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Man robs store, returns cash after noting customers were armed — with phones September 18, 2014

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sfl-flduh-robs-returns-cash-20140917-001The Panama City Police Department announces the arrest of 49 year old, Walter Lee Barnes of Panama City. On September 16, 2014 at 4:30 P.M. officers responded to the Cannon Oil station, located at 1520 Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard, in reference to a robbery.

The victim advised officers she was conducting a “cash drop” into the stores safe, Barnes jumped the counter and attempted to take her purse. The attendant dropped the money she was placing into the safe and attempted to get her purse back from Barnes. Barnes also grabbed some of the money she dropped and as he turned to leave, he noticed several customers in the store were calling the police.

Barnes returned the money and then fled the scene. Officers quickly located Barnes in the area and transported him to the Panama City Police Department for questioning.

After investigators completed the interview, Barnes was subsequently transported to the Bay County Jail, charged with robbery by sudden snatching.


Here’s more proof that Floridians will steal anything … anything

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Detectives with the Sarasota Police Department are attempting to identify a woman who was seen on camera walking up to an electrical box at the Bullet Hole at 330 South Orange Avenue in Sarasota and stealing a circuit breaker last month.

Surveillance video from August 30th shows a woman seen walking through the rear parking lot and lifting the metal flip box and pulling out a circuit breaker from the junction box.

The woman has shoulder length blonde hair and was last seen wearing a blue shirt, white shorts, white sneakers and carrying a red backpack.

Anyone with information is encouraged to call Detective Dwayne Shellhammer at 941-954-7014 or leave an anonymous tip with Crime Stoppers by calling 941-366-TIPS (8477) or online atwww.sarasotacrimestoppers.com


This old guy had nothing to do so … he stalked and masturbated near Walmart shopper September 12, 2014

A North Port retiree was jailed Wednesday after he masturbated near a woman outside of a North Port Walmart, the city’s police reported.

sfl-flduh-stalked-shopper-masturbated-20140911-001It was at about 12:50 p.m. when officers responded to a call from the 45-year-old female shopper. She said Raymond Douglas Hunt, 62, had followed her throughout the store, waited for her as she checked out and followed her to her car.

As the woman placed her groceries inside her car, Hunt stood nearby with his hands in his pants, staring at her. She told officer she believed Hunt was masturbating.

Hunt drove off before police arrived, but was found a short while later and confessed to the crimes alleged against him, police said. He was charged with simple stalking and lewd and lascivious exhibition by an adult.

He is being held in Sarasota County Jail, without bond for the stalking charge.


He may be called ‘Slender’ but he’s poses a big fat risk for violence to gullible teens September 11, 2014

The ​fictional character Slender Man is reportedly the inspiration of yet another violent crime.

1Authorities say a 14-year-old girl set her Port Richey, Florida, home on fire while her mother and young brother were sleeping inside in an effort to please Slender Man.

The incident reportedly took place after the girl had an argument with her mother. Her mother woke up in time to get her son out of the home and said she later received text messages from her daughter admitting to setting the fire.

The girl told authorities she was motivated by a Slender Man website and was also inspired by the two Wisconsin girls who allegedly attempted to stab their friend to death.

What is it about this fiction figure that’s prompting so much violence?

The Slender Man websites and social media pages depict the character as mythical and villain-like. Those pages include some pretty creepy language that encourages violence.

However, after these recent child crimes, a lot of those same sites are including disclaimers saying that it is all fictional and that the site is meant for adults.

Most experts agree that viewing violent websites is not good for childhood development.

And a study published in Pediatrics shows young people who are exposed to violent forms of media are much more likely to exhibit violent behavior themselves.

Here are some websites that WFTS warned parents contain violent Slender Man information:

“First, the Slender Man wiki gathers urban legends describing the character and gathers Internet users who want to talk about him. Also, an entire page on the site Creepypasta rounds up eerie photographs and myths about Slender Man. Finally, you may see Slender Man tied to the viral online book ‘Soul Eater.'”

The Florida girl has been charged with arson and two counts of attempted murder. Local authorities have not said whether she’ll be charged as an adult.


No officer and no gentleman: Fake Navy Seal allegedly stole from good Samaritans

It was no surprise when some folks in Daytona Beach took a Navy SEAL, who said his wallet was stolen, under their wing.

UntitledThe accused imposter told the folks at Daytona Inn and Neptune’s Sports Pub his name was Alex Seppi, a Navy SEAL being deployed to Afghanistan in a matter of days who was in need of a little rest and money to get to base.

Seppi, also known as 47-year-old Schoen Labombard, has a long criminal history of fraud charges.

“This probably did help somebody. He won’t be able to do it again for a long time,” said Jim Brittain, who owns Neptune’s Sports Pub and fed the accused fraud.

