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Teacher blew a .27 two hours after she was pulled over .. on her way to school at 7:00 a.m. April 16, 2014

0416_nclo_vaughn_nancy_t120A high school teacher was arrested and charged with driving under the influence while on her way to school on a Monday morning.

Nancy Vaughn, a 57-year-old reading teacher at a high school in Estero, Fla., was pulled over shortly before 7 a.m. after the Lee County Sheriff’s Office received a report of a car driving erratically near the school, swerving in and out of lanes. Vaughn denied being under the influence of any substances and stated that she was on her way to work.

However, when Vaughn failed a field sobriety test, the officer arrested her on suspicion of DUI. She ended up having Breathalyzer test readings of 0.26 and 0.27, more than three times the legal limit, when she was tested about two hours later, reported the Naples Daily News.

Vaughn is on probation related to a May 2013 DUI to which she pleaded no contest. She received one year county probation and a one-year license revocation as part of her plea agreement, though she was allowed to drive to and from work.


Teacher Fired for Orchestrating Attack on Seventh Grade Student April 15, 2014

teacherAfter Florida teacher Dru Dehart got into an argument with seventh-grade student Radravious Williams, Dehart allegedly ordered a pack of older teens to attack Williams.

Dehart, who claims that Williams threatened her, is a veteran teacher at Northport K-8 School in Port St. Lucie.

Security camera footage from inside the school shows Dehart pointing to Williams and walking away. Mere moments later, a group of boys surrounds the teen and assaults him.

As the boys beat him up, Williams falls to the floor. The attack left him injured and traumatized.

Dehart was suspended without pay last fall.

On Thursday, after half an hour’s deliberation, the county’s school board came to the unanimous decision to fire Dehart.

David Miklas, a school district representative, said that Dehart “made a very poor decision that day” in using “students to carry out discipline.”


Christian High School Teacher Caught Half-Naked With 14-Year-Old Student April 8, 2014

Eric-Beasley-125x188A South Florida teacher was arrested Tuesday after he was caught having sex with a 14-year-old student, police said.

According to the Lighthouse Point police report, Eric Beasley, 24, was the ninth-grade student’s biology teacher at Zion Lutheran Christian School in Deerfield Beach.

An officer found Beasley and the teen having sex in a parked car behind a business, the report claimed.

While being questioned by detectives, Beasley admitted to engaging in inappropriate behavior with the girl at school, including kissing during her lunch breaks, the report stated.

“It’s absolutely appalling,” Rosalyn Smith, whose child attends the school, told Local 10.

Police said they also found pictures of Beasley’s penis on his phone that he sent to the girl.

“Not just my child, but I’m concerned about all of the children here at the school,” Smith said.

A student at the school said he thought Beasley was “a weird creep-o.”

School officials have not commented on the arrest.


Man, 69, challenged cop to fight … or should I say Dumbass? March 1, 2014

sfl-flduh-duke-it-out-cop-20140225-001A 69-year-old man wanted to duke it out with a Fort Walton Beach Police officer but got a Tasing for his trouble instead.

The arrest report didn’t describe events leading up to the confrontation, but apparently John Sherman McCormick of Fort Walton Beach poked the officer in the nose, cursed him and said, “You want to talk to me? Let’s talk,” the officer reported.

He did it again and the officer pushed him down, told him to roll over onto his stomach and put his hands behind his back. McCormick said “Let’s (deleted) go” and challenged the officer to a fight.

When the officer pulled out his Taser, McCormick is said to have made a grab for it. The officer stepped back and Tased him.

McCormick was then taken to Fort Walton Beach Medical Center to have the Taser barbs removed, then returned to Fort Walton Beach PD for booking and taken to jail.

He was charged with battery on a law enforcement officer and resisting arrest without violence.


Teacher’s aide fails field sobriety test, even with extra credit for going pantless February 25, 2014

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1393279837724When deputies pulled over a Pasco County School District teacher’s aide this weekend, they made a surprising discovery.

Kristi Steuber wasn’t wearing any pants, they said.

According to the arrest report, 41-year-old Steuber, who works as an aide at Paul R. Smith Middle School in Holiday, was pulled over early Saturday morning going 69 miles per hour in a 55-mph zone along State Road 56 in Wesley Chapel.

Once she pulled over, deputies noted the strong smell of alcohol.  When she tried explaining where she had been, deputies said Steuber began slurring and mumbling, as she told them she had a few drinks at a bar in St. Petersburg.

When deputies asked Steuber to get out of the car so they could perform a field sobriety test, they said they realized she was completely nude from the waist down, wearing only a shirt and bra.

According to the report, they had to tell Steuber twice before they said she realized her lack of clothing.  Then deputies said they had to ask her two more times to put some pants on so they could give her the sobriety test, which she failed.

