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Angela Stoldt Accused of Killing and Cooking Her Neighbor November 21, 2014

A Florida woman is accused of killing her neighbor and trying to dispose of his body in an at-home cremation.

angela-stoldt-800According to documents obtained by the Orlando Sentinel, Angela Stoldt told authorities that she killed James Sheaffer after arguing with him about money. According to the documents, Stoldt confessed to cutting his body up and trying to get rid of the parts by boiling and baking them.

The documents, which were obtained by multiple media outlets, also say that Stoldt, 42, was unable to dispose of the evidence on her kitchen stove. Investigators say she tossed his remains in a dumpster.

“Thursday is when I was cooking him,” Stoldt reportedly told police. “Friday is when I was dumping him.”

Sheaffer, a 36-year-old limo driver, lived across the street from Stoldt, and the pair had a joint bank account. Stoldt told investigators that she was responsible for handling his Social Security disability check, but that he had repeatedly overdrawn funds from the account. Stoldt and Sheaffer got into an argument about the money on April 3, 2013.

“He starts coming at me and – he didn’t even really hit me, but he scared me and I just snapped,” Stoldt told investigators. “He came at me and I stabbed him.”

After Stoldt dumped the body, investigators say she hid additional evidence. She allegedly buried Sheaffer’s cell phone and driver’s license. She disposed of her pots and pans in dumpsters and threw the rug for her car into a lake.

Multiple news outlets report that, during her police interview, Stoldt continued to speak negatively about Sheaffer.

“I’m sorry, but I put Jimmie where he belonged, in my opinion at the time,” she told deputies.

Three weeks after the killing, Stoldt allegedly confessed her crimes to her sister, who called authorities.

“She came to the house and told me that she committed a crime that she’s being investigated for it,” the sister told a 911 dispatcher. “She’s hugging her kids goodbye.”

Stoldt has been charged with first-degree murder, tampering with evidence and abuse of a dead body. She is being held without bond at the Volusia County Jail in Daytona Beach.


Catch me if you can: Drunken driver challenges deputy to chase him

Rather than handing over his license as an officer requested during a traffic stop Wednesday night, a 57-year-old Bradenton man told deputies, “You’re just going to have to chase me,” before speeding off, according to the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office.

sfl-flduh-drunken-driver-chase-20141120-001James Craig Keck was stopped at 10:20 p.m. Wednesday at the intersection of 75th Street West and Cortez Road for exhibiting signs of impaired driving, including running a red light, deputies said. Keck smelled strongly of alcohol when the officer spoke to him.

When the officer asked for Keck’s license, the man instead told the officer to chase him and sped off, according to a release.

Keck turned onto Cortez Road, north on Palma Sola Boulevard, across Manatee Avenue, north on 75th Street West, east on 9th Avenue and onto 84th Street at speeds not exceeding 65 miles per hour before turning into a residence in the 800 block of 84th Street, according to deputies.

Keck exited the vehicle and laid face-down on the ground, where he was arrested without further incident, the release said.

It was Keck’s third or subsequent arrest for driving under the influence, making it a felony charge. He was also charged with a felony of driving without a valid license, refusal to submit, possession of a controlled substance, fleeing to evade arrest and no motor vehicle registration.

He is being held on $6,620 bond.


Bicyclist jailed after placing fast food order

A drunken New Smyrna Beach bicyclist whose drive-through order at Taco Bell was rejected because he wasn’t in a car refused to leave the restaurant then tussled with police, according to an arrest report.

sfl-flduh-bicyclist-fast-food-order-20141120-001Gabriel Harris, 33, was charged with resisting an officer with violence in the late-night incident and was out of the Volusia County Branch Jail on $1,000 bail, records show.

According to the report, Taco Bell workers called police at 3:10 a.m. Sunday after Harris and a woman, both intoxicated, would not leave the restaurant at 1860 State Road 44 in New Smyrna Beach.

Police found Harris on a bicycle by the menu speaker, a report states.

Aron Tobler, the employee, said he refused service to Harris and Sarah Haliburton because “they placed an order on bicycles” in the drive through window, the report states. Haliburton was not charged.

Police said Harris got to the restaurant after it closed at 3 a.m.

As police were asking Harris to leave, they spotted a red Swiss Army knife on Harris’ belt loop and tried to reach for it. Harris grabbed the officer’s wrist and Harris was wrestled to the ground and handcuffed. Harris suffered a scraped forehead, police said.


Man harassed women shoppers; posted videos on YouTube

A YouTube video has landed a Clermont man in jail.

