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ANOTHER man caught in-the-act having sex with a dog … come on man! March 19, 2014

os-james-guy-bull-20140319They heard the puppy yelping through the walls of their Daytona Beach apartment.

Witnesses called police, alleging their neighbor was raping his 8-month-old female dog on his porch.

The suspect, James Guy Bull, 61, remained in the Volusia County Branch Jail today, charged with two counts of animal cruelty, after his arrest Tuesday.

Two neighbors told police they saw Bull attacking the dog on several occasions.

“They heard the animal yelp and cry but [Bull] continued with the conduct,” police said in a report.

One of the witnesses told police about hearing a “dog in distress” at Bull’s residence on Magnolia Drive.

The witness told police Bull was attacking the dog.

When Bull saw the neighbor, he “pulled up his pants and put the dog down,” the report said.

“Both witnesses claim that they can hear the animal crying and yelping through the walls of the apartment but not when she is chained up on the porch,” the report added.

The dog was described as “a small light brown mix dog nearly 8 months old.”

It was chained to a post on the front porch.

“The chain was rather large and it was stuck in … the wood slats. She had about 8 inches of space from the post. There was no water or food, the report said. The dog was “clearly emaciated” and suffering from abuse, the report said.

“The female dog was transported to Halifax Humane Society for medical treatment,” the report said.


Man admitted to attacking a dog with a pickaxe because the dog “looked at him funny” March 8, 2014

imagesA Fort Myers man is facing a felony animal cruelty charge after he admitted to investigators he stabbed his dog with a pickaxe because the dog had “looked at him funny.”

Animal Care and Control officers started receiving complaints from neighbors of Galen Aune in October of 2013.

Neighbors told officers that they witnessed Aune punch his pitbull puppy Nelly and pick her up by the ears and throw her on two separate occasions a couple months earlier. Officers made a report and continued to investigate.

When officers contacted Aune at his home in the 3800 block of Papaya Street, officers say Aune answered the door and responded, “Oh, not a problem anymore the dog is dead. I killed it.”

The responding officer asked what his reason was for the killing and Aune stated, “I know pit bulls, they are all about body language. She just looked at me funny and showed bad energy. I had to do something about it, for my health.”

Officials say Aune admitted to stabbing the dog with a pickaxe to the head and burying the body in the backyard. Officers located a plot of land where the dog was buried and took over control of the dog’s body.

Aune was given a notice to appear. He faces a felony animal cruelty charge.


Apparently, it’s illegal to put a dolphin in your swimming pool March 6, 2014

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bildeA prominent dolphin researcher has been suspended from rescuing dolphins after he allegedly put a sick bottlenose dolphin in a Vero Beach resort community’s swimming pool — without permission — potentially exposing people to infection.

Steve McCulloch, founder and program manager of FAU Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute’s Marine Mammal Research and Conservation program, had been rescuing a dolphin on the beach in front of the resort on Dec. 28. He moved the dolphin from the beach to the pool, federal officials said, before transporting it to a local veterinary clinic for euthanasia.

In a Jan. 6 letter to McCulloch, Roy Crabtree, administrator for NOAA Fisheries’ southeast region, referred to McCulloch’s actions as “egregious violations.”

According to the letter, the dolphin showed signs of morbillivirus, a measles-like virus responsible for almost200 recent dolphin deaths from New York to Florida.Although there are no known cases of dolphins spreading the virus to humans, dolphins with morbillivirus can get secondary infections that can be spread to people.

Chlorine only kills certain pathogens, depending on the strength of the chemical, NOAA officials said.

People federally permitted to respond to sick or injured dolphins must first get approval from the fisheries service’s stranding coordinator before moving a stranded marine mammal into a temporary holding pool, according to Crabtree’s letter.

“A responder would not have been authorized to put the dolphin into the swimming pool. If the animal needed to be removed from the beach, it could have been moved to another more sheltered location on land,” NOAA officials saidvia email.

McCulloch could not be reached for comment Wednesday.

According to NOAA’s letter, “Sea Oaks had to undertake the costly measure of draining and decontaminating their pool.”

Last year, NOAA declared an ongoing “unusual mortality” event for bottlenose dolphins due the morbillivirus along the Mid Atlantic coast. Earlier in the year, the agency had already declared a separate unusual dieoff of bottlenose dolphins — with unknown causes — for the Indian River Lagoon. At least 76 bottlenose dolphins have died in the lagoon and 195 in the Atlantic, from New York to Florida, including 18 dolphins in the Sunshine State.


Man charged with having sex with pit bull as neighbors watch March 5, 2014

A convicted felon was arrested Tuesday after neighbors reported seeing the man engaged in sexual activity with a dog in his yard.

Tampa Police were called to the house in the 8100 block of Marks Street in Tampa Tuesday afternoon and arrived to find a group of neighbors disturbed by the activity. Witnesses reported that they had yelled at the man to stop the activity, but he ignored them.


Animal Services executed a search warrant at the home and took custody of eight large pit bulls from the property.  Police also seized a gun and ammunition.

