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Family installs surveillance video to determine why their dog is suddenly injured and fearful, only to discover son having sex with it January 4, 2014

Joshua-WebickiA Palm Bay man was arrested after police say home surveillance video caught him in sexual acts involving his family’s dog.

Joshua Werbicki, 22, was charged last week with animal cruelty and sexual acts involving animals.

According to the police report, the family had noticed the German shepherd mix showing signs of physical injury and was fearful when approached by family members, so they installed a video system.

Police said the sexual acts involving the dog were caught on video, leading to Werbicki’s arrest his place of employment, Papa John’s on Minton Road in West Melbourne.

No other details were released by police.


Woman accused of kicking geese at park November 18, 2013

A 20-year-old Baker woman was charged with animal cruelty Friday, two days after the police received multiple reports of a video apparently taken at Twin Hills Park.


In the video, which was posted on Facebook, a woman kicks at three geese and a child can be heard laughing in the background.

sfl-flduh-kicking-geese-20131114-001Alyssa L. Pack was identified as the woman in the video, according to her Crestview Police Department arrest report.

The video shows Pack  “verbally and physically tormenting these geese as she is accompanied by a juvenile male and an unknown male who is videotaping this incident with a cellular phone,” the report says.

The juvenile’s mother identified Pack as the person in the video, according to the report.

The child’s mother contacted police after seeing the video online. She also identified the male who was videotaping the incident, the report said.

When contacted by police, Pack said she was visiting Twin Hills Park one week earlier with her family. She said three geese “attacked her family,” at which point she was “forced to move or change locations,” the report said.

Pack said the geese followed her family, at which point she began to “dare” the geese verbally to “do it again,” the report said.

She said her actions were not intended to be an act of cruelty, but were done out of “exasperation.”

The animal cruelty charge is a misdemeanor.

The three geese in the video have been removed from the park by a Crestview man who said he was their original owner.


When the hunter gets captured by the game November 15, 2013

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A deer rested on the side of the road.

Waiting, apparently.

Just waiting and hoping a hunter would come along, forget the rules, aim and shoot.

After a couple hours, an unwary hunter took the bait and clanged a shot off the robotic deer.

The Myakka City man was fooled by a faux deer during a recent Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission operation targeting road-hunting activity. He now faces serious charges.

sfl-flduh-hunter-gets-captured-20131113-001Brett Russel Thompson was arrested at 8:30 a.m. Saturday after shooting the robotic Bambi in the neck from the side of a rural road south of Myakka City, according to an arrest report.

Thompson is charged with taking deer during closed season, discharging a firearm from a roadway and taking deer from a right-of-way. He faces up to a year in jail and $2,500 in fines if convicted.

FWC officers reportedly saw Thompson about 8:15 a.m. when he spotted the deer replica and got out of his vehicle.

“He crossed a ditch and walked up toward the fence carrying a rifle,” the report stated. “He placed the rifle on the fence to steady himself and shot at the replica.”

Thompson was then arrested by FWC officers who emerged from hiding nearby.

“He said that he knew hunting season was closed and also knew that it was illegal to shoot deer from a roadway,” the arrest report stated.

After confirming Thompson’s shot struck the robotic deer in the neck, FWC Officer Jeffrey Babauta took him into custody.

Thompson was released from jail Sunday after posting $1,120 in bonds. He is scheduled to appear in court at 8:30 a.m. Dec. 12.

FWC has been using robotic deer details for decades, according to FWC spokesman Gary Morse.

“We set up details where we suspect poachers might be harvesting deer illegally,” Morse said. “We wait to catch them in the act.”

The sting details are often set up at night or in areas where shooting is illegal.

“There are several ways you could be charged,” Babauta said.

The maximum charge a hunter could face is trespassing by projectile, a third-degree felony, for shooting across a fence line, according to Babauta. The maximum sentence is five years of prison and $5,000 in fines.

Convicted felons are not allowed to carry a firearm while hunting.

Babauta said repeat offenders are caught from time to time.

“The majority of our hunters are good, ethical hunters,” Babauta said.

A lot of planning involved in setting up a robotic deer detail, but officers say it is effective.

“It’s a great detail and it has been a great tool for FWC to deter bad hunting practices,” Babauta said. “It does help. Once word gets out that there is a fake deer out there, it deters the bad hunting.”

