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Man bares more than his soul in a ‘spiritual calling’ October 29, 2014

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A naked man spotted at a Port St. Lucie intersection told police he felt a “spiritual calling” to be outside in his birthday suit and that he saw “strange things in the sky.”
sfl-flduh-naked-man-genital-ring-20141028-001What could be called the case of the nude dude with accessorized private parts began about 10:48 p.m. at Southwest Halcomb Street and Southwest Paar Drive where police noticed Berfield in the buff.When Port St. Lucie police encountered Keith Berfield, 56, on Oct. 17, the only thing he had on was “a large metal ring around his testicles,” according to recently released records.

Asked why he was outside naked, Berfield said he felt a “spiritual calling.”

He said he’d been “called” to his back porch and further “moved” or “called” outside where he noticed “strange things in the sky.”

“The defendant (Berfield) could not describe what he meant by strange things but stated that he has been seeing this for the past several days and that standing in the driveway naked with officers was deja vu,” a report states.

He started rambling about a “spiritual initiation,” and investigators suspected he may be under the influence of drugs.

He told police he had “meth and weed” in his home, which is nearby. Police and Berfield went in his residence, and Berfield threw on a pair of underwear.

paraphernalia-table-e1413980457996Investigators found a variety of drugs, including suspected LSD, methamphetamine and marijuana.

Berfield was taken to the hospital, and police asked him again why he was outside naked. He said he’d been on drugs and wasn’t really sure why.

Berfield, of the 3900 block of Southwest Halcomb Street in Port St. Lucie, was arrested on seven felony and two misdemeanor drug-related charges.


“Wild pigs are running so wild in one Brevard County neighborhood that Halloween trick-or-treating is being threatened” October 28, 2014

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Wild pigs are running so wild in one Brevard County neighborhood that Halloween trick-or-treating is being threatened.

Wild_Pig_KSC02pd0873Wildlife trapper James Dean has captured eight hogs this week.

He’s sure there are more, though. Dean said the hogs have dug up the grass in 17 homes.

“Some of the homeowners are telling me they’re walking out on the sidewalk, they’re pooping, they’re crossing the road,” Dean said.

Dean baited several traps, using corn, in backyards in the Sawgrass at Suntree neighborhood just north of Melbourne.

The homeowners association is concerned that Halloween trick-or-treaters could run afoul of a toothy wild boar on the hunt for snacks.

“What we’ll do is come in Wednesday or Thursday with a pack of dogs that will actually catch the hogs and at least scare them further away from the residents around here,” Dean said.


Driver found passed out in a running car at gas station

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Ocala police arrested a man they found passed out in a running car at a gas station early Friday. The man’s blood alcohol level was determined to more than three times the legal limit, according to the Ocala Police Department.

sfl-flduh-passed-out-running-car-20141027-001Authorities arrived at the Kangaroo gas station at 909 NE 28th St., Ocala, in response to a call about a suspicious vehicle, according to OPD spokeswoman Sgt. Angy Scroble. Officers found Gary Lee Hays, 51, passed out inside the running vehicle. They made several attempts to wake him. Hays finally responded and told them he had not had anything to drink. He later said he had three drinks.

Hays failed a field sobriety test. Blood alcohol tests registered levels of .237 and .246.

The legal limit in Florida at which someone is presumed to be intoxicated is .08.

Hays was arrested at 4:53 a.m. and was taken to the Marion County Jail. He was charged with DUI and his bond was set at $1,000.


Second man accused of swiping political signs, deputies say

A second man has been accused of stealing campaign signs in Hernando County, according to deputies.

sfl-flduh-swiping-political-signs-20141027-001Benjamin Moser, 52, faces petit theft charges after a school board candidate found him removing signs from in front of the Spring Hill Library and placing them into his car on Saturday, according to a release form the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office.

Moser was found with 37 political signs from nine candidates, deputies said. He told deputies he removed the signs because he thought it was illegal to put them on library property. The Hernando County School Board candidate told deputies he had permission to place the signs on library property and the signs belonged to the library.

