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Man accused of trying to force his way into a maid’s Magic Kingdom inside a room at a Disney resort April 2, 2014


“When I bring my family down here I try to keep my eyes and ears open. Just because we’re in Disney doesn’t mean anything,” visitor Joe Rossi said.

“I don’t think any place is safe this day and age. I think you always have to be careful,” another tourist, Nancy Sherrin, said.

Authorities said the suspect, described to be in his early 30s with a mole on the side of his face, fled out of the hotel room. Deputies said they’re not sure if the man was a guest and it’s unclear how he got onto the resort property

Investigators requested surveillance video from the resort, as well as a list of recent guests who stayed in the room where the attack happened.

“We do want people to take a close look at the composite sketch to see if they do recognize this person so we can bring him in,” Rodriguez said.

Disney officials released a statement regarding the hotel room attack:

“We are very focused on the well being of our cast member and have been working closely with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office to assist their investigation. We encourage anyone with information to contact the Sheriff’s Office. Providing a safe environment for our cast and guests is our highest priority. In addition to our own extensive security team (more than 1,000 security cast members), the OCSO has a presence on our property 24 hours a day.”


Man, 83, was having a bad day … he fights off three attackers then has his car stolen the next day

poorguy_12881527_8colAn 83-year-old Pinellas Park man who was ambushed, beaten and stabbed by three teenagers is a victim again! This time it looks like those same suspects came back and stole his car.

All of this started Tuesday around 10 a.m. when Charles Clark was getting out of his car at his apartment complex, when one of the suspects came from behind and started beating him and then stabbed him. Another person tried to beat Clark as well, but Clark was able to fight him off. He then screamed for help and once neighbors noticed what was going on, the three teens fled on their bikes.

At the time police didn’t think the teens were able to steal anything, but Clark said he thought they wanted his car. It turns out the suspects did steal his car keys and at some point late Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning, police believe they returned and took off in Clark’s car.

Around 4 a.m. police noticed Clark’s car was missing and found three bicycles near his parking spot. His vehicle was later found abandoned in a St. Petersburg neighborhood. It is currently being processed for evidence.

Police describe the suspects as two teenage boys — one in his early teens and the other in his late teens — and a girl in her early to mid teens with a heavier build and reddish, brown hair which she was seen continually trying to stuff into a gray hooded sweatshirt.

Below are surveillance images of two of the suspects riding bikes shortly before Tuesday’s attack:


Cellphone video captures drive-thru rage at McDonald’s April 1, 2014

McDonald's%20road%20rage%20incident_1396278753649_3915596_ver1_0_640_480A Winter Haven man was charged with battery after he punched a woman in the face at a McDonald’s drive-thru, according to police.

The incident was captured on video.

Howard Carl Wilson, 69, was in one lane of the drive-thru at the 6th Street McDonald’s on Saturday night.

Another vehicle, in which Brittani Thomas was a passenger, pulled in front of Wilson after ordering. Witnesses heard Wilson yelling profanities and racial slurs, police said.

Wilson got out of his van and approached Thomas’ vehicle. She opened her door and asked what the problem was.

In the video, Wilson is seen yelling and preventing Thomas from closing her door. Before getting back in his van and leaving, Wilson punched Thomas in the face, according to a police statement.

“I just wish he never took it that serious. It was just a McDonalds line. I just wish he wouldn’t have taken it that serious.,” Thomas said.

Officers tracked down Wilson at his home. He said he was angry because he had been cut off and almost struck the other vehicle. He also said the encounter only lasted about 15 seconds.

When presented with the video, he realized the incident was more than he recalled. He told officers, “It was like a road rage incident,” according to the statement.

He was charged with simple battery and later bonded out of the Polk County Jail.


A man is accused of slapping his ex-girlfriend and fatally kicking her miniature pinscher March 29, 2014

fl-animal-cruelty-hollywood-20140327-001Alijon Akbar, 38, of Encino, Calif., faces charges of causing cruel death, pain and suffering to an animal and domestic violence in connection with a 2011 incident, authorities said. He was extradited from California and booked into Broward County jail on Wednesday, records show.

During his first-appearance court hearing Thursday, Akbar was ordered held on a $17,500 bond.

“He had no idea that a warrant was going to be issued, so he did not abscond at any point during the investigation or subsequent to the investigation in this case,” said his attorney, Brett Schwartz. “He wants to see this through.”

In February 2011, police say that Akbar terrified his former girlfriend’s cats and caused the death of her dog, named Karma, according to a Hollywood police report.