Steuber was placed under arrest and taken to the Land O’ Lakes Detention Center, where her blood alcohol level was recorded at 0.135 and 0.137.  Florida law presumes legal intoxication at 0.08.

Linda Cobbe, a spokesperson for the Pasco County School District said Steuber had to meet with employee relations because by law, education employees must report any arrests to the district.  But because the DUI charge is a misdemeanor, Cobbe says no further disciplinary action is necessary.


You can now be charged with battery for making a student unclog a urinal with his bare hands February 21, 2014

A Coral Springs teacher is facing battery charges after allegedly making a student unclog a urinal with his bare hands, police said.

sfl-jennifer-forshey-photo-20140219Jennifer King Forshey, 58, of Hollywood, is accused of ordering a 10-year-old to remove wet wads of paper towels from a urinal in a boys’ restroom at Broward Community Charter School on Feb. 6, according to the arrest report.

Forshey was arrested Wednesday and charged with battery on a child by exposure to urine, records show.

She was released early Thursday after posting $1,000 bond, according to jail records.

The boy told investigators the paper towels were soaked with someone else’s urine so he tried to use dry paper towels to pick them up, yet the urine seeped through. His hands smelled of urine; there was no soap in the restroom, so he went to the dean’s office to ask for some, the report stated.

Another teacher said he witnessed the incident and heard Forshey telling the student to rinse his hands under running water, police said.

During questioning, Forshey admitted to telling the student to “clean the paper towels out” of the urinal without providing him anything to prevent contact with the urine. She told police she saw nothing wrong with what she had done until she was arrested.


Music teacher accused of throwing her shoe at student January 28, 2014

Students returned to class at Franklin Academy in Boynton Beach Monday without their music teacher. Accusations that the teacher threw her shoe at a third grade student stunned parents.

“It was surprising, extremely surprising,” said Kimberly Firth, who has a 12-year-old son in the band.

Parents took to social media, upset that the teacher was placed on leave, and not immediately let go.

Interim Principal Elena Diaz responded to parents with an email saying: “We are well aware of the incident that took place last week involving our music teacher… I want to inform you she is no longer a member of our faculty.”

Firth says school leaders did what they had to do.

“I trust them and that what they did was appropriate, I trust in them to do the right thing,” said Firth.

This isn’t the first time the school had sudden staffing changes. Just last month the principal abruptly left. No one in charge ever explained why.

There have been other bumps in the road for Franklin Academy. The school didn’t open on time last fall because of construction and inspection delays. In October, 35 students got sick forcing the school to temporarily close.

Still Firth says they’re working out the kinks. “Any school will have these issues and because Franklin is a new school everyone is watching a little bit closer.”

The teacher in question declined comment. School leaders wouldn’t give details about what happened in the classroom, but confirmed no students were injured.

It’s unclear what may have led to the alleged shoe-throwing incident.


Teacher fired over penis carving November 21, 2013

sfl-flduh-penis-carving-dildo-20131120-001Jeanne Michaud was a talented math teacher who made advanced courses understandable — and even fun — and was available to Lyman High students who needed extra help, parents say.

But she also was sarcastic, condescending and profane with students, Seminole County school administrators say. Records show she has a nearly 30-year history of disciplinary problems, including a one-year suspension.

During class in August, the veteran teacher displayed a crude wooden carving of a penis and testicles. That action seems likely to cost Michaud her job. The Seminole County School Board is to vote on her firing at its meeting Tuesday. The board suspended her without pay last month.

The carving was one of several similar sculptures left on the Longwood campus as a senior prank in 2009. Michaud, 56, told a school district investigator she thought the prank was “humorous” and out of “pure stupidity on my part” took one and kept it stashed in a classroom cabinet.

Michaud’s abrupt departure from Lyman has upset some students and parents, who described her as a top-notch teacher who pushed even very bright students to achieve more.

“She was completely vested in trying to get these kids … prepared for what they’re going to face in college,” said Brian Clarke, whose son Sean had Michaud for Algebra 2 last year.

But district administrators viewed Michaud’s decision to take out the vulgar object as an “egregious act” from a teacher with a long history of discipline problems. Since 1986, Michaud had been warned repeatedly about cursing and making sarcastic and demeaning comments to students, among other problems, district records show.

“At some point, the performance of a teacher doesn’t really weigh in any more,” said John Reichert, the district’s director of human resources.

The most recent case against Michaud started when a parent called Lyman to complain that Michaud had insulted and embarrassed her child. That student then told administrators that her math teacher had also taken out a wooden “dildo” in class, district records show.

Clarke said he and his wife initially found Michaud “glib” and her language “rough.” But she won them over with how dedicated she was.

“I learned to appreciate her,” Kathy Clarke added. “And I allowed her to rattle my child sometimes … and hold his feet to the fire.”