Clermont police said the 26-year-old went around a Walmart recording video of himself as he said racy things to women.  But when he put his hand on one of them, police got involved.

Hector Rivera was arrested Friday after a woman reported the incident to police.

From comments to questions, Rivera managed to get a reaction out of unsuspecting shoppers, while filming them with his phone.

“Excuse me.  Can I tell you something real quick?” Rivera asked one woman.

“Why are you recording me?” said one shopper.

“I think all Spanish girls have big butts,” a YouTube video showed Rivera telling another woman.

“Hey, excuse me?”

“You’re following me,” said Rivera to another shopper.

Some people, however, didn’t find it funny at all.

“When my kids saw that video, they were offended. I’m a single mom and that’s really offensive,” said one woman, who Local 6 isn’t identifying.

The YouTube video shows Rivera asking to try her “cookies” and also calling her a “kitty cat.”

The mother told Local 6 that she felt violated by Rivera as he made inappropriate remarks and then found herself on YouTube.

She said it was when he put his arm around her that she went to get help.

“I feel violated. I was thinking he was really disrespectful because at the moment, I didn’t understand what he was telling me,” said the woman.

Police arrested Rivera on charges of disorderly conduct and battery.

“If he wants to make money out of humiliating women, remember that he has a mother,” said the woman.

There is no indication Rivera is making money. However, a YouTube channel has several videos showing the same approach.

Rivera bonded out of the Lake County Jail on Sunday night. His family told Local 6 he was not home.

Meanwhile, Local 6 reached out to him via YouTube to get his side and got no response.

Clermont police said Rivera could see more charges if there are more complaints.


Man accused of offering deputy $7,000 to let him go November 20, 2014

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A Palm Beach Gardens man who was arrested Monday for driving under the influence, offered a Palm Beach County Sheriff’s deputy thousands of dollars to let him go, according to an arrest report.

salloumAndrew Metri Salloum, 31, drove through a red light on Blue Heron Boulevard, getting onto Interstate 95, the report said. The deputy pulled over Salloum’s vehicle after he entered the highway.

The deputy noticed that Salloum has red, glassy eyes and was slurring his words, the report said.

As the deputy was taking Salloum to the breath alcohol testing center, he allegedly offered the deputy $5,000 to let him go. When the deputy said he was not going to accept a bribe, Salloum upped the offer to $7,000, the report said.

Salloum faces charges of DUI, failure to submit a DUI test after a license suspension, bribery of a public servant, resisting an officer without violence and refusal to sign a citation. He was released from Palm Beach County Jail on $5,000 bond.


Man hired to fill ATMS instead swiped the cash

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A Palm Coast man who worked with his father filling ATMs with cash is on the run after police said he started stealing from the very machines he replenished.

UntitledAccording to Daytona Beach police investigators, 36-year-old Justin Arthur Smith stole $6,500 from ATMs at two bars on Main Street between Halloween and Nov. 2. Police said Smith also took cash from two other ATMs in Holly Hill and Flagler County.

Smith and his father, Kenneth Smith, both work for Money Tree based in Fort Walton Beach, police said. They refill ATMs with cash.

On Nov. 3 when Kenneth Smith went to Dirty Harry’s and Froggy’s Saloon he said that the ATMs were empty, according to an incident report. Employees at both businesses told him that the other ATM man had refilled the machines.

Kenneth Smith, knowing they were talking about his son, reported the thefts, police said.

Kenneth Smith told investigators he had been working with his son, but recently the pair had a falling out, the report states. Kenneth Smith told police his son had the keys and combinations to all the ATMs and that he would have to change the locks and the combinations on the machines, the report states.

Court records show Justin Smith was sentenced to jail for felony drug possession in 2001 and probation for similar charges in 2003. Anyone with information about his whereabouts is asked to contact Detective Monica Lee at leem@dbpd.us or by calling 386-671-5212.


Catherine Furst: 100-year-old belly dancer still has moves November 19, 2014

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WPBF-img-100-year-old-belly-dancer-11-17Catherine Furst, known to her friends as Kay, turned 100 years old over the weekend.

“I don’t feel 100,” Furst said.

Furst isn’t your typical senior citizen. She credits being kind and belly dancing to her long healthy life.

“I started when I was about 30, I think,” Furst said. “That’s when I had a shape.”

But Furst still has a shape. Monday she wore the same outfit she used to belly dance in during the 1970s.

A hairdresser by trade, Furst said she used to dance in the beauty parlor and her customers would invite her to entertain.

“They used to come to my shop and they would get their hair done and invite me to come and dance in those gorgeous homes,” Furst said.

You can watch the video here



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