The woman got rid of a long-haired feline because Akbar was allergic to it, but kept two other cats, which police say Akbar treated “cruelly.”

Akbar screamed at the animals, stomped on the floor when the pets would try to go into the woman’s bedroom and used a broom to remove them from under the bed, the report said.

The cats grew so scared that they often hid in their covered litter boxes and developed staph infections, the report said. One of the cats was euthanized after the infection grew severe, it said.

The woman then gave away her last remaining cat, but got a new dog when Akbar appeared to approve of it, police said.

Akbar moved out of the home, but eventually returned a year and a half later. During one instance in 2011, Akbar told his ex-girlfriend that he struck the dog with a broom and caused a swollen eye and a cut beneath it after the animal defecated under a couch, the report said.

Akbar told her it was an accident, but admitted that the dog slid under the couch because it was “terrified” of him, it said. Following that incident, Akbar and the woman had a discussion about the dog and he allegedly asked her to spank it to discipline it, police said.

During the discussion, Akbar slapped his ex-girlfriend in the face, and both agreed that he had to move out, authorities said.

As Akbar packed his belongings for the move, the dog tried to run out of the apartment and bit Akbar as he tried to detain the dog. Police say Akbar kicked Karma and put it in its crate. Upon returning from work, the woman found her dog dead and called police.

Akbar admitted to a detective that he kicked Karma, the report said. A necropsy of the dog’s body showed Karma had died from “blunt trauma, liver fracture with abdominal hemorrhage, and hypovolemic shock.”


Mother made her children regurgitate food and then eat it again, held her children’s heads underwater and pretty much tortured them for 8 years

A mother starved, beat and tortured her two-16-year-old children for more than eight years, police have said.

Jamie Marie Hicks, 43, allegedly inflicted cruelty on the two children at her home in North Tampa, Florida while their stepfather, 53-year-old Vernon Courtney Lovell, looked on and did nothing.

1 2

Arrested: Jamie Hicks, left, has been accused of abusing her two 16-year-old children for more than eight years, while her husband Vernon Lovell, right, allegedly knew about the abuse but did nothing to help them

She hit them with various objects, choked them to the point of unconsciousness and held their heads under water, according to a police report reported in the Tampa Bay Times.

She also withheld food from them for up to three days at a time, they told police, and on other occasions, she fed them spoiled food or made them regurgitate food and then eat it again.

The alleged abuse came to light when the children went to Mary Lee’s House, a nonprofit child protection organization, where they told child advocates about what they had endured.

The children, whose genders have not been released, said their mother abused them while their stepfather failed to seek medical attention, even though he was aware of the abuse.

A pediatric nurse carried out a physical examination of the children on Thursday and found signs of severe malnutrition and both were hospitalized, according to police.

One of the children weighed 88 pounds and the other weighed 94 pounds, whereas a healthy weight for their age is 135 pounds.

Lovell has lived with Hicks and the children for 13 years, the report said.

Both are being held without bail.

Hicks, who worked as manager of her husband’s handyman services company, was being held in the Hillsborough County Jail on Friday on aggravated child abuse charges.

Lovell also remains in the jail and faces accusations of child neglect.


Brawl over a buck blunt sends mom, son, daughter to the pokey March 28, 2014

bilde sfl-flduh-blunt-pokey-20140327-001 1

She ignored numerous commands from the deputy to get on the ground. When she got back into her car, the deputy feared she was about to take off recklessly, possibly endangering other deputies approaching on foot, the report shows. So he pulled her out of the car and placed her on the ground.

After his sister was arrested, Israel Aguilera stepped out of the car and was secured, reports state. As deputies talked with him, another speeding vehicle approached and pulled into the store’s parking lot.

Out jumped Brenda Aguilera, 42, the mother of the siblings. Deputies asked her to stay in her car, but she continued to walk toward her children and bumped a deputy with her chest, reports show. That got her arrested for resisting an officer without violence and for interfering with the responding deputy’s ability to investigate the robbery. The sister was arrested on the same charges. Israel Aguilera was charged with criminal mischief and robbery. All are out on bail, county jail records show.

“How could I be stealing when I had 20 dollars and five cents?” Aguilera said.

The value of the cigar that started the trouble: $1.05.


Man Vomits on Cell Phone. Follows Florida protocol by going on machete wielding rampage March 26, 2014

campbellAn intoxicated man angered after he vomited on his own cell phone took it out on his wife, holding a machete to her neck before firing a shotgun round over a responding officer’s head, police reported.