The owners of the attached hotel put him in an ocean front room. Brittain lent Labombard $500 after the suspect said his wallet was stolen and he needed to get to his Tampa base. Apparently Labombard had somebody helping him, too.

“We got a phone call from someone who said he was his commanding officer thanking us for helping him,” Brittain said. “I said, ‘No problem. That’s what we do.'”

When Labombard broke his leg climbing a fence on Main Street one night when he was out with his new friends, they got him to the hospital and went to his hotel room to secure it for him. That’s when they found a temporary license with Labombard’s real name.

Waitress Marilyn Ritz, furious that the suspect had ripped off her boss, turned the tables on the accused fraud and went to the hospital without telling him she knew the truth.

“It was very hard for me to keep my cool in the hospital with him and not want to do something to him but I did not, in order to get the picture of him,” Ritz said.

Turns out Labombard is wanted in New York state for impersonating an officer and larceny. He’s done prison time in New York for previous frauds.


Woman pulled gun on lawn worker for making too much noise September 10, 2014

sfl-flduh-gun-lawn-worker-noise-20140909-001A local woman is accused of threatening to shoot a lawn maintenance worker because he woke her up, according to the Ormond Beach Police Department.

Police said Gina Briggs, 26, pointed the gun at the victim because he was making too much noise on Oriole Circle Monday morning.

Briggs later told detectives that she would have shot the worker in the head, but didn’t because she forgot to load the gun.

Briggs was booked at the Volusia County Jail and charged with one count of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and one count of carrying a concealed firearm.


Couple locking lips in patrol car were trying to unlock handcuffs

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It was wild, daring and romantic: Two sweethearts handcuffed in the back of a patrol car shared a kiss, an earring and an escape attempt that led to a short-lived romp.

In the end, however, burglary suspect Jonathan Kokontis wound up trying to steal a car that wouldn’t start and with a police dog’s teeth clamped to his arm, according to the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office.

Kokontis, 25, a two-time ex-convict from Winter Springs, is now in the Seminole County Jail on a long list of charges including burglary, escape and robbery.

His girlfriend, Melissa Elaine Schneider, 27, an entertainer at Dancers Royale, an adult nightclub in Orlando, was being held on $11,000 bail on a variety of charges, including providing contraband to a suspected felon.

The misadventure that landed the couple in jail began Saturday, the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office reported, when residents called to complain about a string of four car burglaries near U.S. Highway 17-92 in Fern Park. Someone was rummaging through their vehicles.

The callers mentioned a suspicious man. Later in the day, a witness called back, saying she had spotted the man again and, this time, there was a woman in pink shorts with him.

Deputies found Schneider — who was wearing pink shorts — but Kokontis ran, the Sheriff’s Office reported. He was found a short time later, hiding in a shed, and both suspects wound up handcuffed in the same patrol car.

Kokontis’ hands were cuffed behind his back but he managed to wiggle around so that his hands were in front of him.

Schneider rubbed her head against Kokontis’ chest, causing her earring to fall onto the car seat, according to an arrest report. He picked it up and spent several minutes trying to unlock his cuffs with it, the Sheriff’s Office reported.

He failed, and Schneider then reached inside her bra, pulled out something that she slipped into her mouth then kissed Kokontis, passing the item — whatever it was — to him.

Deputies did not identify what it was. A short time later, a deputy saw that the pair was working to get free and pulled Kokontis out of the car to recuff him, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

Kokontis then shoved the deputy and took off running, the Sheriff’s Office reported, while Schneider yelled, “(expletive) run, Jonathan, (expletive) run” and laughed.

He “burst through a nearby fence” and went inside a home, where a man was sleeping on the couch, and demanded a set of car keys, according to his arrest report. The homeowner handed over his keys, but when Kokontis tried to start the vehicle, he discovered it would not start, so he ran to another home. But no one was there so he grabbed a pickax and refused to come out.

Deputies could hear Kokontis yell, “I’m dangerous,” the Sheriff’s Office reported. He apparently also was clumsy: He spilled a bucket of white paint while inside, according to his arrest report.

He was arrested after deputies sent in a police dog, which clamped down on his arm. Kokontis was then taken to a hospital,then to jail.

On Saturday, deputies uncuffed Schneider and released her, but she was arrested the next day, accused of beating a pregnant woman who had asked for a cigarette on Sept. 5 and after a deputy found a baggie of marijuana in Schneider’s purse.

Kokontis also was accused of striking the pregnant woman on Sept. 5.

He is an ex-convict who’s had two stints in state prison. His most recent was a three-year sentence for a string of crimes in Orange County, including aggravated assault, theft, burglary and trafficking in stolen property.

He also served a year in prison in 2008 for a pair of Orange County burglaries.

At the time of his arrest, he was on drug-offender probation in Seminole County. He was sentenced last month to five years of probation for credit card fraud, petty theft and giving a pawn broker false information.



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