On his Facebook page, Moser questioned whether candidates should be allowed to legally place signs on public property.

“Can it really be legal to place partisan political campaign signs on PUBLIC PROPERTY (in this case, a library) or as I have noted before, on the right of way?” Moser wrote on his site, where he changed his profile picture to his mug shot. “The plaintiff says that yes, it is permitted by the board of elections. This is news to me and if true … my question is why can this even be permitted? The only place candidate’s names should appear on public property is on the ballots (my opinion!)”

Last week, deputies investigated John Good, 50, of Spring Hill, after they found 244 political signs at his home. Good told deputies he was tired of looking at the signs and was cleaning up Hernando County. His case was turned over to the state attorney’s office, which was deciding whether to press charges.

Moser is a member of a Facebook group started by Good called “sign sign everywhere a sign,” where members post comments and pictures of signs they believe are placed illegally.


Suspect to deputy: “I thought I’d be safe following you”

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sfl-flduh-dui-safe-following-20141027-001This dude apparently got caught up in a Catch 22 — with the law.

An Iowa man, identified as Damian John Campion, is accused of tailing a deputy on I-75 in Collier County, keeping pace with the deputy’s car as the lawman sped up to 103 miles per hour — while trying to snare another speeder, reports the Naples Daily News.

Campion explained his speeding to the deputy, saying “Just following you,” and “I thought I’d be safe following you,” records show.


A bird in hand is worth two in a tree October 27, 2014

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After realizing his roommate’s pet parrot was missing on Wednesday, a Punta Gorda man went to new “heights” to get it back — and nearly died trying.

5335730_GFor the past three months, 50-year-old Kenny Corley has been taking care of his roommate’s pet bird named Chuckles.

“Ol’ Chuckles is a good bird,” said Corley. “I about had a heart attack when I lost her.”

Over that time, Chuckles has grown quite fond of Corley and now follows him everywhere.  When Chuckles followed Corley outside Wednesday morning only to perch herself at the top of a 30-foot tree, Corley climbed up right after her.  That’s when disaster struck.

“She was up there saying ‘What are you doing? What are you doing?'” said Corley. “I said I’m coming for you, what do you think I’m doing!”

But after making it the top of the tree, Corley fell more than 20 feet back down and was lodged against a tree branch.

“I was more worried about the bird than myself,” said Corley.

While Corley was able to call for help, it took more than an hour for firefighters to rescue him using a harness.

Remarkably Corley says he only suffered three bruised ribs and a swollen knee during the fall. Firefighters say his injuries could have been worse had he not gotten lodged in the tree.

Thankfully, firefighters were later able to rescue Chuckles as well.

“Thank God I got her back now.  I’ll be able to sleep easy tonight,” said Corley.

Both Corley and Chuckles are now recovering back at home. Corley says he has no regrets and would do it all over again to get his favorite parrot back home.


‘Flying car’ crash injures two …. wait! …. what???? October 23, 2014

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Two men suffered injuries Tuesday after a “flying car” they were in crashed and caught fire in Marion County after a brief flight.

maverick-crash-8786The 49-year-old pilot and the passenger, in his twenties, were both taken to Ocala Regional Medical Center, according to Marion County Fire Rescue.

Officials said the pilot was transported as a “trauma alert” while the passenger did not suffer life-threatening injuries.

The crash happened around 9:30 a.m. at Dunnellon Airport, according to the Marion County Sheriff’s Office.

“This homemade vehicle managed to make flight with two people inside but then crashed and caught fire,” Capt. James Pogue said. “Both occupants are being treated at the hospital for minor injuries.”

The National Transportation Safety Board and the Federal Aviation Administration are not responding “because they do not recognize this as an aircraft,” Pogue said.

The crimes division and evidence team with the Marion County Sheriff’s Office are documenting the scene, Pogue said.



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