried to kill his wife, 73, after accusing her of stealing his checkbook.

Luis Ames, of Hallandale Beach, was arrested Monday after he struck his wife with the handle of a handgun, police said.

The woman, who police did not identify, was sleeping in their bedroom when Ames woke her up and made the theft allegation, Hallandale Beach Police Officer Josue Hernandez’s police report said.

She denied the accusation, and he took a firearm from a dresser drawer. While shouting, ‘I’m going to kill you,’ Ames struck the top of her head with the gun while it was still in its holster, police said.

The woman’s head was cut and “copious amounts” of blood flowed down her face, body and clothing, the report stated.


If you get all fired up …. why not just set someone on fire … July 7, 2014

vincent-mooreOrange County deputies arrested a man they said tried to set another man on fire early Sunday morning.

Deputies said they were called to a home in the 7600 block of Clarcona Ocoee road around 2:16 a.m. after an attack.

Deputies said when they got to the home, the discovered 47-year-old Vincent Moore had poured gasoline on another man, then lit him on fire.

Deputies said the victim was taken to Orlando Health and treated for his burns.

Deputies said the victim is expected to recover and Moore was arrested at the scene.

Moore was taken to the Orange County Jail and charged with attempted murder.


Argument over women’s rights ends in the most Florida way possible, with a rabbit being punched July 2, 2014

BUNNYPUNCHER_17340Police say a Boynton Beach man argued with his girlfriend over women’s rights, then violently attacked her rabbit when she said she wanted to end the relationship.

Boynton Beach police responded to the 1000 block of Lake Terrace at 11:38 p.m. Friday for a report of a disturbance.

According to an arrest report, when the woman retreated to a bedroom to end the argument she heard a high-pitched screaming coming from the apartment’s living room. She told police she went to the living room and saw her boyfriend James W. Wertz, 28, abusing her pet rabbit by squeezing and punching it. She said he was hitting the rabbit so hard that blood was coming from its face.

When the woman tried to get Wertz to stop, she said he became enraged. She tried calling 9-1-1 and he threw her across the room, she said. He then grabbed a shirt and left, according to the report.

Police searched for Wertz but were unable to find him. The woman left the apartment for the night because she told police that Wertz has keys and she was afraid he would return after police left.

Police report the rabbit survived the beating and is recovering.

Wertz was located and arrested a few hours later. He remained jailed Tuesday on battery and animal cruelty charges.



Argument leads to ‘boxing match’ with 70-year-old woman July 1, 2014

sfl-flduh-boxing-match-20140630-001An argument between two women allegedly ended in a boxing match that got the younger woman arrested.

On June 21, Okaloosa County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a Mary Esther residence for a disturbance, according to the arrest report. Lorie A. Miller said she’d had a fight with the other woman.

Miller said she’d been in a “boxing match” with the 70-year-old woman, the report said. Miller, 40, said she didn’t remember touching the woman, “but probably did shove her out of my way.”

A witness told deputies that he’d seen Miller physically attack the woman and shove her around the living room, according to the report. The victim’s statement was similar.

The victim had injuries on her arms, the report said.

Miller is charged with battery on a person 65 years of age or older.


How embarrassing will it be to think that you’re going to be known in prison as the guy who tried to kill someone with grits? June 21, 2014

thGrits are known as a Southern comfort food. But it can be a white-hot weapon in the wrong hands.

That’s what Darryl Blacknell, 29, of Orlando learned Wednesday when a petty argument ended in hospitalization for second- and third-degree burns.

Edward Holley, 59, now faces attempted-murder charges after he admitted to throwing a pot of scalding grits at Blacknell.

“Blacknell stated that the pain was horrible and he began screaming and running away from the house,” an arrest report said.

He was burned over 30 percent of his body, police said. The men are neighbors who fight regularly, with their latest disagreement Tuesday night.

Police did not say what started the argument but a witness said it was over an insignificant issue.

The argument ended in a pushing match outside Holley’s home on King Cole Boulevard in southwest Orlando.

Holley warned Blacknell to stay away from his home. The next day, Blacknell was back.

At some point, Holley attacked Blacknell with hot grits he just pulled off the stove, a report said.


Some folks light candles on their birthday; others apparently light up their boss’ home

 It was Damion Haywood’s 40th birthday and he had just been fired.

So, incensed, police say he set his 79-year-old boss’ truck and house on fire.

Now Haywood sits in the county jail charged with first-degree arson, dwelling/people present, and second-degree arson.

sfl-flduh-man-gets-fired-20140619-001Willie Irven, the boss, told police he fired Haywood at 11 a.m. Tuesday because the suspect always shows up to work “high,” an arrest report states. Irven said that Haywood — who turned 40 that day — mumbled something and walked off, the report shows. After getting the pink slip from Irven, Haywood telephoned his nephew and asked the younger man to pick him up, the report shows. The nephew told investigators that Haywood climbed into his car toting a lunch box and a metal gas can, the report states.

Haywood of Daytona Beach asked his nephew to take him to a gas station where he filled up the metal can, the nephew told police. Then he asked his nephew to drive him to Winchester Street where the suspect’s mother lives. According to police, Irven lives close to Haywood’s mother.

About noon, a neighbor of Irven’s spotted a man beating a 2007 Dodge truck with a metal gasoline can, the arrest report shows. The witness told police that he watched as the man also flattened one of the tires on the pickup and then poured gasoline into the truck, lighting it on fire, the report states.

