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Serial robber calls police for help while standing outside bank September 30, 2012

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Police said William Richard Kane III robbed a bank on Wednesday morning.

Then, they said, he did the same thing on Thursday morning.

On Friday morning, he was about to rob a third bank, they said, when something stopped him. Kane called 911.

The 51-year-old Oldsmar resident said he was stressed out and tired.

“He told dispatchers he wanted to go back to rehab,” said St. Petersburg police spokesman Mike Puetz. “He’d fallen off the wagon.”

He also told the officers who arrived at the Wells Fargo Bank at 4125 Fourth St. N about 10:15 a.m. Friday that he was depressed and suicidal. Kane is addicted to crack cocaine, Puetz said.

Officers said Kane admitted to robbing St. Petersburg’s First Bank at 6850 Central Ave. on Wednesday and then robbing the Chase Bank at 7360 U.S. 19 in Pinellas Park on Thursday.

He was charged with two counts of robbery with a deadly weapon and was being held in the county jail in lieu of $100,000 bail.

Kane did two prison stints in the past two decades, according to records, mostly for Pinellas County charges of robbery. He was last released from prison in 2008.


Pot-buyer robbed of $42 ……. and his pants

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An Orlando man trying to buy pot lost his pants and his cash early Saturday, according to police.

Carlos Villamar stopped by 1488 Mercy Drive about 2:30 a.m. intending to buy marijuana but found himself surrounded by at least seven young men intent on taking his money, a report stated.

Once known as The Palms Apartments and one of Orlando’s most dangerous addresses, the housing complex changed its name in 2010 to Windsor Cove Apartments after two years of widespread police and social services efforts to make it safe for families.

Carlos Villamar, 29, later told police he walked up to the group “and asked them if they had any marijuana to sell him,” the report stated. “Once he approached the group an unidentified male pulled an older style revolver and placed it to Villamar’s head.”

Members of the group took $42 in cash, his driver’s license, other papers and removed his pants before letting him leave, the report stated.

Villamar declined to provide a sworn statement and signed a card stating he did not intend to prosecute the men who robbed him if police caught them, records show.


Man starved his granny’s cats

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A 25-year-old Casselberry man is in the Seminole County Jail, accused of starving his grandmother’s two cats. One was found dead. The other could not be saved and died, according to his arrest report.
Alfonso Vilela-Ramirez was arrested Wednesday, accused of animal cruelty.

According to his arrest report, the cats were in a cage in Vilela-Ramirez’s grandmother’s home in Sanford. One was found partially decayed. The other was in desperate need of medical care. It died a short time later.
Vilela-Ramirez was supposed to take care of them for his grandmother, according to the report, but had abandoned them, leaving them without food or water for several days.

Seminole County deputies discovered the cats Sept. 18 when they went to the apartment to serve an eviction notice, according to the report.
Vilela-Ramirez was being held at the jail without bond because he was on probation at the time for fleeing and eluding and driving without a license. He’s now accused of violating the terms of his probation by committing a new crime – starving the cats.


Man called cops to report theft, got busted for growing pot

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A 38-year-old man who on Sunday called law enforcement to his home to investigate the theft of his four-wheel all-terrain vehicle, was arrested when officers discovered two marijuana plants growing on his back porch.

Robbie Wilkerson was charged with cultivation of marijuana.

His four-wheeler is still missing.

Wilkerson called the Marion County Sheriff’s Office after he discovered his 2005 Honda 300 EX-TRX vehicle missing. The vehicle was locked up in the backyard at 2826 SE 179th Place.

A deputy found tire tracks and footprints headed toward the road, away from where the vehicle was stored. The deputy entered the backyard and found a broken lock that secured the vehicle, as well as more footprints and tire tracks, according to sheriff’s reports.

But when the deputy looked toward the house, he spotted two marijuana plants on Wilkerson’s back porch. Wilkerson said he was growing the plants as an experiment, reports state.

Wilkerson was booked into the Marion County Jail on one count of cultivation of marijuana. He was released Sunday afternoon after posting a $2,000 bond.

The ATV, valued at $3,000, is red with a black seat and has a crack in the front of the body that is spray painted black, according to reports.


Florida teen, 14, charged with first degree murder after she strangles newborn baby September 29, 2012

A pregnant fourteen-year-old girl secretly  delivered her baby with a pair of scissors in the family bathroom before  throttling the boy to death and hiding the body in a shoe box.

Cassidy Goodison, 14, has been charged as an  adult with first degree murder after police learned how she killed her child  following months of fearfully disguising her pregnancy from her mother and  father.

Her harrowing case has shocked even  experienced officers and graphically illustrates the problems of the 750,000  teenage Americans who fall pregnant every year.

Goodison went into labor in her home in  Greenbrier Village, Florida on September 19 and instead of calling for help,  disguised her screams of pain by running the tap and gripping a towel between  her teeth as she sat on the toilet.