Port St. Lucie police responded to 1902 SE Hillmoor Drive at 10:15 p.m. Saturday. A woman told dispatchers she fled her apartment with her children after Trevor Campbell, 31, had come home drunk, vomited on his phone and argued with her, at one point holding a machete to her neck causing minor cuts.

According to a police report, she told police that he had a shotgun and was threatening to kill himself, at one point putting the muzzle in his mouth before she pulled it away. A round discharged and punched a hole through the ceiling.

The wife and daughter escaped from the home and ran.

“I located the female victim and her daughter behind the dumpster. They were hiding from him,” Sgt. Schichtel said.

Sgt. Richard Schichtel now became the negotiator. He had to get Campbell to surrender.

Police then called Campbell to get him to come out.

Campbell answered his cell phone.

“We had a good dialogue going with him, next thing I know the phone goes dead and a round is discharged,” Sgt. Schichtel said.

As officers were positioned around the house, Campbell, who was on the second floor of the apartment, fired a shotgun round at the officers.

Crime Scene Investigators trajectory showed the round exiting the window and was fired directly over the officers head.

A rifle round went out the window, passing within inches of another officer’s chest.

The police called Campbell again and asked him to surrender, promising if he left the rifle inside he would not be shot.

“I convinced him to empty his pockets, because they were full of ammunition,” Sgt. Schichtel said. “He emptied his pockets and come down the stairs and out the front door with his hands up.”

Police then took Campbell into custody.

At the jail Campbell complained of shoulder pain from an old football injury. He was taken to Lawnwood Medical Center, where police say he was initially combative with staff. En route to the hospital, Campbell had maneuvered his handcuffed arms in front of his body, forcing the officer to pull over and re-apply them behind his back.

While at the hospital, a detective attempted to interview Campbell but he refused, telling her he “pleaded the fifth,” invoking his 5th Amendment right not to incriminate himself.

He was released from the hospital and taken to the St. Lucie County Jail, where he is held under $250,000 bond on charges of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, aggravated assault and attempted murder of a police officer.


Before he was kicked out a strip club for harassing a dancer to have sex with him, a city commissioner was involved in a fight with a restaurant manager

imagesBefore Daytona Beach City Commissioner Carl Lentz was issued a trespassing warning and kicked out of a local strip club, Channel 9 found out he was involved in a fight with a manager at an Ormond Beach restaurant.

The fight happened at LuLu’s Oceanside Grill in Ormond Beach in late 2013.

Police said the restaurant’s manager confronted Lentz over allegations that he used a derogatory term to describe the manager’s sister. Lentz left the establishment, but then came back inside and that’s when the argument got physical, according to a police report.

The report states Lentz asked the manager, “Do you know who I am?”

The fight was months before Lentz was removed from Club Topic, a local strip club. Lentz’s attorney said his client denies any wrongdoing and was only at the club to discuss the potential sale of the property.

At LuLu’s, Lentz and the manager were not arrested after the fight, which left the commissioner with minor injuries.His attorney released a statement saying police identified Lentz as the victim but all parties agreed the incident was a misunderstanding.


Mulch madness: woman slapped, kicked Lowe’s customer for ‘cutting in line,’

sfl-flduh-mulch-madness-lowes-20140325-001Cape Coral police today arrested a woman they say slapped and kicked another customer while in line at Lowe’s.

Autumn Kristina Glick, 32, is facing charges of battery on a person over 65.

Police say Glick was at the Lowe’s on Pine Island Road on Thursday when she accused another customer of cutting in line at a loading area.

Glick allegedly verbally assaulted the customer then jumped into the bed of the victim’s truck, where she began throwing bags of mulch out of the bed. Police say Glick slapped and kicked the victim before leaving the store.

Witnesses provided officers with clear cellphone video, which clearly identified the suspect.

Officers went to Glick’s home and spoke with her through a window. They say she refused to come out because “If I do, I’ll be going in the back of your car.” She also told them she had no one to care for her children until her husband returned home.

Officers returned to Glick’s home today and she was arrested without incident.


Culture clash: Religious demonstrator accused of hitting nightclub worker March 25, 2014

sfl-flduh-religious-demonstrator-20140324-001A religious demonstrator was arrested for attacking a man with his megaphone, according to Daytona Beach police.

Police said Arthur Fisher, 47, was demonstrating in front of Razzle’s Nightclub on Seabreeze Boulevard Friday night.

According to police, when a worker from Razzle’s approached Fisher, Fisher allegedly hit the man in the nose with his megaphone.

Fisher was charged with battery, according to a police report.



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