Location is key in setting up a detail. A location in Zone A, south of State Road 70, was chosen for the latest operation because it is an area known for illegal hunting activity and the FWC has received complaints from residents.

Hunting season will open Nov. 23 in Zone A and run through Jan. 5. North of State Road 70 in Manatee County, hunting season opened Nov. 2. and closes Jan. 19.

Babauta, a 30-year-veteran with FWC, has been conducting deer details for 20 years. As a canine officer he also travels with a dog trained specifically to find wildlife, articles such as firearms and knives, and track people.

“Our main reason for doing these details is for safety, to stop poaching, stop people from shooting into private property and stop people from taking deer illegally,” Babauta said


Man accused of throwing cat at his girlfriend October 29, 2013

A Davie man remained in the Broward County Jail Monday night accused of attacking his girlfriend with her cat, court records showed.

sfl-kenneth-stuart-photo-20131028Kenneth Stuart, 41, is charged with battery, resisting arrest and tormenting an animal, according to jail records.

Stuart was arrested Thursday following an argument with his girlfriend. During the dispute, Broward Judge John “Jay” Hurley noted that Stuart allegedly injured the woman with her own pet.

“She was lying on the bed and you entered the bedroom holding something in your hand, head high, and she said you were yelling at her, ‘Look it’s going to die. It’s got no air,’ and at that point you threw the cat in her face,” the judge read from the arrest report.

The cat scratched the left side of her face near her left eye [and] her face was bleeding. He pushed her over, knocking the television and computer to the floor, the report stated.

“When the police got there you said, ‘Just take me to jail. I’m tired of this,’” the judge read. “Later on, it says you changed your mind and allegedly said, ‘Ok, I’m sorry, I’m calm, can you let me go?’”

Citing two previous convictions for battery, the judge set Stuart’s bond at $16,500 with orders to stay away from his girlfriend and her pet.

“That’s based on the level of violence and the court’s concern for the safety of her and the cat,” Hurley said.


Whoa! Man accused of punching a police horse October 22, 2013

sfl-flduh-police-house-20131021-001A 30-year-old man was arrested over the weekend after he attacked an Orlando Police Department horse while officers were trying to break-up a crowd downtown, the agency reported Monday.

Officers were trying to control a crowd early Saturday morning on West Central Boulevard at a city parking garage, a report said. Several officers were on bicycles, and one was on a horse, “Mr. George.”

An officer used “Mr. George” to disperse the crowd, and at that point, Korey Jerelds yelled an expletive at the horse and then “took a fighting stance,” according to a report released Monday.

Jerelds then balled his right fist and struck “Mr. George” several times on the left side of his neck, the report said.

“Mr. George” was not hurt.

Officers arrested Jerelds on a misdemeanor count of striking a police animal. He has since been released from the Orange County Jail.


Man keeps gator in hot tub, feeds it chicken October 16, 2013


Tony Wells Jr. said that an alligator found in his hot tub was there when he moved in.

Wells, 32, explained the toothy critter had been living there for a year.

tony_wells_mug_front-thumb-150x235-14700He said he fed it chicken.

The revelation happened Oct. 15 as Indian River County Sheriff’s investigators executed a search warrant at a residence in the 6300 block of Fourth Street in Vero Beach, according to recently released affidavits.

The search warrant was related to drugs, and investigators did arrest a 26-year-old woman after finding cocaine and marijuana, according to an Indian River County Sheriff’s spokesman and records.

The alligator prompted a detective to contact a Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission official.

Wells “stated the alligator was there when he moved in and he was just feeding the alligator,” an affidavit states.

Alligators typically are found in lakes and swamps as opposed to hot tubs.

Wells said the alligator had been there for a year and that he was feeding it chicken, which is what some people say alligator tastes like.

Wells, of the 6300 block of Fourth Street in Vero Beach, said he didn’t have a permit for the gator and was jailed on a misdemeanor charge related to alligator possession.


Man accused of pouring bleach on woman’s dog, home October 15, 2013

sfl-flduh-bleach-dog-home-20131014-001A man was arrested after allegedly covering a dog in bleach Thursday.

Deputies were called to Naples home about an argument.