Michaud was hired by Seminole schools in 1982. Her discipline track record dates back to 1986, with documents showing administrators’ frustrations with “unprofessional” conduct but also their acknowledgment that she could be an “excellent teacher.”

Her file includes nine letters of reprimand, caution or directive. In those, principals noted that parents had complained Michaud had called their children “moron,” “retarded,” or “rude heifer” and that she had cursed, even using the F-word, in class.

•In 1991, when she was working at Oviedo High, she was suspended for a year without pay and lost her teaching certificate because of accusations she purchased and served alcohol to underage students and used sexually explicit language with students, according to a settlement agreement with the state. Michaud denied those allegations but chose not to fight them.

•She also was suspended for a day in 2002 for insubordination and unprofessional conduct.

•In 2004, she was fired from a summer school job at Winter Springs High for “unprofessional” comments, including “telling a male student who asked to use the restroom to ‘tie it in a knot,’” records show.

•In 2009, the state reprimanded and fined her $1,000 for unprofessional conduct in prior years.

Michaud’s home telephone number was not working and neither she nor her attorney responded to a message left for them with the Seminole Education Association, the teachers union.

Michaud also has taught under the names of Danelle Jeanne Michaud and Jeanne Gibson.

Debbie Le Grand, who has two children at Lyman, said Michaud was a “phenomenal teacher” who helped her older son come to view Algebra 2 as not only doable but fun.

Le Grand said she heard there was sometimes inappropriate language in class but focused more on the change in her son’s attitude about math.

“She was always one of those teachers who went above and beyond to be available to her students,” she said. “I’d still put my kids back in her class in a heartbeat.”

Added Brian Clarke, “If there’s indefensible conduct that she’s been warned about repeatedly, I would grieve with her for the loss of her job. Jeanne, dear God, why wouldn’t you save yourself from yourself?”


High School teacher suspended for taping girl up October 23, 2013

A Seminole County high school teacher has been suspended for taping a disruptive student’s hands together and trying to tape her mouth shut, according to officials.

Greg Sims, a science teacher at Lake Brantley High School in Altamonte Springs, was suspended for five days without pay, according to a letter addressed October 8 from Superintendent Walt Griffin.  His suspension runs through early November.

According to the letter, Sims “taped a student’s hands together, attempted to tape her mouth closed as a means of addressing her disturbing class and taped her book bag to a pole in the classroom.”

“I have determined that your conduct in this situation does not conform to the Seminole County Public Schools Student Conduct and Discipline Code,” Griffin wrote.  “This is unacceptable conduct on the part of a professional educator and represents misconduct in office.”

The incident marks Sims’ third suspension in his 25-year career, all three of which included embarrassing female students.


Science teacher accused of offering oral sex to police officer after DUI arrest July 29, 2013

A Palm Springs middle school teacher accused of offering sexual favors to a police officer during her DUI arrest has now accepted a plea deal.

sfl-flduh-dui-bust-20130728-00153-year-old Mary Maloney will spend 30 days in jail. Maloney was taken into custody right after the hearing to start serving her sentence.

Officials say they found an empty gallon of wine in her van. While she was on the way inside the patrol car, she allegedly offered sexual favors so that the officer would let her go.

“How much do I need to pay you to just let me go?” Maloney, 53, allegedly said to an officer driving her to the police station, according to the arrest report. “Don’t you understand I am a school teacher?”

Maloney of Lake Worth, then allegedly offered to provide oral sex to the officer. She also invited the officer to grope her breasts, according to the arrest report.

Maloney has a prior DUI conviction from 2009, according to the arrest report. Police said she was driving while knowing her license was under suspension.

Nat Harrington, a spokesman for the School District of Palm Beach County, said Maloney could lose her job.

“These are very serious charges and could subject the employee to discipline of suspension or termination,” Harrington said.

But before any decision is made, Maloney will be referred to the school district’s Employee Assistance Program, Harrington said. The program offers counseling to employees, according to the school district’s web site.

“[B]ased on the outcome of that referral, we will make a decision as to her status pending the outcome of the case,” Harrington said.

Police said Maloney’s white Dodge van collided with a West Palm Beach man’s white Chevy pick-up truck at about 8:35 p.m. on Sunday.

A witness who saw the crash followed Maloney’s van until she stopped and parked in the 6300 block of Forest Hill Boulevard, police said.

Police arrived and Maloney was taken to a patrol car for questioning.

“I noticed that her eyes were bloodshot, glassy and only partially open,” a Greenacres police officer wrote in the arrest report.

Inside the van, officers saw that both airbags had been deployed. An empty jug of Carlo Rossi wine was behind the driver’s seat.

Maloney allegedly yelled and made “random vulgar statements. After being asked by police to undergo sobriety tests, Maloney began to cry and told police she wouldn’t cooperate in the investigation without a lawyer.



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