Child killer: Cassidy Goodson, 14, is facing charges of first degree murder after she secretly gave birth to a baby boy, strangled him to death and then hid hid body in a pile of wet laundry

Child killer: Cassidy Goodson, 14, is facing charges of  first degree murder after she secretly gave birth to a baby boy, strangled him  to death and then hid hid body in a pile of wet laundry

After prising the 9.5lb boy form her  body  with a pair of  scissors, she felt for a pulse and then strangled the boy  to death and hid his corpse in a shoe box with dirty laundry.

Three days later, as Teresa Goodson cleaned  her daughter’s room, a foul odour drew her attention to a pile of soiled, wet  clothes in which she found  the deceased infant hidden in a box.

An autopsy performed determined the victim  was a full term infant and that he was alive and breathing prior to death. He  died as a result of asphyxia from strangulation and blunt force  trauma.

Miss  Goodson had gone to great lengths to hide  the transformation of her 5ft 3in 100lb body during pregnancy, according to Polk  County officials.

Throughout the summer, as she walked around  in baggy sweat pant and loose-fitting T-shirts.

Members of her family grew suspicious of her  appearance and attempted to discuss the possibility she was pregnant with the  teen’s mother.

But Mrs Goodson denied the suggestions, said the report, claiming  that she had made her daughter do two home tests, albeit in the privacy of her  bathroom, which both came out negative.

Husband Timothy Goodson agreed meanwhile that  he had noticed Miss Goodson’s weight gain and that she had been walking around  at home wrapped in a blanket.

An interview with the teenager on September  22 revealed that after the 14-year-old had delivered the 9.5lb, 20.4in boy into  the toilet, she had felt for a pulse and then strangled him to  death.

Confirming he was dead by once again checking  his pulse, she then cleaned herself and the baby and tucked the evidence out of  sight.

Shortly after, however, Mrs Goodson noticed  blood in the toilet she knew had been recently used by her daughter so took her  to Lakeland Regional Medical Center.

There medical staff treating the high school  student told Mrs Goodson that she had suffered a miscarriage and showed four to  five lacerations on her vaginal wall.

Though these injuries were in reality  self-inflicted when the teenager had pried the baby out of her with a pair of  scissors, she falsely confessed to her mother that she had indeed had a  miscarriage at home and flushed the fetus down the toilet by  mistake.

Polk County Sheriff’s Office deputies, along with members of the Department of Children and Families responded to a call from the hospital reporting the case and details were retained by the PCSO Bureau of Criminal Investigations for follow up investigations.

‘This is the most perplexing, confusing,  disheartening case I’ve ever seen in my 18 years on this job’

According to the Sheriff’s Office affidavit,  on the evening of September 22, at approximately 7.30pm, Mrs Goodson removed a  bag of smelly, wet clothing from a storage stool in her daughter’s bedroom.

While sorting through the clothing she found  the body of the baby concealed in the shoe box.

In a panic, Mrs Goodson called her sisters  who in turn alerted the police.

Miss Goodson told detectives she was  motivated to hide her pregnancy and choke the baby ‘to stop him from breathing,’  by the fear that her relationship with her parents would change if they found  out the truth.

Miss Goodson was arrested on Thursday and  transported first to the Juvenile Assessment Center and then to the Polk County  Juvenile Detention Facility.

She is charged with Premeditated First Degree  Murder, a capital felony and Aggravated Child Abuse, a first degree  felony.

Polk County Public Information officer, Donna  Wood, told MailOnline: This is the most perplexing, confusing, disheartening  case I’ve ever seen in my 18 years on this job. Everyone has been touched by  it.’


“I don’t ever want to walk up my own cul-de-sac anymore, because of the fear of seeing the squirrels suffering”

A Venice man is accused of trapping, shooting, and in at least one case, drowning squirrels that are eating the fruit from the trees in his yard. The way he is accused of killing the animals now has a state organization investigating.

Michael Cochrane admits to shooting the squirrels, but adamantly tells us that he has never drowned any. He says he is within his legal rights removing the nuisance animals from his yard.

A group of neighbors who live on Bal Harbor Drive say they are outraged and disgusted over the acts. One of his neighbors claims to have seen him drown a squirrel in the canal behind his home.

“I saw it, confronted him on it and I asked what he was doing. I told him to stop, but his response was, there are plenty more where that came from,” said Lorraine Happy.

Around 10 neighbors met with a representative from Sarasota County Animal Services on Friday, asking that Cochrane refrain from trapping and killing anymore squirrels.

“I don’t ever want to walk up my own cul-de-sac anymore, because of the fear of seeing the squirrels suffering,” said Valerie Khamis, a neighbor.

Because they are squirrels and not domestic animals, the case is being handled by Florida Fish and Wildlife. In a statement from Gary Morse, a spokesperson with FWC, he tells ABC 7 that they are looking into the situation and will make a determination on the legality of the issues when they have all of the facts. An officer is scheduled to speak with Cochrane on Monday.


This is exactly why you never invite your gay brother over when your homophobic boyfriend is around

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Lawmen say a man who doesn’t like homosexuals beat up his girlfriend’s gay brother, then his girlfriend, after the brother dropped by for a vist.