The witness then asked the man why he had done that and the suspect answered, “Because I can. And I will light your house on fire too,” the report states.

When investigators contacted Irven, he told them that Haywood knows where he lives because it’s close to Haywood’s mother’s house, the report states. It’s not clear what kind of business Irven owns or what kind of work Haywood did there. Irven could not be reached Thursday.

When police and an investigator with the State Fire Marshal’s Office arrived at Irven’s house on Kingston Street, they found the Dodge with three punctured tires. The vehicle’s front window had been shattered on the passenger’s side and gasoline had been poured into the truck and set ablaze, the report shows.

Irven’s house meanwhile — built in 1946 — had sustained some damage as well, the report states. Fire marshal investigator Murray McDonald discovered that gasoline had been splashed onto the south and southeast exterior walls of the residence and then set on fire. The fire did not spread because the house has asbestos siding, police said.

While investigators examined Irven’s property, patrol officers spoke to Haywood’s nephew and the witness who had seen a man dousing Irven’s truck with gasoline, the report shows.

Haywood has been arrested 23 times since 1998 and has a handful of convictions — including one for stalking. He served prison time in the 1990s for robbery and again in the early 200s for cocaine dealing. He was interviewed on Wednesday and police said he confessed to setting both the truck and house on fire. He was being held Thursday at the Branch Jail on $25,000 bail.


Man didn’t like what he was hearing so …. he choked a 12-year-old boy and chased him around a restaurant June 19, 2014

Jeremy-Almeida-jpgDaytona Beach man was arrested Monday night after police say he choked a 12-year-old boy and chased him around a restaurant.

According to the police report, the victim made a comment to his mother that Jeremy Almeida, 32, did not like. Almeida proceeded to choke the child and then chase him around the restaurant. He later trapped the boy on a pool table and choked him again, police said.

The incident occurred at a restaurant in the 1500 block of South Atlantic Avenue. Almeida was arrested walking away from the scene and charged with child abuse.

Officials said the mother was drunk and refused to cooperate.


Don’t head-butt a cop unless you want your butt tossed into jail June 17, 2014

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A 24-year-old man arrested on drug and theft charges resisted arrest by head-butting an officer in the face.

sfl-flduh-headbutted-officer-20140616-001Justin M. Allen, of Crestview, was arrested after police found unprescribed oxycodone, generic Lartab and generic Xanas on his person, according to the arrest report. Police also found $750 in stolen railway equipment near where Allen was found. Allen could not explain where the equipment had come from.

After he was handcuffed, he refused to get into the patrol vehicle, the report said. He flailed his legs and refused to move to get into the vehicle.

When the officer attempted to force Allen into the vehicle, Allen head-butted the officer in the face, the report said.

Allen is charged with possession of a controlled substance without a prescription, battery on law enforcement, resisting an officer with violence and resisting an officer without violence.


Man shoots son multiple times on Father’s Day June 16, 2014


As an 18-year-old man ran from his New Smyrna Beach house bleeding from four gunshot wounds, his father stepped outside, pointed a handgun and fired one more shot, police said.

Eugene Blackwell Sr. shot his son Eugene Blackwell Jr. at 6:34 p.m. on Father’s Day while the two were inside their Edward Street home, New Smyrna Beach Sgt. Eugene Griffith said.

The final shot missed the fleeing teen.

The younger Blackwell, who just graduated from New Smyrna Beach High where he was a star weightlifter, had just broken up a fight between his father and his mother, Windy Blackwell, Griffith said, and the elder Blackwell was not pleased with the interference.

“He shot his son four times,” Griffith said Monday morning. “It escalated after the mother left the house.”

The elder Blackwell was arrested early Monday and is charged with attempted first-degree murder. He was being held without bail Monday at the Volusia County Branch Jail.

Neighbor Richard Tredeaux told investigators that after he heard the initial gunfire coming from the Blackwell house, he then saw Blackwell Jr. running from the residence. Tredeaux said he saw Blackwell Sr. emerge from the home and point something at the teenager. He heard another gunshot and then the elder Blackwell yelled out, “Yeah (expletive deleted) how do you like that?” the arrest report states.

Griffith said Blackwell Jr. was airlifted to Halifax Health Medical Center in Daytona Beach in critical condition. He was listed in satisfactory condition on Monday, said Tangela Boyd, hospital spokeswoman.


Omar Monserrate Accused Of Beating Up Teen For “Fooling Around” With His Daughter June 14, 2014

 An Altamonte Springs man is facing serious charges, accused of beating up a 14-year-old boy.

Omar-MonserrateInvestigators said Omar Monserrate punched and choked the teen because he was found with Monserrate’s 13-year-old daughter.

Detectives said the girl snuck out of her house to meet the boy, but was caught when she returned home.

According to reports, Monserrate and the girl’s mother went to the boy’s home, and Monserrate demanded to speak to him alone.

He drove the boy to Brantley Terrace, where he allegedly began yelling at the boy and choked him until he passed out.

When the boy regained consciousness they both got back in the car and went to the boy’s home, according to reports.

The boy’s mother came home, noticed bruises on his face and neck, and rushed the boy to the hospital.

Monserrate has a criminal history, including domestic violence.



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