When deputies arrived, they found bleach poured and sprayed all over the home.

Ralph, a 16-year-old Pit Bull mix, was underneath a blanket – covered in bleach.

“As soon as you opened the door, your eyes are stinging. That’s how strong it was. It was just everywhere,” said Renee Pretice, Ralph’s owner.

According to reports, Lester Forrest told deputies he was using bleach to get rid of mold.

Forrest said he covered the dog in a blanket because he was cold.

Pretice tells a different story. She says she and Forrest had an argument.

Pretice left the home and claims Forrest poured bleach over her belongings out of anger.

“Just everywhere. A whole gallon dumped in one area,” said Pretice.

Pretice said Forrest had been living in her home for a while and had been around the dog before.  She never thought he would hurt her dog and still doesn’t know his intentions.

“I don’t want to think he meant to do anything to Ralph,” said Pretice.

“There is a link between animal abuse and domestic violence. And it’s good to be aware, so that not only can we prevent animals from being hurt but also humans as well,” said Amanda Townsend with Collier County Domestic Animal Services.

Townsend says her team was at the home Friday to check on Ralph.

“This is the first we’ve heard of it so we’re chasing it down right now,” said Townsend.

Collier County deputies arrested Forrest and charged him with animal cruelty.  Authorities say more charges are possible.

As for Ralph, his owner says he is doing ok.


Teacher accused of keeping puppy inside his trunk October 1, 2013

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sfl-flduh-teacher-puppy-trunk-20130930-001 A teacher from Gateway Charter High School faces animal cruelty charges after he allegedly kept a puppy in the trunk of his car during the school day on Friday.

Two students told the school resource officer they saw a man take a puppy out of the trunk of a Mercedes, walk it around, and put it back in the trunk around 11:00 a.m..

The officer determined the vehicle belonged to Mathew Emans, who was instructed to open the trunk. The puppy was still alive inside.

Emans allegedly told officers he was “only working a half day,” and that the puppy was inside the trunk “only for a few hours.”

Lee County Domestic Animal Services was called to the scene. Emans surrendered ownership of the puppy to LCDAS who transported it to the agency’s veterinary clinic for care. The puppy was panting heavily and in need of water.

An inferred thermometer registered the inside temperature of the vehicle at 152 degrees from the back window.

Animal cruelty is punishable by up to one year in jail and/or a $5,000 fine.


Loyalty customer is rewarded with an arrest September 30, 2013

This dude got more than he bargained when he tried to save some money by using his reward card.

His reward?

A teen in trouble, an arrest and one dead chameleon.


On Wednesday, cops arrested Aiden Zachary Wells, 20, for swiping a Jackson’s Chameleon from a pet store, according to a Port St. Lucie Police report.

Petco employees told cops that two customers were somehow able to reach inside a secured aquarium, which housed unique reptiles and steal a Jackson’s Chameleon, police said.

The duo then reportedly continued to shop and one of the suspects bought live crickets and mini mealworms, using his Petco rewards card at the checkout.

After reviewing the store’s surveillance video, cops got a copy of the receipt, which identified Aiden Wells as the suspect who made the purchase and also acted as the lookout during the chameleon heist.

When contacted by cops, Wells allegedly ‘fessed up and named his accomplice, a 17-year-old.

Cops said Wells agreed to bring the Jackson’s Chameleon back to the store, but the chameleon died in transit.

Cool fact you didn’t know: when catching prey, these critters can project their tongues up to 1-1/2 times their body length, according to Petco’s website.


FWC seeks man photographed disturbing sea turtle nest August 29, 2013

521f510d832de_preview-300 Florida wildlife authorities are looking for a man who was photographed disturbing a Suncoast sea turtle nest.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission says the photos were taken back on August 13th on Casey Key by a concerned beachgoer. The so-called photographer snapped two pictures of the unidentified man digging his hands into a turtle nest, before confronting him to ask what he was doing.

According to FWC, the man claimed he was taking the eggs in order to release them later once they had hatched. However, wildlife officials say his actions are against the law, and now, they are looking for him.

Anyone with information on this man’s whereabouts is asked to call FWC’s Wildlife Alert Hotline at 888-404-3922. Tampering with a sea turtle nest is punishable by up to 5 years in prison and a $5,000 fine.



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