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Man charged with having sex with pit bull as neighbors watch March 5, 2014

A convicted felon was arrested Tuesday after neighbors reported seeing the man engaged in sexual activity with a dog in his yard.

Tampa Police were called to the house in the 8100 block of Marks Street in Tampa Tuesday afternoon and arrived to find a group of neighbors disturbed by the activity. Witnesses reported that they had yelled at the man to stop the activity, but he ignored them.


Animal Services executed a search warrant at the home and took custody of eight large pit bulls from the property.  Police also seized a gun and ammunition.

57-year-old Bernard Marsonek was arrested and charged with Felon in Possession of a Firearm (2 counts), Animal Cruelty and Sexual Activity Involving Animals.


Bad Idea …. Pouring Hot Sauce On A Puppy February 24, 2014

530a4f5e23add_preview-300A chihuahua puppy is expected to make a full recovery after Sarasota Police Officers say a man poured hot sauce all over the 3-month-old pooch.

530a50e1271dc_preview-300The incident happened early Sunday morning at a home on Old Bradenton Road in Sarasota. According to authorities, 47-year-old Ephrian Myles became irrate when the dog started having a seizure and began yelping. That’s when he picked up a bottle of hot sauce, and allegedly poured it all over the puppy, named “Gizmo.” Some of the hot sauce got in the dog’s eyes and down its throat.

The puppy’s owner learned about what happened and took the animal to a nearby fire station for help.

Police arrested Myles and charged him with felony aggravated animal cruelty. He’s being held in the Sarasota County jail on a $5000 bond.

Gizmo was taken to Animal Services. He is expected to be okay.


Doggone-it! Who swiped ‘Dumpling’ the pooch? February 19, 2014

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sfl-flduh-dumpling-the-pooch-20140218-001The tale of Dumpling the AWOL golden retriever took a strange twist Monday when a 75-year-old neighbor was arrested on three dognapping-related charges.

Wayne Dreier, 66, and his wife, Barbara, had hired Celeste “Leslie” Neese to take care of Dumpling and their Persian cat, Sweet Pea, while the Volusia County couple visited their hometown of St. Louis for two weeks at Christmastime, Dreier said.

“We’re shocked, surprised, disappointed, hurt that you trust somebody with your pet and this ends up happening,” said Dreier, a retired high-school principal who lives in the Spruce Creek Fly-In community near Port Orange.

Deputies investigating Dumpling’s Feb. 5 disappearance interviewed Neese, who initially told them she was happy the dog had been stolen but said she did not take him, a sheriff’s report states. During a subsequent interview, Neese criticized Dreier and said that if the dog had been stolen, she was better off, authorities said.

Two or three weeks before Dumpling vanished, Dreier received an anonymous letter calling him an animal abuser for keeping the dog outside most of the time. She sleeps on a blanket in the garage.

A wireless electric pet fence normally keeps her in the yard, but someone evidently took her collar off the night of her disappearance. The collar works with the fence.

A Flagler Beach couple turned Dumpling in to the Humane Society Feb. 11, claiming they had found her in an alley, deputies said. Later, the wife admitted that her friend Neese had asked her to take care of Dumpling.

Video from a Walmart Supercenter parking lot in Ormond Beach shows Neese, accompanied by a second woman, handing over the golden retriever late Feb. 5, the Sheriff’s Office said.

The Flagler Beach woman surrendered the dog after seeing news reports saying Dumpling had been stolen. She will not face charges, sheriff’s spokesman Gary Davidson said.

Dreier said Dumpling seemed traumatized for a few days after she returned home, but now she is back to romping in a pasture with Dreier’s horse, Reba, and enjoying time at home with her family.

The dog was a puppy when Barbara Dreier gave her to her husband nearly two years ago as a 65th birthday present. The dog cost more than $400.

Dreier said he wants to see Neese prosecuted.

“If there’s problems, there’s a way to resolve them,” Dreier said. “Don’t go around stealing.”

The widowed great-grandmother was arrested on felony charges of providing false information to a law officer, grand theft between $300 and $5,000 and dealing in stolen property. She was released from the Volusia County Branch Jail on $12,500 bail.


Meth, frozen gators found in home February 6, 2014

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Three people were arrested Tuesday after deputies found two frozen alligators, an illegal fish, a marijuana plant and hundreds of grams of methamphetamine inside a Lake Wales house, the Polk County Sheriff’s Office said.

Also found were numerous methamphetamine smoking devices and bags of the drug within reach of twin 10-month-old infants, who were in the house at 3662 Shetland Court, a sheriff’s arrest report said.

sfl-flduh-meth-frozen-gators-20140206-001Shane William Park, 29, and Cortney Loraine Williams, 24, each face a variety of charges, including two counts of killing or possessing an alligator, two counts of negligent child abuse without bodily harm, and armed trafficking in methamphetamine, an arrest report stated. Deputies said both live at the house on Shetland Court.

A third man, Joshua Lee Mellon, of 2832 Silver Spur Loop in Lake Wales, was at the house with the couple on Tuesday when deputies executed a search warrant, according to the report. He was arrested on possession of methamphetamine and possession of drug paraphernalia charges, the Sheriff’s Office said.