57-year-old Bernard Marsonek was arrested and charged with Felon in Possession of a Firearm (2 counts), Animal Cruelty and Sexual Activity Involving Animals.


Bad Idea …. Pouring Hot Sauce On A Puppy February 24, 2014

530a4f5e23add_preview-300A chihuahua puppy is expected to make a full recovery after Sarasota Police Officers say a man poured hot sauce all over the 3-month-old pooch.

530a50e1271dc_preview-300The incident happened early Sunday morning at a home on Old Bradenton Road in Sarasota. According to authorities, 47-year-old Ephrian Myles became irrate when the dog started having a seizure and began yelping. That’s when he picked up a bottle of hot sauce, and allegedly poured it all over the puppy, named “Gizmo.” Some of the hot sauce got in the dog’s eyes and down its throat.

The puppy’s owner learned about what happened and took the animal to a nearby fire station for help.

Police arrested Myles and charged him with felony aggravated animal cruelty. He’s being held in the Sarasota County jail on a $5000 bond.

Gizmo was taken to Animal Services. He is expected to be okay.


Doggone-it! Who swiped ‘Dumpling’ the pooch? February 19, 2014

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sfl-flduh-dumpling-the-pooch-20140218-001The tale of Dumpling the AWOL golden retriever took a strange twist Monday when a 75-year-old neighbor was arrested on three dognapping-related charges.

Wayne Dreier, 66, and his wife, Barbara, had hired Celeste “Leslie” Neese to take care of Dumpling and their Persian cat, Sweet Pea, while the Volusia County couple visited their hometown of St. Louis for two weeks at Christmastime, Dreier said.

“We’re shocked, surprised, disappointed, hurt that you trust somebody with your pet and this ends up happening,” said Dreier, a retired high-school principal who lives in the Spruce Creek Fly-In community near Port Orange.

Deputies investigating Dumpling’s Feb. 5 disappearance interviewed Neese, who initially told them she was happy the dog had been stolen but said she did not take him, a sheriff’s report states. During a subsequent interview, Neese criticized Dreier and said that if the dog had been stolen, she was better off, authorities said.

Two or three weeks before Dumpling vanished, Dreier received an anonymous letter calling him an animal abuser for keeping the dog outside most of the time. She sleeps on a blanket in the garage.

A wireless electric pet fence normally keeps her in the yard, but someone evidently took her collar off the night of her disappearance. The collar works with the fence.

A Flagler Beach couple turned Dumpling in to the Humane Society Feb. 11, claiming they had found her in an alley, deputies said. Later, the wife admitted that her friend Neese had asked her to take care of Dumpling.

Video from a Walmart Supercenter parking lot in Ormond Beach shows Neese, accompanied by a second woman, handing over the golden retriever late Feb. 5, the Sheriff’s Office said.

The Flagler Beach woman surrendered the dog after seeing news reports saying Dumpling had been stolen. She will not face charges, sheriff’s spokesman Gary Davidson said.

Dreier said Dumpling seemed traumatized for a few days after she returned home, but now she is back to romping in a pasture with Dreier’s horse, Reba, and enjoying time at home with her family.

The dog was a puppy when Barbara Dreier gave her to her husband nearly two years ago as a 65th birthday present. The dog cost more than $400.

Dreier said he wants to see Neese prosecuted.

“If there’s problems, there’s a way to resolve them,” Dreier said. “Don’t go around stealing.”

The widowed great-grandmother was arrested on felony charges of providing false information to a law officer, grand theft between $300 and $5,000 and dealing in stolen property. She was released from the Volusia County Branch Jail on $12,500 bail.


Meth, frozen gators found in home February 6, 2014

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Three people were arrested Tuesday after deputies found two frozen alligators, an illegal fish, a marijuana plant and hundreds of grams of methamphetamine inside a Lake Wales house, the Polk County Sheriff’s Office said.

Also found were numerous methamphetamine smoking devices and bags of the drug within reach of twin 10-month-old infants, who were in the house at 3662 Shetland Court, a sheriff’s arrest report said.

sfl-flduh-meth-frozen-gators-20140206-001Shane William Park, 29, and Cortney Loraine Williams, 24, each face a variety of charges, including two counts of killing or possessing an alligator, two counts of negligent child abuse without bodily harm, and armed trafficking in methamphetamine, an arrest report stated. Deputies said both live at the house on Shetland Court.

A third man, Joshua Lee Mellon, of 2832 Silver Spur Loop in Lake Wales, was at the house with the couple on Tuesday when deputies executed a search warrant, according to the report. He was arrested on possession of methamphetamine and possession of drug paraphernalia charges, the Sheriff’s Office said.

During the search, deputies found a potted marijuana plant in an office room and about 278 grams of methamphetamine spread out throughout the house, including a bag with nearly two grams of the drug on a bedroom floor, the report said.

Deputies also found a living black bass, which was undersize by Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission standards, and two frozen dead alligators inside a freezer, the report stated. Williams told deputies she did not have a permit for the animals and was planning to stuff the alligators.

The Department of Children and Families took custody of the two infants.

Mellon was released from the Polk County Jail on Wednesday on $1,500 bail. Park and Williams are being held in the jail without bail.



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