On Sept. 20 an Okaloosa County Sheriff’s deputy was near Dawes Road when he heard a woman screaming, “No! No, stop!”

She and other deputies responded and found a woman walking barefooted and hysterical towards Bob Sikes Road. She was hysterical and holding her face.

She said she and her boyfriend had been fighting over the past few hours. She said her brother came to visit and her boyfriend doesn’t like him because he’s gay. He chased the woman’s brother out of the house and hit him several times. He then cornered the woman in the bathroom and bashed her head against the toilet four or five times while yelling, “I could kill you right now.”

The woman had swelling in her cheeks and her top lip.

A records check indicated her boyfriend had a prior conviction for domestic violence and was a registered sex offender. His address had not been updated, which is a violation of the law.

He was charged with battery and failure to register as a sex offender.


Mud, iPhone app foiled thieves’ clean getaway

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There was no clean getaway for two young men who are accused of burglarizing homes and vehicles in DeBary Thursday. Their vehicle – laden down with stolen cameras, computer equipment, power tools, cell phones and other items – got mired in roadside mud on their victims’ street after they had attempted a U-turn. The mud-covered pair even stole a shovel from a shed in the hopes it would help in getting their tire free. And it was one stolen item in particular that made it easy for Volusia County Sheriff’s deputies to identify them as suspects: a cell phone with a tracking feature.

Deputies responded to the 500 block of South Pine Meadow Drive at 6 a.m. to investigate a residential burglary. The victim reported that the first items he noticed stolen were his vehicle keys and cell phone, which he had left in his laundry room. Then he discovered that the keys had been used to enter his vehicle in which the professional photographer had kept $30,000 worth of camera and computer equipment. Camping equipment had also been taken from his garage. While the victim talked with deputies, he offered to log on to a computer and use a phone tracking feature to see if the stolen phone could be located. The tracker showed that the phone hadn’t gone far; it was just a few houses down the street.

A deputy walked down the street and came upon Orange City resident Matthew Swaggerty, 21 (DOB: 5/7/1991), and Deltona resident Timothy Marrison, 20 (DOB: 8/26/1992), laboring to get their Camaro’s tire free from the mud. They were digging at the ground with a shovel to no avail. The deputy observed that there were a lot of cords and a camera lens sticking out of a bag in the back seat. The pair were taken into custody and interviewed, during which they both admitted to committing multiple burglaries in the area. Even the shovel they used had been taken from a nearby shed.

They were both charged with burglary of an occupied dwelling, grand theft and burglary of an unoccupied dwelling. They were then booked into the Volusia County Branch Jail in Daytona Beach. However, additional charges are expected as investigators determine where other recovered items, such as car parts, a GPS unit, designer sunglasses and unopened bottles of alcohol were taken from. Investigators from the Sheriff’s Office, Orange City Police Department and DeLand Police Department all believe the men may have committed burglaries in their jurisdictions. Anyone in the Fawn Ridge, Glen Abbey or Bent Oaks Subdivisions who believe they may be victims is asked to call their local law enforcement agency.


Cops stumbled upon, rescued puppy buried alive

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At 2:45 P.M. on today’s date officers from the Williston Police Department were in the process of destroying evidence pursuant to a court order. While carrying out the mission the officers heard an animal whimpering.

Upon following the sounds they discovered that the sounds were coming from under the surface of the ground. The officers carefully started digging and about six inches down they found a male puppy estimated to be about two weeks old.

The puppy whose eyes have not opened yet was taken to the Levy Animal Clinic. The puppy is being cared for and will be placed in a loving home giving him another chance at life. It does not appear that the puppy had been buried long prior to being discovered by Williston Police employees.


Cops call it the “Caddyshack” crime. Carl Spackler calls it “no big deal” September 28, 2012

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A dastardly defecating desperado may have targeted a woman’s home in Port St. Lucie, depositing piles of poop in and around the pool.

Police on Sept. 21 documented the first caca caper at the Southeast Jason Avenue residence, according to recently released records.

The homeowner said she arrived about 6 p.m. and found someone sliced a hole in her screen door leading to the pool. Nothing had been stolen from the patio area, but “someone had dumped feces into her pool,” a report states.

“I observed this feces sitting in the pool and it did not appear to be caused by an animal, but by a human,” the report states.

Suspected poop in a pool caused a stink in the 1980 movie, “Caddyshack,” featuring Bill Murrary and Chevy Chase. In the movie, a candy bar tossed in the Bushwood Country Club’s pool sparks a panicked evacuation of the pool. Murray’s character, Carl Spackler, picks up and appears to sniff the linear brown object before proclaiming, “It’s no big deal,” and taking a bite.

In Port St. Lucie four days after the initial excrement incident, police were back at the Southeast Jason Avenue abode.

A woman said she was watching the residence and caring for two cats. She found a sliding glass door closed but unlocked, and she saw damage on the door and lock that hadn’t been there before. One cat was on the screen patio, the other hiding in the house.

“She also discovered someone had defecated on the pool deck near the pool,” a report states.

Nothing appeared to be missing, and there was no indication the person who forced open the door went through the residence.



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