During the search, deputies found a potted marijuana plant in an office room and about 278 grams of methamphetamine spread out throughout the house, including a bag with nearly two grams of the drug on a bedroom floor, the report said.

Deputies also found a living black bass, which was undersize by Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission standards, and two frozen dead alligators inside a freezer, the report stated. Williams told deputies she did not have a permit for the animals and was planning to stuff the alligators.

The Department of Children and Families took custody of the two infants.

Mellon was released from the Polk County Jail on Wednesday on $1,500 bail. Park and Williams are being held in the jail without bail.


Woman Accused Of Strangling Her Dog So No One Else Could Have It … HUH???? January 25, 2014

3194098_GSarasota County deputies say a woman killed her own dog because she didn’t want anyone else to own it.

Authorities say 28-year-old Shelley Bezanson choked her 7-year-old pit bull, Diamond, with its own chain.  She’s now being charged with a felony.

On November 14th, a Sarasota County deputy was sent to a home on Base Avenue in Venice.

According to an anonymous tip, 28-year-old Shelley Bezanson went to her mother’s house that day to bury her dog, Diamond, which authorities say Bezanson killed herself.

“It was prolonged, it was painful, it was torturous, and it was a horrible, horrible death for this dog to die,” said sheriff’s office spokesperson Wendy Rose.

The sheriff’s office says Bezanson choked the 7-year-old pit bill with its own chain.  Bezanson claimed she had a breakdown at the time, and didn’t realize her actions were wrong.

Authorities say otherwise.

“She clearly knew what she did was wrong. She turned up the music very loudly as she was killing the dog because she didn’t want neighbors to hear it,” Rose said.

She told deputies that she faced eviction for keeping Diamond, but officials are skeptical of that because she had other animals in her home too.

Officials say Bezanson tried to have the dog euthanized.

“Ms. Bezanson had been trying to convince her veterinarian for a couple of months to euthanize her dog, and the veterinarian refused, because there was no ethical reason to do so. The dog was in fine health,” said Rose.

According to the affidavit, Bezanson told an investigator, “I promised Diamond we would be together until the end and this was the end.”

Diamond’s story started at the Humane Society of Sarasota County.  In October 2012, workers at the Humane Society of Sarasota County found the dog abandoned and tied to a pole.

“Diamond was loved by all of our staff here,” said HSSC executive director Kristi Dorman.

Dorman said Bezanson went through an extensive vetting process, and was able to adopt Diamond in January 2013.  She says Bezanson never reached out to them about returning the animal.

“We do accept owner surrendered animals all the time,” Dorman said, “Unfortunately she didn’t contact us for whatever reason. Otherwise this could’ve been a very different story.”

The Humane Society of Sarasota County would have been able to take the animal back, or find a new home.  Officials say this crime is absolutely tragic and easily preventable.

Bezanson was arrested on Friday, and charged with animal cruelty.  Authorities say it took time to get probable cause to charge her.

She is being held at the Sarasota County jail on $25,000 bond.


Family installs surveillance video to determine why their dog is suddenly injured and fearful, only to discover son having sex with it January 4, 2014

Joshua-WebickiA Palm Bay man was arrested after police say home surveillance video caught him in sexual acts involving his family’s dog.

Joshua Werbicki, 22, was charged last week with animal cruelty and sexual acts involving animals.

According to the police report, the family had noticed the German shepherd mix showing signs of physical injury and was fearful when approached by family members, so they installed a video system.

Police said the sexual acts involving the dog were caught on video, leading to Werbicki’s arrest his place of employment, Papa John’s on Minton Road in West Melbourne.

No other details were released by police.


Woman accused of kicking geese at park November 18, 2013

A 20-year-old Baker woman was charged with animal cruelty Friday, two days after the police received multiple reports of a video apparently taken at Twin Hills Park.


In the video, which was posted on Facebook, a woman kicks at three geese and a child can be heard laughing in the background.

sfl-flduh-kicking-geese-20131114-001Alyssa L. Pack was identified as the woman in the video, according to her Crestview Police Department arrest report.

The video shows Pack  “verbally and physically tormenting these geese as she is accompanied by a juvenile male and an unknown male who is videotaping this incident with a cellular phone,” the report says.

The juvenile’s mother identified Pack as the person in the video, according to the report.

The child’s mother contacted police after seeing the video online. She also identified the male who was videotaping the incident, the report said.

When contacted by police, Pack said she was visiting Twin Hills Park one week earlier with her family. She said three geese “attacked her family,” at which point she was “forced to move or change locations,” the report said.

Pack said the geese followed her family, at which point she began to “dare” the geese verbally to “do it again,” the report said.

She said her actions were not intended to be an act of cruelty, but were done out of “exasperation.”

The animal cruelty charge is a misdemeanor.

The three geese in the video have been removed from the park by a Crestview man who said he was their original owner.


When the hunter gets captured by the game November 15, 2013

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A deer rested on the side of the road.

Waiting, apparently.

Just waiting and hoping a hunter would come along, forget the rules, aim and shoot.

After a couple hours, an unwary hunter took the bait and clanged a shot off the robotic deer.

The Myakka City man was fooled by a faux deer during a recent Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission operation targeting road-hunting activity. He now faces serious charges.

sfl-flduh-hunter-gets-captured-20131113-001Brett Russel Thompson was arrested at 8:30 a.m. Saturday after shooting the robotic Bambi in the neck from the side of a rural road south of Myakka City, according to an arrest report.

Thompson is charged with taking deer during closed season, discharging a firearm from a roadway and taking deer from a right-of-way. He faces up to a year in jail and $2,500 in fines if convicted.

FWC officers reportedly saw Thompson about 8:15 a.m. when he spotted the deer replica and got out of his vehicle.

“He crossed a ditch and walked up toward the fence carrying a rifle,” the report stated. “He placed the rifle on the fence to steady himself and shot at the replica.”

Thompson was then arrested by FWC officers who emerged from hiding nearby.

“He said that he knew hunting season was closed and also knew that it was illegal to shoot deer from a roadway,” the arrest report stated.

After confirming Thompson’s shot struck the robotic deer in the neck, FWC Officer Jeffrey Babauta took him into custody.

Thompson was released from jail Sunday after posting $1,120 in bonds. He is scheduled to appear in court at 8:30 a.m. Dec. 12.

FWC has been using robotic deer details for decades, according to FWC spokesman Gary Morse.

“We set up details where we suspect poachers might be harvesting deer illegally,” Morse said. “We wait to catch them in the act.”

The sting details are often set up at night or in areas where shooting is illegal.

“There are several ways you could be charged,” Babauta said.

The maximum charge a hunter could face is trespassing by projectile, a third-degree felony, for shooting across a fence line, according to Babauta. The maximum sentence is five years of prison and $5,000 in fines.

Convicted felons are not allowed to carry a firearm while hunting.

Babauta said repeat offenders are caught from time to time.

“The majority of our hunters are good, ethical hunters,” Babauta said.

A lot of planning involved in setting up a robotic deer detail, but officers say it is effective.

“It’s a great detail and it has been a great tool for FWC to deter bad hunting practices,” Babauta said. “It does help. Once word gets out that there is a fake deer out there, it deters the bad hunting.”

Location is key in setting up a detail. A location in Zone A, south of State Road 70, was chosen for the latest operation because it is an area known for illegal hunting activity and the FWC has received complaints from residents.

Hunting season will open Nov. 23 in Zone A and run through Jan. 5. North of State Road 70 in Manatee County, hunting season opened Nov. 2. and closes Jan. 19.

Babauta, a 30-year-veteran with FWC, has been conducting deer details for 20 years. As a canine officer he also travels with a dog trained specifically to find wildlife, articles such as firearms and knives, and track people.

“Our main reason for doing these details is for safety, to stop poaching, stop people from shooting into private property and stop people from taking deer illegally,” Babauta said


Man accused of throwing cat at his girlfriend October 29, 2013

A Davie man remained in the Broward County Jail Monday night accused of attacking his girlfriend with her cat, court records showed.

sfl-kenneth-stuart-photo-20131028Kenneth Stuart, 41, is charged with battery, resisting arrest and tormenting an animal, according to jail records.

Stuart was arrested Thursday following an argument with his girlfriend. During the dispute, Broward Judge John “Jay” Hurley noted that Stuart allegedly injured the woman with her own pet.

“She was lying on the bed and you entered the bedroom holding something in your hand, head high, and she said you were yelling at her, ‘Look it’s going to die. It’s got no air,’ and at that point you threw the cat in her face,” the judge read from the arrest report.

The cat scratched the left side of her face near her left eye [and] her face was bleeding. He pushed her over, knocking the television and computer to the floor, the report stated.

“When the police got there you said, ‘Just take me to jail. I’m tired of this,'” the judge read. “Later on, it says you changed your mind and allegedly said, ‘Ok, I’m sorry, I’m calm, can you let me go?'”

Citing two previous convictions for battery, the judge set Stuart’s bond at $16,500 with orders to stay away from his girlfriend and her pet.

“That’s based on the level of violence and the court’s concern for the safety of her and the cat,” Hurley said.


Whoa! Man accused of punching a police horse October 22, 2013

sfl-flduh-police-house-20131021-001A 30-year-old man was arrested over the weekend after he attacked an Orlando Police Department horse while officers were trying to break-up a crowd downtown, the agency reported Monday.

Officers were trying to control a crowd early Saturday morning on West Central Boulevard at a city parking garage, a report said. Several officers were on bicycles, and one was on a horse, “Mr. George.”

An officer used “Mr. George” to disperse the crowd, and at that point, Korey Jerelds yelled an expletive at the horse and then “took a fighting stance,” according to a report released Monday.

Jerelds then balled his right fist and struck “Mr. George” several times on the left side of his neck, the report said.

“Mr. George” was not hurt.

Officers arrested Jerelds on a misdemeanor count of striking a police animal. He has since been released from the Orange County Jail.



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